Depleted Uranium: Deja DU, The Agent Orange of Eternity (Repost from 2004)


According to the U.S. government and affiliated agencies, Depleted Uranium (DU) is a safe, cheap and effective material. The illnesses of our soldiers and any civilians, after a thorough investigation by the government regarding government actions, are all imagined, the lies of the those that support our enemies. The result of post traumatic stress syndrome, or are no more common than what would be encountered in the general public. The exact same story told to the soldiers returning from Vietnam with similar devastating effects from the government’s unbridled use of dioxin in that country.

The government merely turned on the word processors, highlighted Vietnam, dioxin, trees, and defoliant, and hit the global replace to substitute Iraq, DU, tanks and weapon. Viola! Presto! Shezaam! The new intensive study was formulated, written, completed and the finding was the same. “Spin” anything not proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. Ignore, classify or delete anything showing a possible correlation. Deny treatment, clean up and responsibility. Who knew? Who could have figured? After intensive review of all information that does not show the substance to be unsafe, the substance in question is undoubtedly, unquestionably, irrefutably and undeniably SAFE!

On April 19, 2001, the U.S. government signs a global treaty to ban the existence of dioxin from the face of the earth. In the words of the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Christie Whitman, dioxin is responsible for cancer, central nervous system damage, immune system disruptions, and reproductive disorders. Bush stated, “These pollutants are linked to developmental defects, cancer and other grave problems in humans and animals.” “The risks are great, and the need for action is clear.” Dioxin was banned as a toxin, not only because of the effects, because of the substance’s “persistence”, that can lead to high concentrations and increased risk from continued exposure. In some instances dioxin may be able to survive for 30 years, usually, 10 to 15 years if not in direct sunlight. The time it takes for one half the amount of DU present to break down, the half life, is 4.5 BILLION years. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the elements into which it breaks down are more dangerous than the original element.

Are there 2 different dioxins with the same chemical structure, attributes and name? This is the same dioxin that our government, after intensive investigation of their actions, found to be safe and had no correlation to the “mental delusions” of our Vietnam veteran’s illnesses. This is the same dioxin in which our Vietnam veterans swam, laid, breathed and then spawned mutated chromosomal aberrations of children that had no correlation to that exposure, according to our government’s thorough evaluation. Yet, 17 years after our government proved it “safe” in the following study. They suddenly realized it needs to be banned from existence. How many years earlier could this banning have been done, had the government not falsified data, ignored relevant data and stonewalled any attempts to retrieve relevant information? Our government did this to deny culpability and compensation. The lives, health, people and the begetting of abominations of nature were of little or no concern when it came to self protection of themselves and a system that has become a plague. These actions are not based on America’s principles, but, the actions of a government gone awry with power.

In 1984 an Air Force government study, The Health Effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam War Veterans, which announced a “reassuring” study that showed there were no ill health problems as compared to the normal veteran. This study was used to deny veterans compensation for legitimate claims and the government from legitimate liability. The author urges the reader to take the previous link to a fine article dealing with the study. The article shows how the cover-up was initiated, the falsified data, the unlikely retrieval of the true data and the subsequent lack of release of the true data to the media. The comparisons to the present day investigations are almost identical. The denial of danger, the difference in independent and government studies, a falsifying of government data and, finally, after the danger was shone, the denial of a correlation of the illness and cause of the illness to the veterans. It almost appears that there is a script for dealing with government atrocities committed on the soldiers and civilians that have been harmed or killed.

In the latest Department of Defense “Briefing on Depleted Uranium“, because there is so much “misinformation out there”, the public is told “facts” that defy basic logic, “spin” logic and outright lies.

DU, even without radioactivity, is a toxic element that is classified as a heavy metal. DU and natural Uranium (U), like lead, has no usage inside the body and is toxic. Uranium is assimilated in the body much like lead. U and DU will incorporate into the liver, bone and testes. Like all heavy metals, even without radiation it causes cancer. There is no doubt that alpha particles are the strongest cancer causing particles emitted by radiation. Small amounts of Uranium are everywhere in an approximate range of 1 part per million. Over millions of years, evolution has given beings the ability to withstand small amounts of toxins that are common. Evolution did not give us the ability to ingest more than the usual amounts. Even nontoxic, necessary substances, that are required for life, when given in a dosage of 5 to 10 times the normal amount, do not make your health better. Usually, it will just make you dead.

Dr. Doug Rokke, a nuclear health physicist that headed a group of 100 men to salvage equipment in Iraq after the 1991 war, is a strong advocate for the ban of DU in weaponry. Rokke has a myriad of illnesses related to that experience which include kidney and lung damage, brain lesions, chronic fatigue, body pain and skin lesions. After 11 years, thirty (30) percent of his crew is dead. The reader is urged to look at this fine article with many references showing the effects and conflicting governmental information.

Since it usually takes years for a cancer to grow to a size to be detectable, and since it usually takes years for a cell to turn cancerous, the most likely place to see the early effects of chromosomal damage is in the offspring of those affected by a toxic agent. Unable to find the study by the Veterans Administration which showed a 67% birth defect rate for the Gulf War (GW) veterans in Jackson, Mississippi, the author did find the whitewashed, “adjusted” official follow up report for the “Veterans Health Administration System-Wide Training Program, sponsored by the Employee Education System in cooperation with the Office of Employee Education and the Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards, Department of Veterans Affairs”.

Two of the “studies” are addressed in this article. The first is a study of all 695,562 personnel involved in Operation Desert Storm. The government obtained that number by including over 300,000 veterans that may have been in the operation for only 1 day. Previous deployed numbers have been in the range of 320,000 to 365,000. Of those 350,000 that were truly likely to get DU exposure, there were many in support of active troops that would get no or very little exposure to DU oxides. Based on structuring of army, 2.5 support troops are required for every active troop. And surely, not every active troop, would be exposed to DU oxides. Pilots and crew for example would get virtually no exposure to DU oxides. Based on these numbers, it is likely that the numbers of troops that could actually become exposed to DU oxides would be around 100,000 to 200,000. Coincidentally, this is about the number with Gulf War Syndrome. Adding hundreds of thousands of non exposed veterans to a study that measures occurrences that are, at least, as infrequent as 1 in every 100 births will severely dilute the results to the point of being useless. This study diluted the results by 300% to 700%. If the 100,000 reservists not included in this study were soldiers that had DU oxide exposure, the dilution rate would be significantly higher. Even with the diluting of the exposed individuals, it was found that females had a significantly increased rate of birth defect children. It is more likely that females infected with DU would have more significant problems with birth defects, because the radiation and physical toxicity would still be in the mother during development. But, after “adjustment”, there was no evidence of increased birth defects.

The second study, from December 1993 through May 1994, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Jackson, Mississippi, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control was conducted because of alarming reports of markedly increased birth defects of Iraq stationed National Guard troops as reported by the papers in Jackson, Mississippi. Three government agencies in concert checking on the government. The results of this study were, predictably, “No Evidence of Increased Birth Defects and Health Problems among Children Born to Persian Gulf War Veterans in Mississippi”. This is a lie. 28 veterans had left the service and “could not be contacted”. Those that were most likely to have effects, possibly illness had caused them to leave, were not in the study. Even in the 90% that remained healthy enough or stayed in the National Guard service, there was dramatic evidence of severe birth defects in the records examined. 13 pregnancies were not included in the study with no reason given. Three (3) of the fifty four (54) births were judged to have severe birth defects. Based on the government study that included hundreds of thousands that would not have been exposed to DU and could show no effects from exposure to DU, the severe birth defect rate was 1.85% for both groups. This limited Mississippi study proved a 300% increase in birth defects over the average military person. This would be consistent with the Kang Study which proved a 200% to 300% increase in birth defects of GW veterans. In this group of 54 there was also a child with pulmonary stenosis, this is a medically severe defect. However, it was “judged to be hemodynamically insignificant” and was placed in mild birth defects. If this case had been included, there would have been a 400% increase in birth defects in that group. If the single umbilical artery, which occurs in less than 1% of births and is associated or the cause of other severe defects, had been included in severe defects, there would have been a 500% increase in birth defects. This was not included because it was judged to be “without associated abnormalities”.

They justified the conclusion of “no evidence of birth defects” by somehow deciding that a normal severe birth defect rate for this group would have been a high of 7.4%. Despite the diluted study which proved a rate of 1.85% severe birth defect rate and the March of Dimes birth defect rate of 3.6% for all birth defects, including minor defects and birthmarks, these “researchers” decided that 7.5% would be required to show any proof of increased defects. Now there is a fine example of wasted tax dollars, bias of the studies and the integrity of these researchers. The proof of radiation defects is not the same defect repeated, but, the randomness of different defects. This was noted in the study, but, was hidden under “no evidence of birth defects” title and expectation of at least an 8% severe defect birth rate in order to show any significant abnormality.

Miscarriages were not evaluated by medical investigation in this or any study. The first 3 months of pregnancy are when most of the aberrations would be spontaneously aborted. Many are just thought of as “late” cycles. The author believes that this is an area in which significant data can be obtained rather quickly. It is extremely important that blood clots, that appear to have tissue in them, from “late” (weeks, not days) cycles and miscarriages be brought to medical investigation. All veterans that have had potential exposure should, or should inform their significant others, to bring these specimens to their physicians and request medical information regarding the possible miscarriage. These specimens can be collected in any clean jar, common rubbing alcohol poured into the jar to a depth sufficient to cover the specimen will preserve the specimen and give vital insights into the extent of the actual effects of this known and mutagenic substance.

Ed Ward, MD, MT.

Happy Holidays Northern Hemisphere 2020

Happy Solar New Year 2020!


Solar New Year’s Eve – Death of the Waning Sun – December 22.

Solar New Year – Birth of the Waxing Sun – December 23.



Have a Super Solar New Year and a Fantastic Festivus!


A Festivus for the Sane of Us!


Festivus, the official historical celebration of the waxing sun, December 25*.

The Human Fund, give the gift of benign tolerance, “Live and Let Live”.


*Science facts versus inane, holy chosen, bigot crap.


Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed. The Truth about Christianity, its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum.







London Bridge Attack Drill Is Falling Down

Terrorist’s London Bridge Attack Drill Is Falling Down


After skimming many articles about the United Kingdom’s ‘Bomb Vested Terrorist London Bridge Attack’ for days. This article caught my eye and interest, ‘Hero Bystanders Took Down the London Bridge Attacker’.

While reading, this quote finally pierced my skull, ‘In the video, other members of the public can be seen surrounding the suspect and seemingly restrain him.’

Indeed, Usman Kahn, was pinned to the ground arms outstretched by many people. So this quote seemed quite unusual, for an attacker that was completely restrained, ‘The attacker was shot dead by police.’

Police pulled the brave defenders off of the pinned attacker to the extent that Usman Kahn was then completely free? Then the police shot him to death?

Those actions are completely insane procedure on several levels.

Bomb vests have to be detonated by some type of trigger. No one in their sane mind is or should allow a bomber’s hands to be free once restrained. That would allow the bomber to detonate the bomb.

The next insane act is shooting someone in a bomb vest. Bullets will make TNT, and gunpowder bomb vests detonate if the bomb is hit.

Government and its minions are stupid, corrupt, and murderous. But, they are not completely insane.

Something smells like false flags, black ops, and PSYOPS.

While searching the internet, London Bridge attacker gold is struck.


Enter Jerry, Acadian Sheperd, BitChute, and the extremely well documented, ‘London Bridge Attack 100% False Flag’.

Amazingly, it’s even got a little ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ proof.

Physicist Heinz Pommer Validates Ed Ward MD’s Proven WTC Nukes


PhD, Physicist, Doctor Heinz Pommer Brilliantly Explains His Advanced Physics Prowls in a 111 slide power point presentation: “Power Source(s) of the 9/11 Event”. Or, as I call it, “150 kt Neutron Nukes Used in the WTC Nuclear Demolition”.

Also saved on my site: Pommer’s 9/11 Event Slides

There are many more slides of the molten bedrock in Pommer’s 2018 WTC slides. He also explains basic and advanced physics used in his presentation.

His presentation validates the 7 main points of “Proven 9/11 Nukes” , now 8 main points of “Massive Radiation in WTC Demolition and Molten Bedrock by Ed Ward MD”. .

Some points are directly addressed and expanded upon, the others are indirectly validated by the physics facts of 150 kiloton neutron nuclear demolitions.

Dr. Pommer’s prequel to ‘The 911 Event”, “9/11, Nuclear Weapons, and Secret Societies” is also worth a visit.

Word on the street is that Dr. Pommer will be updating his WTC data with more fascinating physics and gif graphics.

Three of the molten bedrock pictures were exposed and saved by “Chris Spivey” in his excellent 2014 article, or would be minus the pages of Ground Zero definitions,  “Ground Zero – Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center”.  Chris and his crew at did an excellent job with many references and saved videos and pictures. There are many more well researched articles on his site.



The molten bedrock pictures were absolutely not available when I wrote my three main 2005 to 2008 articles on nukes in the WTC.  The first I’ve found surfaced in 2014 (Spivey), with the next and larger batch of molten bedrock pics in 2018 (Pommer).

These had to be ‘CLASSIFIED’ if not “TOP SECRET”.  In my professional opinion, these were leaked by the dying, or dead, photographer that took them in an effort to expose his killers.  Three days after a neutron nuke explosion, the only radioactive ‘hot spot’ (and it’s ‘MEGA HOT” as radioactive sources go) is the crater.

The photographer was all up in it figuring angles, lighting, documentation, etc, for the government. The odds say he died of one, or possibly several different cancers. Based on the amount of radiation he had to have absorbed, suspect his medical history would show signs of radiation illness in a matter of days and probably for months, if not years.

BTW, all the people in the pictures in the crater. Probably dead of cancer too.

Make yourself less useless in your and others demise. See if you can manage a whole click of activity and click share.


Warning Yolo! Sick and Vaped in the last 90 days. It’s Vaping Illness? Yet Yolo unknown?


Reports of seven deaths and hundreds of illnesses linked to vaping THC and nicotine are scary. Here’s what you need to know.

“all had vaped—either weed, nicotine, or a combination of the two—in the previous 90 days”

Good old healthy “Pneumonia saved my life”

Gobble it up you stupid fucks.

Does it sound like I don’t give a shit anymore? And I’m going to try very hard to remain that way. We deserve what we get. Fuck Homo S.

Yolo! Finally a cause and a brand for real ‘Vaping Illness’ somehow unknown to government health agencies.
By autumn 2017, Thompson and her partner formed another company, Mathco Health Corporation.
Within a few months, Yolo spiked with synthetic marijuana — commonly known as K2 or spice — began appearing on store shelves around Salt Lake City.
Samples tested at Utah labs showed Yolo contained a synthetic marijuana blamed for at least 11 deaths in Europe — and no CBD at all.
There are many different chemicals being made, used and marketed under ‘synthetic marijuana’ most of them exhibit PCP characteristics when done at high dose.
Purity of Synthetic Cannabinoids Sold Online for Recreational Use.


Doug Stanhope’s Killer Close.

Why? In just this website I have over three quarters of a million views. On the old expired site I posted on, The Price of Liberty, more than 2 million views.

In all those views as well as many more on different sites where I personally took more of my life to repost censored information, the number of shares to expose vital government treason facts are less than 100.

So at some point, eventually even the most stupid ass on the planet has to say, “Fuck ’em, they deserve what they get.”

Hopefully for me, I’ll finally be able to stick to it this time.


New Laws of Physics Noted in WTC Fires and Ignored – Dr. Cahill’s Discovery of Anaerobic Chlorine Fueled Combustion


New Laws of Physics Noted in WTC Fires and Ignored – Dr. Cahill’s Discovery of Anaerobic Chlorine Fueled Combustion

Consistent Surface Fires in the WTC pile did not exist after the third day. Supposedly fires raged ‘underground’ under several inches of powdered concrete. Physics/logic dictates that fire must be supplied Oxygen to burn. Fuel will not burn without oxygen. Basic logic/physics/fire prevention predicts that covering a fire with dirt puts out the fire by cutting the supply of oxygen. Based on the evidence and experience Dr. Cahill states several times that the WTC pile is ‘Oxygen Poor’, notes Anaerobic = without oxygen insights, AND ‘Chlorine Rich = LARGE amounts of Chlorine. Hmm, oxygen poor that doesn’t sound like a good mix for a ‘fire’ that is going to be so hot it makes molten metal – most likely scenario – steel (complete BS even in a real fire). But, there was lots of Chlorine. I bet Chlorine must take the place of Oxygen and let fires burn? To see chlorines effects on fire see this link on how Halon Fire Extinguishers work , or this link on Halon Fire Extinguishers (and while you are there take a look at the cheap fire extinguisher D – a bucket of sand (SiO2 – Silicon compound). Silicon isn’t there a large percentage of that in the 2 Billion pounds of WTC Dust? USGS report says the WTC ‘sand’ was on average 15% Silicon, 18% Calcium (Carbonate), the Lioy report also gives a maximum percentage of 20% volatile compounds in the WTC dust and approximately 2% asbestos was also present.

OXYGEN – The air we breathe is about 21 percent oxygen. fire only needs an atmosphere with at least 16 percent oxygen. Again, note Anaerobic is without Oxygen = 0.0, None, Nada, Zero Oxygen in at least some parts of the ‘fire’. 16% Oxygen required for combustion, yet at least some areas (most likely scenario is the whole 5 acres was Anaerobic) of the underground ‘fire’ had Zero Oxygen. How does that work in basic physics? How does the ‘supposed fire’ like the WTC not only exist, but spread rapidly to 5 acres of land that was cool and is suddenly over 1000 degrees centigrade. Think about the mass involved that attains that heat in hours in ‘oxygen poor’ conditions. (Not 16% Oxygen the percentage that fails to support combustion, but 0% Oxygen in at least some areas of the ‘fire’.

Four separate inhibitors of combustion, sand, ‘oxygen poor’ atmosphere, ‘chlorine rich’ atmosphere, and a rich carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide were interacting in this supposed ‘fire’. Any one of these inhibitors of fire in sufficient quantities will completely extinguish fires. The new physics requires that values be referred to in ‘non numerical’ nonsense values – examples: Tritium value = ‘below human concern’, oxygen value = ‘poor’, chlorine value = ‘rich’ with no correlation to the proven requirements of combustion or the chemical reaction taking place in combustion. What were the combustible products of this fire? For the most part there was only concrete and steel left in the debris pile per picture evidence and eyewitness accounts. Where did the combustible debris go? There was less than 20% volatile products in the 2 Billion pounds of particle dust (a lot of material by mass), but this was dispersed in an 80% non combustible matrix..

Old physics = This supposed ‘fire’ should extinguish not form a blast furnace caliber fire.

New physics = Proven inhibitors of combustion interact to form ‘super’ ‘fire’ of incinerator/blast furnace caliber. According to the team, data indicates that the WTC plume “in many ways [resembles] those seen from municipal waste incinerators and high temperatures processes in coal-fired power plants.” (Reactions that require massive Oxygen to support the process)

The ‘new physics’ fire started 800 feet above ground and supposedly got to 800 degrees according to NIST with unlimited Oxygen supply. The ‘new physics’ fire falls 800 feet, through thick suffocating aerosolized sand and is dispersed over twice the original area with the residual temperature of the burning elements starting the ‘new’ ‘new physics’ fire in conditions that should extinguish fire, but somehow produces a 1500 degree ‘super fire’. It is highly unlikely there was any active flame after the fall from 800 feet through suffocating amounts of sand/dust.
The ‘old physics’ fire requires that the massive heat (far above 1500 degrees) was present in the debris which brought any combustible compound to the ‘kindling temperature’ which spontaneously ignited when exposed to Oxygen. Coincidently, (who could have figured) that is exactly what was observed whenever relief efforts removed structure (concrete/steel) that was inhibiting Oxygen flow to the super heated debris pile.

Update: Dioxin Definitely Present in Large Amounts at WTC. Chlorine + Heat = Dioxin. This is finally a proven possible alternate source for several of the cancers – breast, skin, probably a couple more applicable to this type exposure. Dioxin could account for some of the huge spectrum of cancers and it would be dependent on exposure amounts. (Our vets got massive doses in Vietnam and the government managed to hide that fairly easily.) But there are still many more cancers not explained by any single proven cause link except radiation.

Very fine aerosols from the World Trade Center collapse piles: Anaerobic Incineration? Has several nice tidbits.

“By September 14, three days after the initial World Trade Center collapse, efforts at fire suppression and heavy rainfall had extinguished the immediate surface fires. From then until roughly mid-December, the collapse piles continuously emitted an acrid smoke and fume in the smoldering phase of the event.” “The unprecedented levels of several metals in the very fine mode can be tied to liberation of those metals that are both present in elevated concentrations in the debris and have depressed volatility temperatures caused by the presence of organic materials and chlorine.”

“The presence of fuels, including diesel and electrical insulating oils and combustible materials in the WTC buildings, and lack of oxygen were two factors that allowed the fire to burn for over 3 months.” “The DRUM operated until Late December, after the last surface fires had been extinguished. (Cahill et al, 2004)”

“The mechanism proposed is then the formation of gasses in the oxygen-poor, chlorine rich collapse piles, emission through the rubble and conversion at or near the surface into oxidized forms and thus very fine particles.”

Pg 61: Line 9 through 14

CONGRESSMAN NADLER: So that the EPA if it is dependent on the information for those sensors for its public pronouncements cannot say anything about the very fine particles?
DR. CAHILL: That’s correct.

Page 101: Lines 5 through 17

MR. MICHELI: Well, I was going to get into the fact, that since everything — and you used the word before, which is one of the words I used to describe what happened, which is atomized. Basically when you walk around the pile and you see the pictures and if you are down there, you’ll see, some of the only remaining things is steel. You know, there is no shoe box, there is no carpet, there is no ceiling tiles or Gypsum wallboard or any actual pieces of concrete.

Page 135: Lines 4 through 11

DR. LEVIN: I don’t believe that all of the fires are out. It is my understanding that there are occasional areas of smoldering that are identified, but certainly we’re not seeing the levels of combustion that was going on until somewhere in the order of mid-December.

Page 201: Lines 3 through 6

At one point I had a conversation with an inspector at the Department of Health and asked him, “So what you’re telling me is that the EPA won’t test because they’ll know what they’re find?” And he said yes.

Page 216

Is there an agency, Federal, State, or City which will test the indoor air in our apartments now?
CHIEF INVESTIGATOR KAUFMAN: Yes. The Environmental Protection Agency does it everywhere in the country but they have abandoned Lower Manhattan.
MS. PERILLO: That’s answer one.
CONGRESSMAN NADLER: The answer is no, there is not such an agency right now. There is an agency that ought to do it, that has the legal duty to do it, but that is right now refusing to do it.

Page 219

It’s only going to take money. But the first step to do it is for the government and EPA do what they do everywhere else in the country except for Lower Manhattan, which is do the testing inside the homes, comply with the laws of the United States, and come up with remediation plans and safe levels for clean up.

Ed Ward, MD – 911 Related Articles – Chronological:

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Micro-Nukes at the WTC


Update: Micro-Nukes at the WTC

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Verifying the Source of WTC Tritium Levels that Are 55 Times “Background Levels”

Update: Factual Evaluation of the DOE WTC Tritium Report Data – 911

Breakdown of the WTC Rain and Firehose Water – 4 Million Gallons of Dilution

9/11 Sicknesses consistent with environmental radiation contamination

Articles referencing my micro nukes articles.

Ted Twietmeyer’s excellent article on EMP effects: What May Have Melted the WTC Vehicles.

Jerry Mazza’s insights on 911 and current political scams: Ground Zero Illnesses Come Back to Haunt Giuliani.

Massive Radiation in World Trade Center Demolition and Molten Bedrock by Ed Ward, MD

No Gold In the Oceans, No Radiation In the WTCs, No Treasonous Traitors in US Government, No Murderous Treason in PhD, Steven Jones Government False Flag Coverup

No Radiation, My Ass. Denial and Ignorance of Basic Math is Killing Millions and Letting Government Killers Go Free

For Solutions, “How Much is Actually There?”, “It’s Not the Concentration, It’s the Volume, Stupid.”

Volume = Mass/Concentration

More simply “Volume X Concentration = Mass”. Volume (Total Volume of Sample Source) X (Times = Multiplication) Sample Concentration = Mass (Total Amount Present at Sample Site)

“According to the National Ocean Service, our oceans hold some 20 million pounds of gold, suspended in normal seawater. But this gold is spread throughout the normal mineral content of seawater to the tune of “parts per trillion.”

As the NOAA puts it, “Each liter of seawater contains, on average, about 13 billionths of a gram of gold.”

Only 2 samples taken for WTC’s demolition area. Their average is a little more than 1,000 Tritium Units – Tu. But, let’s use the easiest to see and use 1,000 Tu/Liter.

Volume = 1,000,000 Million Liters Rain and Fire hose water . Concentration 1,000 Tu/Liter = 1,000,000,000 Tu = 1 BILLION Tu’s present in just the residual water.

Now that’s not the actual total amount of Tritium produced at the WTC site
In a fire at a Tritium storage site without water, all Tritium escapes directly into the atmosphere.

In a nuclear blast, during and after the blast, all Tritium escapes into the atmosphere, unless water is poured over the debris to cool it down.

So 1 BILLION Tritium units is only a very small portion of the Total Amount of Tritium produced in a nuclear detonation.

“Presence of RL EXIT signs in the buildings would have implied large available source of tritium. We were informed by PANYNJ authorities that there were no tritium signs at the WTC, only photoluminescent ones (33)”

This pdf also notes that in a dry fire all tritium escapes into the atmosphere. Link is in my article Update: The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC

Proven World Trade Center Neutron Nuke Demolition

1. Three Massive WTC Craters – See us government LIDAR proof: – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES.

2. Five Acres (1.2 Billion Pounds = Weight of Residue of 3 WTC Buildings (WTC 1, 2, 6 and 7) of WTC Land Brought to Searing Temperatures in a Few Hours by an ’Anaerobic, Chlorine Fueled “Fire” – Impossible by Basic Laws of Physics. See us gov Thermal Images proof – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. /


3. Tritium Levels 55 Times (normal) Background Levels assessed a numerical value of ‘traces’ and ‘of no human concern’. See us government (DOE report) proof: – Nothing but a NUCLEAR EVENT can cause ‘tritium’ formation – basic physics fact – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES.

4. An Impossible “Fire” (Combustion Process). See Laws of Physics for Fire/Combustion Process and Dr. Cahill’s data on ‘anaerobic incineration’. – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES

5. 3 Billion pounds of building instantly turned into 2 Billion pounds of micronized dust. – Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. Best

6. 16 inch steel Spires that withstood 1/2 a Billion pounds of building falling on them and suddenly turn into limp noodles and partially vaporize. Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. Also: The Collapse of the Spire

7. Hiroshima effect cancers in responders and locals. Nothing else known to man can leave ALL the WTC debris and this particular evidence in the length of time needed , except a third generation Micro Nuke – Mini Nuke – Nuke. It’s 100% classic textbook nuclear event residue – ZERO ANOMALIES. ,

8. Molten Bedrock under the Nuked World Trade Center Buildings



All of the above are facts are proven with referenced links of reputable data sources – many are from the government itself and more.

Related: 63 Government Drills Since 1993 That Turned into the Exact Terrorist Attack for which the Drill was planned to occur. More US Drill Death in Waco Explosion – Drill Stops for Reality, Again

“North Hills Hospital is proud to be hosting one of the largest emergency preparedness drills ever held in the state of Texas this week. We will be partnering with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) and first responders from throughout North Texas to test our equipment and processes so that when a real disaster happens, we’re all ready to respond.

This drill is even timelier in the wake of the bombings at Monday’s Boston Marathon. Our prayers go out to the victims involved, and we are proud of the first responders – EMS, fire, police, race workers, and hospital staff – who so bravely cared for the injured.

If you live near North Hills Hospital, you will see a lot of activity in our parking lots over the next three days as the NCTTRAC sets up a mobile 140-bed hospital, along with dozens of ambulances, several AMBUS (multi-patient ambulances), and helicopters. This is only a drill and will simulate a hospital evacuation, something that might be necessary in the event of a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or prolonged power failure.

Set-up for the drill will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, with the drill occurring on Thursday. At no time will regular patient care be affected, as the drill will use only “actor” patients and be confined to non-patient care areas and the parking lot.” Original article censored. New archive link.

Boston Marathon: The Finish Line For US Treason. Drill Death. Everything Is In Place For Police State. by Ed Ward, MD


USS Fitzgerald – No Reaction, No Warning Until Water Pouring In


I’m severely censored, so lets keep it brief.

“A “tremendous” amount of water flooded through the huge gash, in the words of Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet. Sailors asleep in their berths woke to a powerful torrent of seawater. Seven sailors never made it out.”

Do you think there could have been a warning, and sailors just said ‘Nah, I’ll go back to sleep.’ There could NOT have been a warning with ‘sleeping sailors’.

“The coast guard initially said the collision occurred at 2:20 a.m. because the Philippine ship had reported it at 2:25 a.m. and said it just happened. After interviewing Filipino crewmembers, the coast guard has changed the collision time to 1:30 a.m.”

“Cmdr. Ron Flanders, a Navy spokesman, said Monday that the destroyer reported to officials that it collided at 2:20 a.m. Saturday with the Philippine-flagged container ship off the coast of Yokosuka near Tokyo. Seven American sailors died in the crash.

Coast guard officials said they have revised the time of the collision to 1:30 a.m. from their earlier estimate of 2:20 a.m. after interviewing crewmembers of the container ship, the ACX Crystal.

A track of the container ship’s route by MarineTraffic, a vessel-tracking service, shows it made a sudden turn as if trying to avoid something at about 1:30 a.m., before continuing eastward. It then made a U-turn and returned around 2:30 a.m. to the area near the collision.”

The ACX Crystal was aware enough to try and avoid the USS Fitzgerald, which did not only not react to an impending collision, did NOT even warn it’s own crew of impending collision. Hence, 7 of the crew drowning.

Update 6/21/17: US Navy Times finally notes the obvious. “This combination of factors leads me to suspect that there was no warning,” Brennan said.

Incompetence and Cover Up A-Plenty.

US Navy denies Coast Guard findings. Looks for 7 over board when they knew, the crew was asleep in their bunks.

Update 6/24/2017:  Maritime Mystery: Why a U.S. Destroyer Failed to Dodge a Cargo Ship

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Vital Murderous Accessory Twitter Cuts EdWardMDBlog Access.

Yesterday, a little after noon, decided I needed a password change. But, It will not send an email so that I can reset it.

It’s not enough media disperses lying crap, they must also silence the facts.

Twitter ‘help’ has multiple notices of their fraud unable to reset password scam. They will get back to me within Days, unless they don’t, then it will be longer.

Media just as guilty as the murderous scum they protect.

So anyway, I’m gutless, scam banned on Twitter.Con.

10-18 Update: Finally got to screen to get a text to phone. Got it. Sent it. Still Locked Out.

Ed Ward, MD



A Decade Late: Some Credit for My Efforts On ‘WTC Nukes’


Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truthsday, August 8, 2016

America Nuked on 9/11: Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DoD & the Mossad

America Nuked on 9/11 


Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DoD & the Mossad

If you want to know the WHO, the HOW and the WHY of 9/11, this book provides the answers. In 28 extensive, thorough and detailed studies, 14 authors contribute their expertise on different aspects of 9/11 to resolve the issues decisively. 9/11 was brought to us compliments of the CIA, the neocons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad in order to justify the transformation of U.S. foreign policy from one in which we never attacked any nation that had not attacked us first to one in which we became the greatest aggressor nation in the world, launching a series of invasions intended to take out seven governments over the next five years, as Wesley Clark, former Commanding General of NATO, has explained. It hasn’t played out that way, but not for lack of trying.
You will discover here that the most prominent 9/11 organization, A&E911, has been running a limited hangout focusing on the use of Nano-thermite, an incendiary, which has long since been demonstrated to be incapable of blowing the Twin Towers apart from the top down. While Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan and others acknowledge that other explosives may have been used, they refuse to explain what those could possibly be. Although their studies were based upon dust samples obtained from an apartment in the vicinity of Ground Zero, they deliberately ignore the far more extensive results of the U.S. Geological Survey’s dust studies, which reveal the presence of elements that would not have been there had this note been a nuclear event.
Moreover, the Journal for 9/11 Studies perpetuates the charade by publishing articles intended to perpetrate the false belief that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. Because the Pentagon is our nation’s military command-and-control center, it was this event that justified declaring a “War on Terror”. But the proof that no plane hit the Pentagon is overwhelming and compelling. In fact, as surprising as it may seem, none of the official “9/11 aircraft” actually crashed on 9/11, as evidence from the “crash sites” and research by Pilots for 9/11 Truth has established. The public was conned by resorting to a series of sophisticated fabrications, reinforced by the major media. This book demonstrates we have lost our way and are now no better than a third world, banana republic.
The contributors include some of the best students and scholars of 9/11:
* Ed Ward, M.D. * Jeff Prager * Susan Lindauer * Preston James, 
Ph.D. * Dennis Cimino * Jack White * Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. * 
* Mike Palecek * T. Mark Hightower * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Steve 
Fahrney * Aeronautical Engineer * Joshua Blakeney * Don Fox *
It has been edited by Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at UMD, and Mike Palecek, who has committed his life to the search for truth and justice.
Softcover, 458 pages, 338 photos, $20 from


An Aeronautical Engineer graduated from a major university with a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in Aeronautical Engineering with a major in aerodynamics. A qualified pilot and co-designer of two experimental aircraft, he has been engaged in aviation for over four decades. Many online debates about a “Boeing 757” at the Pentagon confuse the aerodynamic phenomenon known as Wake Turbulence (caused mainly by Induced Drag) with Ground Effect (caused as a reaction to downwash). Arguments that dispute the official account of a Boeing 757 approaching the Pentagon at 400 mph and taking out a series of lampposts are shown to be well-founded in their conclusion but in need to technical corrections to the explanations that have been advanced in their support, where a Boeing 757 at 400 mph could not have come closer than about 100 feet of the ground.
Joshua Blakeney, a journalist and writer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, earned a BA (with distinction) in Sociology from Lethbridge. As a grad student, he received The Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. His research on the Origins of the Global War on Terror became national news in Canada, when certain neoconservatives took issue with his chosen line of academic enquiry. He published Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor (2015) based upon archival research he conducted at The National Diet Library in Tokyo, Japan. He has published in, The American Herald Tribune,,, The Canadian Dimension, The Canadian Charger and The Information Clearing House. He recently started blogging about Japanese History.
Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly U.S. Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s. He has collaborated with Jim Fetzer on many articles about “false flag” attacks, including (with regard to Sandy Hook), “The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook” (30 January 2013), “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hicks’ ‘iconic’ photo was faked” (18 July 2014), and “Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the Elaborate Hoax” (28 July 2014). He has also published extensively on various aspects of 9/11. His articles on the Pentagon, for example, include “The ‘official account’ of the Pentagon is a fantasy” (2012), “9/11: A World Swirling in a Volcano of Lies” (14 February 2014) and “Reflections on the Pentagon: A Photographic Review” (16 August 2014), and “Limited Hangouts: Kevin Ryan, A&E911 and The Journal of 9/11 Studies” (with Jim Fetzer, 14 August 2014).
Jim Fetzer earned his Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science. A former U.S. Marine Corps officer, he has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11 and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone. The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Place of Probability in Science (with Ellery Eells, 2010), And I Suppose We Didn’t go to the Moon, either? (2015), Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015) and And Nobody Died in Boston, either (2016), which was his 32nd. He also hosts the two-hour video show, “The Real Deal”, on Media Broadcasting Center M/W/F from 8-10 PM/ET and “The Raw Deal” on T/Th from 8-9 PM/ET.
Don Fox has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices. His articles include “Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11” and “Mini Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle (with Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager, Jim Viken, Dr. Ed Ward and Dennis Cimino). Don Fox has been among the most successful in conveying the results of this complex and technical research in a fashion that makes it easily accessible to a wide audience. See, for example, “2 + 2 = Israel Nuked the WTC on 9/11” and “Rainbow in the Dark: Powerful Proof of 9/11 Nukes”. He maintains a blog at
T. Mark Hightower earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University and over 30 years of engineering experience. He has worked in the chemical industry, the space program and the environmental field. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). He became a “born again” conspiracy theorist in January 2004 after stumbling upon Peter Meyer’s Serendipity web site and learning that controlled demolition was a more likely explanation for the destruction of the Twin Towers than the official government story. He is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a petition signer at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. His 9/11 research is done as an exercise of his Constitutional rights as a private citizen, and in no way represents his employers or the professional societies in which he holds membership. He recently retired after 25 years with NASA.
Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D., has two history of science degrees, one from Cambridge 1968, plus a Ph.D. from London, 1995. An honorary member of staff of UCL for 11 years, he was in 1999 elected as a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he has several dozen articles on the history of astronomy in academic journals. His book, Terror on the Tube (3rd edition, 2011), establishes that the accused Islamic youth were innocent of the 2005 London bombings. Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth and Reality (2014), demonstrates that the official narrative of WWII cannot be sustained. He contributed four chapters to And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either? His latest book, The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942-66: A Very English Mystery (2015), has recently appeared.
Susan Lindauer covered Iraq and Libya at the United Nations, as a U.S. Intelligence Asset and back-door channel on anti-terrorism from 1993 to 2003. Most notoriously, in the summer of 2001, her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center. Lindauer also campaigned heavily against the War in Iraq, and developed a comprehensive peace framework through her back-channel in the run up to War. Her book, Extreme Prejudice (2010), is the true story of what happened when she tried to disclose what she knew personally of Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence and the 9/11 warning to Congress and the American people. Her attempts to bring the truth to the public led to the nightmare of her arrest under the PATRIOT Act and her imprisonment without trial at the notorious prison inside Carswell AFB in Texas.
Mike Palecek lives in Saginaw, Minnesota, west of Duluth. A writer, he is a former federal prisoner for peace and the Iowa Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District in the 2000 election, gaining 65,000 votes on an anti-war platform in a conservative district. A former award winning reporter, editor, publisher in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota. The small newspaper that Mike & Ruth Palecek owned and operated in Byron, Minnesota, won the MNA Newspaper of the Year Award in 1993. He co-hosts “The New American Dream” radio show and has published over a dozen books that offer fictional but insightful studies of the American character and the plight in which we lend ourselves in the world today. Mike is the founder of Moon Rock Books and the co-editor of this volume.
Jeff Prager, founder of an award winning magazine for senior citizens, set out in 2002 to prove that 19 Muslims had hijacked four airplanes and attacked us. After extensive investigation by 2005, he realized that the official narrative of 9/11 was false, sold his business, left the United States and began to conduct 9/11 research full-time. What he found astonished even himself, because the evidence that the Twin Towers had been destroyed by a sophisticated arrangement of very small nuclear devices became simply overwhelming. He subsequently published an extensive and detailed report about this research in 9/11 AMERICA NUKED! (2012), which is a 500-page book available to the public for free, in Part 1 and Part 2.
Mike Sparks is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.S. degree in History/Education. His last assignment in the U.S. Army Reserves was as a MOS 11A5P Airborne-qualified Infantry officer with the rank of 1LT promotable. He leads Military Intelligence Group [00]7 (aka MI7) focusing on how Commander Ian Fleming, creator of the fictional super-spy James Bond (Agent 007), is actually warning us in code of real organized evil entities. He is the editor and co-author of several military reform books, including Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century (2002) andAirborne Warfare: New Edition (2015), plus several books on American Cultural Reform; Racket Theory: Why Humans Embrace Problems instead of Solving Them (2006), Hive Theory: Why Humans Stay in Destructive Rackets(2015) and in the military/spy arena with James Bond is REAL: The Untold Story of the Political & Military Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About (2011). More recently, he has published The Point of Gravity (2012), Masquerade: Everything is NOT What it Appears (2013) and The Bell Tolls for Thee: The Poppy is Also a Flower (2014).
Ed Ward, M.D., among the leading experts on the use of nukes on 9/11, maintains an extensive archive about them and other forms of malfeasance by the U.S. at his “Weblog of Tyranny”, He has been among the most brilliant and tenacious investigators of “false flag” attacks by the government and other entities, where his recent publications include “EgyptAir 804: Just another Government Mass Murder” and “Proven 9/11 Nukes = U.S. Government Involvement”, where he was among the first to appreciate that the official account of plane impact/jet-fuel fires/collapse was completely preposterous and scientifically indefensible. Ward has also appeared as a guest on “The Real Deal”, which you can hear at
Although, I claim my efforts on 911 WTC Nukes, as well as my singular efforts on the current state of nuclear weaponry make me ‘The 911 Expert’, but I could be a little biased. ‘-)
Ed Ward, MD

‘Honorable, Judge, Reverend, Doctor, Murderous Scumbag’: Melvin C. Zeno


Something that seems to have gotten lost on the Honorable, Doctor, Reverend, Judge ‘Murderous Corrupt Scumbag’, Melvin C. Zeno.  Zeno knows ‘Documented Disability’ is just a ‘Deadbeat Scam’ for ‘Under Employed’, a ‘Death Sentence for Disabled’.

October 22,2004

Louisiana’s Vow of Destruction and Death to Disabled Non Custodial Parents
Regarding my crimes against the State of Louisiana in LASES No.: 0004955592-02 (Reproduced below my response.)

Dear: Social Services Analyst S. R. DA’s Office 24 Judicial District, Administrative Reviewers, and District Judge, 24th JDC, Election Section 5, Division P reelection judge Melvin C. “Reverend” “Mel” Zeno.

I REQUEST AN ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW. Please be advised, I can be handcuffed and leg ironed for your convenience, just let me know about the most convenient appropriate dress for your destruction of the Constitution and the disabled of America and I will be happy to comply.

Thank you for informing me of the Administrative Review. Why was it not done when I brought my 2 1/2 year fight with Social Security regarding my disability determination papers, granted without a hearing since previous hearings facts were determined to “exaggerations” by a non medical reviewer, to S. R. (Her Handwritten Post-It with S. R’s name and phone # as documentation, as well as a follow-up phone call telling me that all I needed to do was wait for the court hearing) over 2 months ago?

Thank you honorable judge “Reverend” “Mel” for making me “deadbeat scum” and “underemployed” rather than disabled after giving more than 100,000 dollars in savings to the custodial parent (of which my children saw very little benefit), along with 40,000 dollars in attorneys fees trying to keep contact with my children which have not been seen nor heard by their parent in almost 2 years, based on proven false allegations ignored by Family Court judge “Reverend” “Mel”. All disabled or potentially disabled should vote for the Judge that knows a stroke, disability, or a downturned economy are just excuses for “deadbeats”.

Thank you, social services analyst and 24 Judicial District DA’s office for helping to insure the destruction of all non custodial parents and in particular disabled parents.

Regarding your individual actions of destruction:

50% of my income threat. Thank you so much for decreasing it to 1/2 of my still unreceived disability income. In the last 7 years, it has been from 1200% to infinite % (as 0, times or divided gives a number of infinity). So the the DRASTIC reduction to only 50% of my as yet unreceived disability payments is greatly appreciated.

License revocation threat. I do not drive anymore and was forced into retirement by being assessed child support thousands of times higher than salary ( 0 dollars earned, 2,500 dollars a month in savings assessed via “underemployment” paid until savings gone). Threat of inability to legally secure food from natural resources is also of no concern to me and is addressed in summation.

Tax refund threat. No money made. No tax refund to steal.

Posting security bond threat. Addressed at summation.

Credit Bureau threat. Surely this will get me to pay what you say. To date, my credit has been destroyed. ( 0 dollars earned, 2,500 dollars a month in savings assessed via “underemployment” paid until savings gone.)

Liens on property threat. Addressed at summation.
Seizure of property threat. Addressed at summation.
Seizure of property by IRS threat. Addressed at summation.
Imprisonment threat. See imprisonment request in summation.

I CHOOSE MARTYRDOM over your threats and actions to myself and thousands of other NCPs (Non Custodial Parents) to show the “death and destruction” in which you deal.

I will not pay one penny more when my children have been stolen from their parent without Constitutional law requiring true due process. I will die in martyrdom first. Please inform me of the court seizure planned dates on any property or assets as death of the defendant is the only way to stop this UnConstitutional tyranny, so that I may be dead in martyrdom to prevent such an abuse. Not like the unserved orders that granted access to my home that was given to my ex with a Restraining Order, granted on subsequent proven false allegation, in which there was an eyewitness to her removal of almost anything of value in my home under police supervision. This access is according to LA law is supposed to be served on the “alleged” prior to showing up to remove property so that the alleged may insure none of his property is taken. It was purely accidental that a friend was made aware of “persons” removing my belongings from my house and was able to observe the thefts. The police made sure they could remove ANYTHING they wanted, which also included evidence that was to be used in defense of the false “allegations”, as the owner was removed from the house. When the police in charge was told the persons were stealing my personal property. “Oh, that is a civil matter.”

I am not suicidal, nor do I want harm to anyone else. This is a completely non violent personal stand. I do not want to die, but, I most assuredly will for, like Thomas Jefferson, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”, let alone tyranny over the body of man.

Please be advised that imprisonment will hopefully give me the added incentive necessary to discontinue eating to the death and have no problem with interference to that regard. As a physician, I am keenly aware that no amount of interference can stop a person determined to die while incarcerated for Constitutional abuses of this government against parents and children. The mere act of spitting saliva will take care of all but forced food intake. If that happens, vomiting will remove that food as well as alter the pH the body requires to survive. I take this stance to show my resistance to government tyranny as granted by the Constitution for political protest against this government’s abuses of power that force “death and destruction” on many disabled non custodial parents or any non custodial parent that falls victim to judicial tyranny.

“To preserve the freedom of the human mind … and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom; for as long as we may think as we will, and speak as we think the condition of man will proceed in improvement. The generation which is going off the stage has deserved well of mankind for the struggles it has made, and for having arrested the course of despotism which had overwhelmed the world for thousands and thousands of years. If there seems to be danger that the ground they have gained will be lost again, that danger comes from the generation your contemporary. But that the enthusiasm which characterizes youth should lift its parricide hands against freedom and science would be such a monstrous phenomenon as I cannot place among possible things in this age and country.” Thomas Jefferson

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” — James Madison.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

Presently, more than 40 States have been Sued in Federal Court regarding Constitutional Rights for Non Custodial Parents.

Main Organization
LA State Branch Organization

State of Louisiana letter to Ed Ward, III — ( ) indicates responses by the author.
SES-355 Reissued 11/06/01 PROD LED7010 14 522 000000312, 24 JUDICIAL DISTRICT, DA’S OFFICE State of Louisiana, 1546 GRETNA BOULEVARD Dept. of Social Services, HARVEY LA 70058 Office of Family Support, Phone: (504)364-3630
Ed Ward III, RE: LASES No.: 000495592-02, Custodial Parent: S. T. WARD

Your child support payments are presently in arrears. Failure to take immediate steps to bring your payments current will result in further enforcement action.

You have the right to request an administrative review of this section(s) taken on your case. (?) The purpose of the administrative review is to determine if the action or proposed action is appropriate and in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. A request for an administrative review should be forwarded to the office which is handling the case.

Enforcement activities that may be used include, but are not limited to, the following:
— Income assignment of up to 50% of your income, included but not limited to wages, salary, interest, commission, independent contractor compensation, DISABILITY INCOME (my emphasis), unemployment income, worker’s compensation, and bonuses;
— Suspension of business, professional, driver’s, hunting or fishing licenses; (Very helpful to those trying to support their children and denial of rights to secure food for any parent)
— Interception of federal and state tax refund;
— Posting security or bonds to secure payment of overdue support;
— Offset of winnings from the Louisiana Lottery; (How many Non Custodial Parents have won a lottery and not helped their children?)
— Reporting the delinquency to Credit Bureaus; (Funniest one yet, like Non Custodial’s have an credit left after being made to support 2 households on one paycheck when, thanks to taxes, fees, etc., everyone knows it take 2 paychecks to support one household.)
— Liens being placed against your property. (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.)
— Seizure of assets/property; (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.)
— Referral to the IRS for seizure and sale of your property; (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.) and/or
— Legal action that my result in imprisonment.
To avoid any or all of these actions, pay your past due child support payments or contact this office to make payment arrangements.

Sincerely yours,

Related: Ed Ward, MD VS Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, P D Connick, Jr – DCFS Stasi Child Support Division?

Ed Ward, MD, MT.

EgyptAir 804: Just Another Godvernment Mass Murder


Final Title: EgyptAir 804 Meets War Game Phoenix Express: 40 Seconds Later Blown Out Of The Sky

Coincidences, what were the odds?

“At 2:37 a.m., shortly after entering Egyptian airspace” SHOT DOWN?

Apparently, ‘terrorist bombs’ now set to explode upon entering Egypt Airspace.

Radar? Psychic? Perfect Timing?

Maybe ‘God told ’em when to set the timer’. Plan apparently, ‘we really need to blow ourselves up just as we enter Egyptian Airspace? We certainly don’t want to be at an airport and do more damage? What was the plan ‘Phil’?

Overwhelmingly, The Odds say ‘Shot Down’.

5-20-2016 Update:

“The plane vanished from radar at 2.29.40am local time, according to Greek air traffic controllers, only 40 seconds after it left Greek airspace and entered Egyptian space over the Mediterranean.”

“Two minutes earlier, Greek controllers tried and failed to contact the plane as they passed control and communications to their Egyptian counterparts. Attempts to contact on emergency channels also failed.”

Another coincidence. No transponders, ALL improvements to make sure planes FOUND and nothing.  Can’t find the plane they shot down? What were the odds.

False Flag, Black Ops, or Egypt Military screw up are the only likely scenarios. Or, maybe God told terrorists the future and exactly when to set off the bomb. And then God ate the plane.

The communications breakdown points directly to ‘war game’ situation, only ‘godvernments’ have the power to take out communications AND wipe a plane from the sky.

This leaves ONLY two viable options for a Most Likely Scenario, War Game Screw Up which is my choice, followed very closely by an intentional False Flag Black Ops situation.

Then, Thanks to an old friend, the Most Likely Culprit Appeared:

Update 5-21:

EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises

Update 5-22:

When I heard about the sudden deviation flight, I considered them most likely ‘evasive action’. Damned if my old friend didn’t cover that too.

Was Pilot of Egyptair Flight MS804 “Beaming” When He Suddenly Turned 90 Deg Left?

Update 5-23:

More On Phoenix Express and Israel


Last, But Not Least, Update 5-25:

Israel successfully tests Iron Dome defense system at sea – May 18

Replacing cut link with another:

Egypt Air MS804, Apparently, just ‘target practice’.

Kudos to the Pilot and Co-Pilot. Based on evasive action, they saw the missile fired at them, most likely surface missile, and did all they could, just massively out gunned.

Update 5-28:

Based on timing of alerts, it appears ‘evasive action’ happened AFTER failure alerts. This indicates they got blindsided while in flight path. This leaves only two likely scenarios. MS804 was hit again by another missile, or the evasive action caused structural failure. My money is on two, 2, missiles.

Updated 5-15-2017: Note – The cockpit cut link to the black boxes along with the other damage to windows first – says 1 explosion from outside to inside just prior to evasive action. The broken black boxes could not be damaged by water, it simply can NOT exert 5,000 lbs/sq in resistance, nor could the simple ‘stress faults cause damage to the black boxes, so the second explosion had to be all the way at the tail of the plane. Two separate explosions – Physics does NOT lie.


Update 5-29:

After more than a week with the crash site area being miles and miles of 10,000 feet. Massive, Doing All We Can ‘Finders’ finally send for the ships needed to find MS804.

Update 5-30:

US Navy once proudly promoting Phoenix Express Nixes Navy Webpage on Phoenix Express.

Egyptair MS804: US Navy Removed Page on Phoenix Express from Website

Update 6-1: (Although I wonder if it’s April 1)

I thought I was done, but no… ‘-)

BREAKING According to French public TV, Egyptair A320 made 3 emergency landings before #MS804 crash

So 13 days after disappearance, some one finds that 3 ACARS Messages Signaled ALERTS – which are in essence simply reporting a single problem – BUT, no one knows what they were? I just can NOT figure out:

  1. How is that possible? To be reporting on 3 ACARS Alerts and NOT know what they were.
  2. How the hell was this information, if true, not known, or divulged earlier.

Searched for official notifications site for EgyptAir Emergency Landings, could find nothing official, but here the article searched back to 2013 for an Emergency Landing with no note of 3 ARCAS Alerts in the last 24 hours.

Update 6-2:

EgyptAir “denied French media reports the aircraft had sent a series of technical warnings during flights to Asmara in Eritrea and Tunis in the 24 hours before it disappeared off radar screens and crashed.”

I certainly hope the MS804 Families Sue France3tv out of existence for nothing but fraudulent reporting and needless emotional trauma. Although, personally, I think the scum need trials and hung.

Flight Path Tracker History for EgyptAir MS804. No emergency landings noted in the 24 hours prior to crash.

Update 6-5: Old information, but seems to be downplayed lately, so just in case it disappears.

“All the evidence so far, including the pictures, indicates that the aircraft broke up at altitude rather than when it impacted the sea,”

At around 30 days, there’s not much soft tissue left:

Passenger and Crew information: pulled from two sources: and

Update 6-16: One Black Box Found, but, SURPRIZE Damaged. So, either, black box that has damaged data still pinging?, or, the found a NON Pinging Black Box BUT NOT the pinging black box? SCREAMS FRAUD!

A damaged black box also SCREAMS at Least one Explosion in the tail section, provided of course the damage and other still MIA black box were not deliberate sabotage during the weeks it took to find a plane that sent its EXACT Location DAY 1.

Note both black box placements tail of plane:


All about the ‘Black Box’:

“Current regulations require the black boxes to survive an impact of 3,400 g’s for up to 6.5 milliseconds. This rapid deceleration is equivalent to slowing from a speed of 310 miles per hour (500 km/h) to a complete stop in a distance of just 18 inches (45 cm). This requirement is tested by firing the CSMU from an air cannon to demonstrate the device can withstand an impact force at least 3,400 times its own weight. The black boxes must also survive a penetration test during which a steel pin dropped from a height of 10 ft (3 m) impacts the CSMU at its most vulnerable point with a force of 500 pounds (2,225 N). In addition, a static crush test is conducted

to demonstrate that all sides of the CSMU can withstand a pressure of 5,000 pounds per square inch (350 kg/cm²) for five minutes.

The fire resistance of the CSMU is further tested by exposing it to a temperature of 2,000°F (1,100°C) for up to an hour. The device is also required to survive after lying in smoldering wreckage for ten hours at a temperature of 500°F (260°C).”

Besides the Black Box there are also photographs of the wreckage. But, Nazis Say ‘No Pics For YOU!’, they are going to draw a map of where the wreckage is.

Update 6-21:

Both memory chips in both Black Boxes are damaged. As we know, the black boxes are built to withstand Thousands of pounds of force.  There is absolutely, no way, that a plane falling into water can damage black boxes. Physics says it is NOT Possible. Under the circumstances involved the only thing that could cause that much damage to both black boxes is an explosion.

Update 6-22:

The latest insanity is salt on the circuitry. There is ONLY one way for that to happen. No, or, completely inadequate washing prior to their drying process. Now, salt is embedded in ALL the circuitry. Experts? Your average 3rd grader could have done at least as good a job. Seems like trying to hide ‘salt screwup’ now.

Update 6-23:

Andreas Lubitz DIVES plane directly into ‘soft Mountain’, black boxes reveal all. But, MS804 FALLS into ‘HARD water’ completely destroyed.

Update 7-5:

Now French Media comes with another Scam. Supposedly, the cockpit voice recorder shows ‘attempts to put out fire’. Except, no voice recording released. No Transcript of what was said. And no note on HOW they attempted to put the fire out.

Also, recorders are in Egypt’s hands, but One France  media knows what’s on it? But, again like 3 ACARS does NOT know a single specific and NO evidence.

In ‘thick black smoke’ Oxygen masks on and ‘fighting fires’ in less than 40 seconds.

Apparently, decompressed planes, no more oxygen – blown window – at 37,000 ft burns. Tons of New Physics for this killing.

Fire requires at least 16% oxygen to burn, at 37,000 feet in a decompressed plane oxygen is less than 6%.

00:26Z 561200 R SLIDING WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in the co-pilot’s sliding window sensor. This sensor tells the crew if a cockpit window is closed or not.
00:28Z 561100 R FIXED WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in another cockpit window on the right side.

10-5-16 Late Update: TNT residue found on MS804 evaluation by French investigators STOPPED by Egypt.

Late Update 10-24-16:  “French investigators who found trace levels of the explosive material TNT on debris of an EgyptAir plane that crashed in May were prevented from further examining it, Le Figaro reported on Friday, a charge Egyptian officials denied.”

“None of the investigators were prevented from participating in investigations, but rather the work is being done jointly according to the conduct of the investigative process,” one of the committee sources said.

The France crash panel would not just ‘sign off’ on TNT, they wanted to test the TNT so as to Identify the particular type of TNT used. 100% of the Evidence reveals a two missile attack, with TNT that will be identified as ‘High Grade Military Explosive’ used in missile systems and possibly even a ‘particular missile system’, Iron Dome.

Amazing skill by the pilot, or pilots after a missile hit with a decompressed plane.

The Heroic Efforts of the Pilots did NOT go in vain. It certainly appears that their Evasive Actions resulted in a tail missile hit which Destroyed the Black Boxes and blew the doors off their ‘Water Crash’ coverup. There is no doubt in my mind they exposed their killers from their graves with their Amazing and quick action.

This is not an assassination like MH370, see link immediately below. No one that would seem to need taking out. Air marshals are a dime a dozen on US flights, so 3 on a flight in the Mid East, no biggie. MS804 was just the right place at the right time.

Ed Ward, MD

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Elio Motors Informs of 1:500 Stock Split

Elio Motors Informs of 1 into 500 Stock Split

On February 17, 2016, Elio Motors proudly announced by SEC document, that it split its ELIO stock. Owners of ELIO stock got 500 shares for every share owned.<

A reward for ELIO ‘crowdfund’ stock buyers that allowed Elio Motors to remain solvent, and produce the vital Elio Prototypes? Not So Much

SEC Document Page 8 of a Balance Sheet Report, Note 2:

On July 14, 2015, the articles of incorporation were amended and the authorized common stock and preferred stock were modified to 100,000,000 and 10,000,000 shares, respectively. In connection with the amendment, the Board of Directors of the Company approved a 500 for 1 common stock split for all outstanding common stock at July 14, 2015.

All references in the financial statements to the number of shares outstanding, and per-share amounts have been restated to reflect the effect of the stock split for all periods presented.

“FRAUD!”, screamed one foolish investor, unaware of the Page 35 statement of an earlier SEC document.

Page 1: 2,090,000 Share sell

Page 3 :
Common stock outstanding before the offering (1) 25,077,500 shares
Common stock outstanding after the offering (1)(2)2 7,167,500 share

Page 8, 9:

Dilution: Uses 26 Million Shares as total minimum sell, and 27 Million maximum

Page 35: 26 Million becomes 100 Million, and 10 Million in Preferred Stock.

“Our authorized capital stock consists of 100,000,000 shares of common stock, no par value, and 10,000,000 shares of preferred stock, no par value. As of September 30, 2015, we had 25,077,500 shares of common stock and no shares of preferred stock outstanding.”

So, technically, it’s all legal. Quote whatever numbers you want, put one sentence on Page 35 of Very Significant extra dilution that should have been Noted LONG before page 35, and it’s all good.

This 100 million share split requires an SEC document filing, all by itself if no other filings needed, and was sandwiched in a ‘balance sheet’ on 2-17-2016. But, Elio knew it really needed to be on page 35 of its original notice, after Noting 26 Million dilution twice.

Add to that Elio Motors social media, where a little crew of ‘coincidentally’ nothing but Pro Elio comments are acceptable.

Anything else is not approved by Elio site in their comments of ‘No its NOT’, ‘you idiot’, deleted factual comments, and the banning of the factual handle from the site. Keeping any non rah-rah factual comments from being seen.

Also noted in the filing that when we bought from Startengine, we paid a fee for handling of the stock and transfer. Elio stock was purchased at $10.88 a share, with $1.12 per share going to cover handling.

As of 2-23-2016, in response to my question to Elio, ‘Is my stock ‘eligible’ for transfer yet?’ ‘What do I need to do?’

‘Yes, your Elio stock is eligible for transfer, details to follow’.

So those pesky details don’t seem to have been set up yet. There is still no system set up, after giving ‘crowdfund’ share purchase money of 1.48 million, to cover transfer share costs.

Apparently there is no time limit on when VStock, Elio’s crony, has to make the transfers. It’s been listed for 3 days, almost 6 weeks after the stock offering had closed, and there still does not seem to be any set up to transfer shares from Elio to a brokerage.

The only Elio shareholders that can sell shares are ‘crowdfund buyers’ with 1.41 million shares. But, there is still no system setup to get those shares to a brokerage.

At least 93% of the companies 100 million shares are owned by 7 board of directors members. All of these shares are Restricted. There simply are NO Shares available to be sold on the OTCQX market even if now diluted to 100 million shares Elio stock holders wanted to.

As far as I’m concerned, I trust nothing from Paul Elio, or Elio Motors anymore. IMO, I have been scammed and they are fraudulent thieves.

In fact, I expect that upon rereading my car purchase agreement, on page 39 in fine print, “Elio car’, shown and puchased for $6,800 is an ‘Elio scale model car on a keychain’, actual drivable Elio $68,000. Elio won’t have to sell that many, and a contract is a contract.

When dealing with Elio, no matter what is said, or written, you better check EVERY Word from page 1 to 1,000, because the real facts could be anywhere.

After saving Elio Motors with no funds to build the needed prototypes, and at the very least another setback in production, and possibly even going under. Paul Elio was so gush-happy with his new ‘crowdfund’ friends, he made sure they got nothing but DILUTED shares, page 35 facts, and RAH-RAH Elio pump.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with my stock, if kept I may even be able to get my money back.

But, good ole’ Paul Elio, the Elio Board of Directors, and the censoring, Nazi personal attack, deleting social media Elios sites…

I would not pee on you if on fire, but if you are ever drowning again, CALL ME STAT.

Ed Ward, MD

I have reset the spacing several times, used text editors, wordpress garbage refuses to accept spacing. Apologies, I have to get out of WordPress. Finally, went into html, had to remove over 200 (div)s wordpress garbage kept putting behind every sentence, sometimes 4 at a time. WordPress garbage. Now wordpress page is screwed up. Guess wordpress weasels no longer happy with deleting parts of posts.