5 thoughts on “Flight MH17 Was Off Course Flying Through Restricted Airspace; More”

  1. Dr Ward,

    Another important piece of the puzzle that would move the matter forward would be a FOIA for the Autopsy of the bullet ridden body of the pilot. That would be conclusive confirmation of SU 25 presence at the scene of the crime.

  2. Hello Dr Ward
    I used to be a regular commenter at ¨American Everyman¨ I believe I did some good research on QZ8501 there among other topics always welcome to using the comments section.
    I’ve been banned there though over this latest shooting of 3 muslims at chapel hill, which I called out as being fake.
    It’s hard to find any good analysis on that incident though and so I went ahead and compiled a good deal of things that should prove how ridiculously staged that story is and always was.
    You find this in the comments section of this blogger who reposted AE’s take on it:


    I put this here because these fake stories need to be exposed and understood urgently.
    Of course I feel wronged by Scott Creighton, but it is his blog so he can do whatever…
    Anyway, one of the perps for the warmongers to these PSYOP stories actually is that they create slush funds where money can be stored and used for financing sinister purposes like in this case funding terrorists in Syria, which would not be possible through government channels and highly questionable for private organizations. (see Deah Barakats ongoing fundraiser here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/syrian-dental-relief/206249 )
    These are not just ordinary people who sympathize with these ¨muslims¨, but interest groups and privates who channel their money through these fundraisers – or do you think that even as many as 50’000 people are paying attention to this story and that those 50’000 are each donating 10$ ? I don’t think so and besides that fundraiser is active for another half a year!

    So, I do not have the time to start my own blog and all, but was content to comment on AE and give all my time to help solve these contrived puzzles that TPTB use to keep up their status quo of scarcity, fear and war.
    This is no vendetta against AE, I am only interested that people see one more incident for what it is – a PSYOP.

  3. Left Comment: http://sharonjohns.com/a-psychic-for-the-defense-feb-2008/#comment-142

    Dear Sharon Johns,

    Saw you on Psychic Detectives. Amazing, the variance In ‘Residual Energy’ Psychics are able to sift.

    Can only Imagine the drain y’all must feel going through a murder and death.

    Kudos on doing that for others.

    I have no doubt Psychics and Residual Energy are real. All is Energy, so it’s not rocket science.

    I could not help but notice your notice of God and Christ.

    There is Significant evidence:

    1. God = Creator of The Universe = Two ‘Virtual Photons.http://www.researchgate.net/publication/1796802_Deuterium_and_Li7_Concordance_in_Inhomogeneous_Big_Bang_Nucleosynthesis_Models = Bastardized ‘Sungod Cult’ Elite Gravy Train Ride of Control

    2. Christ Never Existed https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/the-real-truth-about-religion-and-its-origins/

    So it seems I have conflicting evidence regarding God and Christ, since I know basic sciences exist, and Residual Energy exist.

    So, if you say you have received Residual Energy from an Entity of God, or Christ, then something is wrong with my Laws of Sciences and history.

    Or, Is this as I suspect Good Energy or bad energy coming from somewhere?

    I have never known a Real psychic to actually say, they channeled deceased where when giving vital information – make sure catholic, protestant, islamic, jewish, etc.

    So, I must ask have you received Residual Energy from God, or Christ.

    Thank You for Your Time and Consideration,

    Ed Ward, MD

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