Arrest Warrant Issued For Ed Ward, MD, Jefferson Parish

Arrest Warrant Issued For Ed Ward, MD, Jefferson Parish

Another Fraud Arrest Warrant Issued For Ed Ward, MD, Jefferson Parish Corrupt Scum

(I’ve reedited the spacing on this 4 times now. Does not change. More WordPress Crap. Apologies. Tired of respacing saving and same crap. Would not be using wordpress garbage anymore, but my warrant caught me by surprise. ‘-)

Today, I called the New Orleans corrupt cops to report hit and run property damage. Officer Bearden, surprise, actually decent, no fraud arrest, no scam BS, did not arrest me when I put my hands out for the cuffs after, BTW, ‘There’s an arrest warrant for your arrest in Jefferson Parish.’
Failure to appear for some type of drunken altercation.
Only times I have had interaction with Jefferson Parish was criminal, murderous, POS, Family Court with the ‘Honorable Reverend Judge Melvin Zeno the Scumbag’, that knows disability is just another a scam for ‘underemployed’, and when I was falsely arrested, and assaulted in late 2005, early 2006? (Talked to a friend, updated date) by JPSO, a corrupt, murderous cop for watching said scumbag cop beat up an old drunk guy during his arrest.
So, here we go…
I’m waiting for my ride home after trying to meet up with some friends. During which I had 2 mixed drinks over a 2 and a half hour period. Bar closes, you gotta go. Call my friends from the bar, they will be there soon, took someone home.
I go outside, hear guy screaming 80 to 100 yards away, across the parking lot, sidewalk, street, sidewalk, cop car away. As I’m looking, cop tells old drunk guy who could barely stand, get on the ground.
Old drunk guy doesn’t move quickly enough, gets grabbed, taken down and hit at least 3 or 4 times, possibly with a billy club… I can’t see well enough.
I move to the edge of the parking lot, sidewalk, street, sidewalk, cop car, then cop away about 35 yards away. No more pummeling. Cop yells, get out of here.
I move back to the front door of the bar, 80 to 100 yards away.

My friend shows up, Great, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ Can’t he has to wait for something…
Nazi cop scum says what? ‘You are under arrest.’
Cuffed behind my back, drunk guy similar, and placed in squad car.
A little fast driving with possibly exaggerated turns, but nothing significant.
We pass the gates of GNO bridge, cop floors it, and starts swerving BIG TIME playing billiard pool with his handcuffed behind the back ‘arrests’. Between me trying to keep the drunk guy from hurting me, and me from hurting the drunk guy, I manage to get a glimpse of the speedometer over 100 mph for a bit.

A side story on drunk guy, that blew me away at the time. Beat up, so drunk he could barely stand, while we are bouncing around playing ‘bumper cars – the name cops are familiar with, a little joke they like to tell the other cops prior – tells me.

‘Man, I’m sorry, I can’t help it.’. Told him, ‘I know it’s not you’, voice rises, ‘It’s our honorable cop friend showing what a big man it is.’ Don’t remember what Nazi Fuk said, but was not pleased. F!cking Scum. Covered up by F!cking Scum.

Get to 50 degree cell, drawers and t shirt, shivering for about 2 hours. Finally, squatting with my knees to chest inside my t shirt. I start SCREAMING for clothes, blanket, something, anything.

A few minutes later, the scum take me to my cell, clothes, blanket, bed. No phone call.
Later that morning, I have not eaten or drunk – only about 8 hrs. Did an NPO attempt in the mid 90’s, at home protest. Got to 6 days. Hunger is nothing but a whining punk, thirst is ALL. But, then I wasn’t in a Nazi Criminal Corrupt Jail Cell, I think I can do better.

My goofy friend bails me out. No court date.

Week, or two later, I get a letter about the arrest. No court date. I call Court, to get court date AND to file a complaint for false arrest and assault. They’ve never heard of it. Nope, no record here for you even to be able to file a complaint about.

Fast forward 10 years (updated), BTW, ‘There’s an arrest warrant for your arrest in Jefferson Parish.’

Update: As I’m recalling 10 years ago. 2 Cops involved. Humpty Dumpty and Nazi Fuk. Humpty Dumpty tried to talk Nazi Fuk out of arresting me. Of course, not enough to break ‘Code Blue’, and had no problem letting it all happen. Nazi Fuk, during that conversation said the words ‘play Bumper Cars’, which I didn’t really connect until now. And that was when Humpty Dumpty walked away. Good ole ‘Code Blue’ of Nazi murderous scum.

Also, this article is very brief and only hits the MAIN facts. Total arrest encounter was at least 10 minutes. During which, I never said a single word to the cop until I had to answer his Nazi false arrest questions.

Assault via bodily fluids and Bumper Cars: Drunk guy was covered in his bodily fluids, the driest areas were moist at best. What was not blood, was vomit, what was not vomit was urine, at least via smell. But, it did help cover the body odor. So during ‘Bumper Cars’, I was slammed into drunk guy – still trying not to hurt him, but trying to keep as little of him from slamming into me as possible, while handcuffed behind my back with no seatbelt. IE, Assault via bodily fluids. Go GO murderous Nazi fuk and all your murderous RICO scum buddies.

Interestingly enough, the cop wasn’t beating the drunk anymore, and while the force was excessive, I had put it in the ‘past’ as far as filing a complaint by the time I was back by the door – took several minutes to get from parking lot to door – I was walking slow and stopping occasionally to make sure Nazi Fuk was not beating the guy anymore. Although I suspect a LOT more if I had not been there.

Drunk guy needed to be arrested. He did not need to be punched, hit while being taken down, and when down. Again probably thanks to me in retrospect, I did not think it required a complaint. But, no Nazi Fuk had to make sure he took care of pesky witnesses. Welcome to the world of murderous corrupt Nazi Scum, again.

A little RICO help from his Nazi buddies, disappearing arrest report, no court date. Violins (Viola) Presto, Shezam, Abracadbra – disappearing witness. All murderous fuking scum needing trials, and some hung. From Top to Bottom. Nazi murderous thug covered up, more murderous Nazi acts to follow.

How many more did this Nazi scum assault during 11 years? How many did he kill? Were those RICO ‘Code Blue’ covered up too?

What kind of bird don’t fly?



What kind of bird don’t fly, eat, or drink?

Ed Ward, MD

Ed Ward, MD Jailbird of Corrupt, Criminal Scum

So, Nazi corrupt scum, Don’t Shoot. I’m Coming In.

Don’t Shoot, I’m Coming In. Guilty of False Arrest, Physically Assaulted, Body Fluid Assaulted, Denied Civil Rights, and No Court Date. Will do my Nazi, corrupt prison time.

I won’t be coming in until:

I get my affairs in order.

I finally get a copy of my MISSING, NONEXISTENT arrest report, so that after 11 fuking years, I’ll be able to FINALLY file a complaint.

Then you Nazi Fuking Scum can bumper car me, beat me, kill me, whatever. But, do it fast cause I don’t think you can do it for more than 3 to 7 days, depending on my nonaction. Or, possibly action, if puking can be considered ‘action’. A stretch I’m sure our Nazi murderous fuking scum can make.

Big day today, 1-17-16: MIRACLE: Missing, Non-existent, Arrest Report Surfaces. Item Number D-09623-06, and for a mere 25 bucks, a pile of scam crap can be mine, or yours.
I’ve already made my statement of what happened, because that’s what happened. Can’t change it, won’t change it no matter what the fraud report says.
So now, finally, I can make my false arrest, assault, no trial date complaint. Which I’m sure will also hit the circular file.
Other news, good ole reverend, honorable, judge melvin zeno, the murderous nazi fuk apparently strikes again, from one of his murderous kin.
Arrest warrant, no show court for child support. What happens when you make an unemployed disabled person ‘underemployed’. Jail, or death via Nazi murderous scum is the most likely outcome.
It appears, I have an arrest warrant from 2010 for child support. In 2005, having emptied a quarter of million savings in child support, alimony, accessory scum lawyers, I owed our murderous nazi fuks over 50,000 grand.
So after stealing my 3 year overdue SSI for unpaid alimony/child support, SSI won’t respond to queries, I didn’t owe near as much and was finally able to get my child support dropped to disabled, 100 bucks a month.
So, both kids are 18, for several months. I call murderous nazi scum at Juvenile Court. And get my total amount that needs to be paid, couple grand??? No information “That’s what you owe.” Pay it.
Months, later, you owe more letter received from Juvenile court scum. After paying the total MONTHS after child support should have ended. I ask, how is it possible?
Murderous Nazi fuking scum response. “That’s what you owe.”
Surprise, another ‘failure to appear warrant’. Now I see how Jefferson Parish has such a high conviction rate, It’s so much easier when there is No One there to dispute their murderous Nazi crap.
Tried to file complaint with Lt Blackwell, IAD. Won’t take complaint over a year old, does NOT want to know even if Nazi fuk still on force. Meanwhile RICO conspiracy continues. Only identification mark on Arrest Warrant Court ID = B, no judge signature. Supposedly charges refused, warrant is for no appearance. Being told ‘No arrest warrant on file, No court date, no way to file a complaint’. Nope does NOT want to hear that either.
After, ‘So you will not take a complaint’. Uh, you can write it and send it to my captain. Did not even make the circular file. So now,  I’ll cut the murderous criminal RICO scum truth from my article and send it to Captain Circular File.
So, fuk turning myself in these Nazi RICO scum. Not volunteering for another false arrest, just to tell a RICO scumbag why I did not appear. When the RICO scum know why, they would NOT tell me when or where I was to appear. When I disappear, you will know why. Be sure and check the RICO Nazi fuks circular files for details.
Go GO murderous, nazi scum.

Of course, you can always come and get me. I will NOT be resisting. I’m sure a murderous Nazi scum will find something to ‘fear for its life’. So please shoot me in the head, or heart. It makes me need to vomit being around you murderous scum, put me out of my oppression. It’s the kinder, gentler Nazi thing to do.

UpDate: My current Most Likely Scenario.

Some I know:

Don’t NEED to be arrested  for Juvenile Court Bench Warrant, can go in before 10am – always out by 5pm – To say I was not notified I was supposed to be in court.  That is Supposed To clear that 6 year old ‘bench warrant’. Interesting when they did notify me MONTHS after they no longer had jurisdiction, that they no longer had jurisdiction that they did NOT inform me of warrant. Was never informed of that either. It’s a secret.

Now, anyone that misses a court date and has been notified, KNOWS automatically THERE IS A WARRANT FOR ARREST. They know. BUT, not informed of court date, It’s Fuking TOP SECRET until they pop ur ass. The only people they are catching with their SECRET NAZI CRAP are people they’ve screwed over with UNKNOWN Court Dates – no signatures EVER NEEDED. We Nazis sent something out somewhere, You Must Comply whether actually informed, or NOT.

Some I don’t know:

Since the RICO conspiracy continues, a coverup for coverup of cop scum, missing records,  malfeasance, and just plain old out and out felonies, I get the feeling this 10 year old Nazi warrant is going to ‘melt’ away. If I’m rearrested via this RICO fraud crap again, they will definitely take it out of ‘prescribed’. If Jefferson Parish gets to WELL KNOWN for Nazi, illegal, unconstitutional crap. Even their good ole boy Nazi Scum buddies, will GLADLY Serve ’em up, to protect themselves.

So will be going into Nazi juvenile court, to get rid of that fraud crap. I suspect the other will melt away, but who knows, Secret Nazi scum do what they want.

Our current kinder, gentler murderous Nazi Fuks.

Ed Ward, MD

There is no god – it was a cult, control, gravy train ride based on sun god scam and nothing more. There’s a reason ‘god helps those that help themselves’: It’s the only way a non-existent god ‘can work’, and then of course – ‘It’s god’s will.’ The ‘elite’ are and have always been sun god murderous scum in a jesus wrapper – congrats, you’re a 33rd degree mason now.

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Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field.
About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here… Continues Dr Ed
Dr. Judy Wood: 9/11 Gatekeeper Extraordinaire

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

5 thoughts on “Arrest Warrant Issued For Ed Ward, MD, Jefferson Parish”

  1. You should contact what is the equivalent of your state’s FBI, In Florida it is the FDLE the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that handles investigations liker this, I think all States have the equivalent of this department. Tom Buyea, Miami Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 02:43:27 +0000 To:

  2. Typical skulduggery. Area police have been nice enough to let me go after mysteriously finding (felony amount in eyes of law is my guess) a baggie of crystal meth in my car. Since I don’t use meth it wasn’t mine & I’ll tell ya that as a fact. Last time I give permission to search my clean car. I guess they wanted to ensure my co-operation? I don’t think I was who they were looking for so I was let go.

    I’ve continued to research the evidence of nuclear devices on 9/11. The pattern of Hiroshima effect cancers is clear. I’ve also learned first responders symptoms included hair loss, tooth loss & sores. Confirmed by EMT Indria Singh who was on the WTC site herself. If anyone wants the link to her interview as heard on “guns n butter” let me know.

  3. I had a similar instance in Ohio. They couldnt find me for questioning so put a warrant out. Towed my car. Motherfuckers. Im an Mexico new. We should hang out. I was a big fan of your work with Preston.

    1. Yep, It’s not just LA, all US. Nazis gone wild. Thanks for the comment, although, I work alone, so I’m unaware of any Preston efforts. My Stuff is 100% MY Stuff, if anything else is used, it’s Referenced and Noted. Maybe I know under different name. I do a ton of different stuff. If got a link handy, refresh me, if not, no biggie. Best Karma, DrEd

      Update: Did a google on me and Preston, several links came up. Best Karma Dr Ed

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