EgyptAir 804: Just Another Godvernment Mass Murder


Final Title: EgyptAir 804 Meets War Game Phoenix Express: 40 Seconds Later Blown Out Of The Sky

Coincidences, what were the odds?

“At 2:37 a.m., shortly after entering Egyptian airspace” SHOT DOWN?

Apparently, ‘terrorist bombs’ now set to explode upon entering Egypt Airspace.

Radar? Psychic? Perfect Timing?

Maybe ‘God told ’em when to set the timer’. Plan apparently, ‘we really need to blow ourselves up just as we enter Egyptian Airspace? We certainly don’t want to be at an airport and do more damage? What was the plan ‘Phil’?

Overwhelmingly, The Odds say ‘Shot Down’.

5-20-2016 Update:

“The plane vanished from radar at 2.29.40am local time, according to Greek air traffic controllers, only 40 seconds after it left Greek airspace and entered Egyptian space over the Mediterranean.”

“Two minutes earlier, Greek controllers tried and failed to contact the plane as they passed control and communications to their Egyptian counterparts. Attempts to contact on emergency channels also failed.”

Another coincidence. No transponders, ALL improvements to make sure planes FOUND and nothing.  Can’t find the plane they shot down? What were the odds.

False Flag, Black Ops, or Egypt Military screw up are the only likely scenarios. Or, maybe God told terrorists the future and exactly when to set off the bomb. And then God ate the plane.

The communications breakdown points directly to ‘war game’ situation, only ‘godvernments’ have the power to take out communications AND wipe a plane from the sky.

This leaves ONLY two viable options for a Most Likely Scenario, War Game Screw Up which is my choice, followed very closely by an intentional False Flag Black Ops situation.

Then, Thanks to an old friend, the Most Likely Culprit Appeared:

Update 5-21:

EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises

Update 5-22:

When I heard about the sudden deviation flight, I considered them most likely ‘evasive action’. Damned if my old friend didn’t cover that too.

Was Pilot of Egyptair Flight MS804 “Beaming” When He Suddenly Turned 90 Deg Left?

Update 5-23:

More On Phoenix Express and Israel


Last, But Not Least, Update 5-25:

Israel successfully tests Iron Dome defense system at sea – May 18

Replacing cut link with another:

Egypt Air MS804, Apparently, just ‘target practice’.

Kudos to the Pilot and Co-Pilot. Based on evasive action, they saw the missile fired at them, most likely surface missile, and did all they could, just massively out gunned.

Update 5-28:

Based on timing of alerts, it appears ‘evasive action’ happened AFTER failure alerts. This indicates they got blindsided while in flight path. This leaves only two likely scenarios. MS804 was hit again by another missile, or the evasive action caused structural failure. My money is on two, 2, missiles.

Updated 5-15-2017: Note – The cockpit cut link to the black boxes along with the other damage to windows first – says 1 explosion from outside to inside just prior to evasive action. The broken black boxes could not be damaged by water, it simply can NOT exert 5,000 lbs/sq in resistance, nor could the simple ‘stress faults cause damage to the black boxes, so the second explosion had to be all the way at the tail of the plane. Two separate explosions – Physics does NOT lie.


Update 5-29:

After more than a week with the crash site area being miles and miles of 10,000 feet. Massive, Doing All We Can ‘Finders’ finally send for the ships needed to find MS804.

Update 5-30:

US Navy once proudly promoting Phoenix Express Nixes Navy Webpage on Phoenix Express.

Egyptair MS804: US Navy Removed Page on Phoenix Express from Website

Update 6-1: (Although I wonder if it’s April 1)

I thought I was done, but no… ‘-)

BREAKING According to French public TV, Egyptair A320 made 3 emergency landings before #MS804 crash

So 13 days after disappearance, some one finds that 3 ACARS Messages Signaled ALERTS – which are in essence simply reporting a single problem – BUT, no one knows what they were? I just can NOT figure out:

  1. How is that possible? To be reporting on 3 ACARS Alerts and NOT know what they were.
  2. How the hell was this information, if true, not known, or divulged earlier.

Searched for official notifications site for EgyptAir Emergency Landings, could find nothing official, but here the article searched back to 2013 for an Emergency Landing with no note of 3 ARCAS Alerts in the last 24 hours.

Update 6-2:

EgyptAir “denied French media reports the aircraft had sent a series of technical warnings during flights to Asmara in Eritrea and Tunis in the 24 hours before it disappeared off radar screens and crashed.”

I certainly hope the MS804 Families Sue France3tv out of existence for nothing but fraudulent reporting and needless emotional trauma. Although, personally, I think the scum need trials and hung.

Flight Path Tracker History for EgyptAir MS804. No emergency landings noted in the 24 hours prior to crash.

Update 6-5: Old information, but seems to be downplayed lately, so just in case it disappears.

“All the evidence so far, including the pictures, indicates that the aircraft broke up at altitude rather than when it impacted the sea,”

At around 30 days, there’s not much soft tissue left:

Passenger and Crew information: pulled from two sources: and

Update 6-16: One Black Box Found, but, SURPRIZE Damaged. So, either, black box that has damaged data still pinging?, or, the found a NON Pinging Black Box BUT NOT the pinging black box? SCREAMS FRAUD!

A damaged black box also SCREAMS at Least one Explosion in the tail section, provided of course the damage and other still MIA black box were not deliberate sabotage during the weeks it took to find a plane that sent its EXACT Location DAY 1.

Note both black box placements tail of plane:


All about the ‘Black Box’:

“Current regulations require the black boxes to survive an impact of 3,400 g’s for up to 6.5 milliseconds. This rapid deceleration is equivalent to slowing from a speed of 310 miles per hour (500 km/h) to a complete stop in a distance of just 18 inches (45 cm). This requirement is tested by firing the CSMU from an air cannon to demonstrate the device can withstand an impact force at least 3,400 times its own weight. The black boxes must also survive a penetration test during which a steel pin dropped from a height of 10 ft (3 m) impacts the CSMU at its most vulnerable point with a force of 500 pounds (2,225 N). In addition, a static crush test is conducted

to demonstrate that all sides of the CSMU can withstand a pressure of 5,000 pounds per square inch (350 kg/cm²) for five minutes.

The fire resistance of the CSMU is further tested by exposing it to a temperature of 2,000°F (1,100°C) for up to an hour. The device is also required to survive after lying in smoldering wreckage for ten hours at a temperature of 500°F (260°C).”

Besides the Black Box there are also photographs of the wreckage. But, Nazis Say ‘No Pics For YOU!’, they are going to draw a map of where the wreckage is.

Update 6-21:

Both memory chips in both Black Boxes are damaged. As we know, the black boxes are built to withstand Thousands of pounds of force.  There is absolutely, no way, that a plane falling into water can damage black boxes. Physics says it is NOT Possible. Under the circumstances involved the only thing that could cause that much damage to both black boxes is an explosion.

Update 6-22:

The latest insanity is salt on the circuitry. There is ONLY one way for that to happen. No, or, completely inadequate washing prior to their drying process. Now, salt is embedded in ALL the circuitry. Experts? Your average 3rd grader could have done at least as good a job. Seems like trying to hide ‘salt screwup’ now.

Update 6-23:

Andreas Lubitz DIVES plane directly into ‘soft Mountain’, black boxes reveal all. But, MS804 FALLS into ‘HARD water’ completely destroyed.

Update 7-5:

Now French Media comes with another Scam. Supposedly, the cockpit voice recorder shows ‘attempts to put out fire’. Except, no voice recording released. No Transcript of what was said. And no note on HOW they attempted to put the fire out.

Also, recorders are in Egypt’s hands, but One France  media knows what’s on it? But, again like 3 ACARS does NOT know a single specific and NO evidence.

In ‘thick black smoke’ Oxygen masks on and ‘fighting fires’ in less than 40 seconds.

Apparently, decompressed planes, no more oxygen – blown window – at 37,000 ft burns. Tons of New Physics for this killing.

Fire requires at least 16% oxygen to burn, at 37,000 feet in a decompressed plane oxygen is less than 6%.

00:26Z 561200 R SLIDING WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in the co-pilot’s sliding window sensor. This sensor tells the crew if a cockpit window is closed or not.
00:28Z 561100 R FIXED WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in another cockpit window on the right side.

10-5-16 Late Update: TNT residue found on MS804 evaluation by French investigators STOPPED by Egypt.

Late Update 10-24-16:  “French investigators who found trace levels of the explosive material TNT on debris of an EgyptAir plane that crashed in May were prevented from further examining it, Le Figaro reported on Friday, a charge Egyptian officials denied.”

“None of the investigators were prevented from participating in investigations, but rather the work is being done jointly according to the conduct of the investigative process,” one of the committee sources said.

The France crash panel would not just ‘sign off’ on TNT, they wanted to test the TNT so as to Identify the particular type of TNT used. 100% of the Evidence reveals a two missile attack, with TNT that will be identified as ‘High Grade Military Explosive’ used in missile systems and possibly even a ‘particular missile system’, Iron Dome.

Amazing skill by the pilot, or pilots after a missile hit with a decompressed plane.

The Heroic Efforts of the Pilots did NOT go in vain. It certainly appears that their Evasive Actions resulted in a tail missile hit which Destroyed the Black Boxes and blew the doors off their ‘Water Crash’ coverup. There is no doubt in my mind they exposed their killers from their graves with their Amazing and quick action.

This is not an assassination like MH370, see link immediately below. No one that would seem to need taking out. Air marshals are a dime a dozen on US flights, so 3 on a flight in the Mid East, no biggie. MS804 was just the right place at the right time.

Ed Ward, MD

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Ed Ward, MD’s Theory For AirAsia QZ8501

Updated Last Words Black Box NOT, Explosions, More; Ed Ward, MD’s Theory For AirAsia QZ8501

AirAsia Plane & Black Box. Find the plane to find the Black Boxes? Not Black Boxes to Find Plane?
AirAsia Plane & Black Box. Find the plane to find the Black Boxes? Not Black Boxes to Find Plane?

We all know about the crash of AirAsia QZ8501 on 12-28-14

If you remember MH370 still missing, all we heard about was pings. Pings to the government, company, and even an engine manufacturer. Not to mention government locator pings, and finally semi ‘black box’ pings. MH370 had the world’s leading expert,  , on US Research and Development of Ebola, .

Same circumstance and NOT a word about pings from anyone for 3 days, around the time bodies were found pings were finally mentioned. None, accompanied by poor excuse and neglect 3 days of missing pings.

Finding bodies Headlie Waving AND Holding Hands Inane BS. Waving? Sure, in a rough sea absolutely. But, how does one get to Holding Hands in a rough sea. Inane fluff BS distraction.

Parading insignificant fragments, doing all possible to give very little detail of plane.

Then Wearing Life Vest comes from finding a body, and finding a life vest; goes to Had Time for Life Vest. More Inane Misdirection BS.

Now, right at a WEEK later, still lame excuses for no pings. Bad Weather? Yet they had sonar of fuselage on the 31st at LEAST. And crap sonar that had no detail of plane.

Sonar 12-31-14

So, No Pings, means disconnected, or blown to bits – only way I know of to stop a black box from pinging.

Newest scam is Unbelievable climb noting altitude climbed, but not speed which is also given by radar. The two, speed and climb are integral to each other. Giving one without the other is Disinfo BS for any conclusion. Again, no real mention, or any mention of no pings, just excuses why they can’t check 4 them. Again, NOT needed for any of the pings from MH370.

So, MLS, Most Likely Scenario Based on Minimal Information, QZ8501 Blown out of sky. But, Why?

No expert on board getting ready to expose US Ebola Research and Development. No war scam being created like Ukraine Flt 17. Flt17 Uk military Kill

Update 2-5-15: Bonus Flight 17 Flight Path Change to OVER Ukraine

Previous Flight Paths of Flight 17 Changed to Over Ukraine
Previous Flight Paths of Flight 17 Changed to Over Ukraine

There’s no clear reason to take the plane out. No pings take it out of Natural Disaster.

So Where’s the Motive?

Enter Indonesia, who suddenly states Ahh, that plane wasn’t supposed to be there. And, You Can’t Fly Over It Any More. That’s about it for information from them, .

Seems like a strange ONLY comment from Indonesia.

R/O Indonesia took out a plane that wasn’t ‘officially’ supposed to be there, and was Unofficially ‘hit’ through Auto or Error.

The only Motive that seems to fit with the very limited information.

Update 1-3-15: Share Dumping By CEO Tony Fernandes Of Stock Days Before AirAsia QZ8510 Crash The plot thickens, now at least the possibility of Foreknowledge must be addressed.

Foreknowledge would counter an error of destruction.  Perhaps they will find terrorism evidence? If that is the case, we have motive again.

Update 1-5-15: Latest Information All Without Need of Black Box, Finding Plane 2 Find Them, and No Mention of No Pings.

1-6-15 After days, a Sudden signal from tail picked up ONLY by divers?  Innuendo of coming from tail?

1-12-15 After days of no pings STRONG signals detected on 1-10. Trying to cover up explosion? AirAsia plane may have exploded when it hit the water is a Bogus Science Explanation 

1-13-15 Confirmation: Salvage experts claim #flight8501 likely to have exploded before it crashed

Last Words On AirAsia Flight #8501 Blackbox ALLAHU AKBAR No information or how it fits into Explosion

Last Words Allah Akbar Not #AirAsia?

Indonesia has now taken over ALL QZ8501 Recovery.

Based on ALL evidence so far, especially if using FAKE Black Box Recording: Indonesia Shot Down AirAsia Flight QZ8501 in a Preplanned Black Ops False Flag.

Apologies, My Twitter and Yahoo Readers Have known since day 1 of the Scam Sony Hack: #SonyPSYOPS No MORE heat 4 #CIA; scam #terrorism WIN-WIN govt-sony contract soon #ISisUS After about 10 days, it got notice by others, including Korea.

Called prior, LONG BEFORE media reported.

Black Ops False Flag Called Prior to Full Implementation.

What Were the Odds?

Who Knew?

Who Coulda’ Figured?

Ed Ward, MD:; (Currently Locked Out)