Infant and Child Killers Admit Vaccine, Autism, and SIDS Link

After decades of death, destruction, scam and fraud, Vaccine Insert Admits Link Between Vaccines, Autism, and SIDS. No worries, corporate criminal scum are protected by the their murderous, scheming, genocidal, godvernment scum cronies. Immunity for murder, IT’s ALL GOOD, and It’s All LEGAL.


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SAFE: More Vaccines = More Infant Death. DrEd–Infant-Deaths—Vaccination.aspx

SAFE: Admitted, 98 Million in the US Received Polio Vaccine In an 8-Yr Span  Contaminated With Cancer Virus.


US Media Censor Italian Court Decision. Vaccines cause Autism. DrEd

Ed Ward, MD

Suspect this is my last article on Nazi, scamming Deletes Article and Links on Pure Fusion Bomb; Then blocks me from wordpress support.