‘Honorable, Judge, Reverend, Doctor, Murderous Scumbag’: Melvin C. Zeno


Something that seems to have gotten lost on the Honorable, Doctor, Reverend, Judge ‘Murderous Corrupt Scumbag’, Melvin C. Zeno.  Zeno knows ‘Documented Disability’ is just a ‘Deadbeat Scam’ for ‘Under Employed’, a ‘Death Sentence for Disabled’.

October 22,2004

Louisiana’s Vow of Destruction and Death to Disabled Non Custodial Parents
Regarding my crimes against the State of Louisiana in LASES No.: 0004955592-02 (Reproduced below my response.)

Dear: Social Services Analyst S. R. DA’s Office 24 Judicial District, Administrative Reviewers, and District Judge, 24th JDC, Election Section 5, Division P reelection judge Melvin C. “Reverend” “Mel” Zeno.

I REQUEST AN ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW. Please be advised, I can be handcuffed and leg ironed for your convenience, just let me know about the most convenient appropriate dress for your destruction of the Constitution and the disabled of America and I will be happy to comply.

Thank you for informing me of the Administrative Review. Why was it not done when I brought my 2 1/2 year fight with Social Security regarding my disability determination papers, granted without a hearing since previous hearings facts were determined to “exaggerations” by a non medical reviewer, to S. R. (Her Handwritten Post-It with S. R’s name and phone # as documentation, as well as a follow-up phone call telling me that all I needed to do was wait for the court hearing) over 2 months ago?

Thank you honorable judge “Reverend” “Mel” for making me “deadbeat scum” and “underemployed” rather than disabled after giving more than 100,000 dollars in savings to the custodial parent (of which my children saw very little benefit), along with 40,000 dollars in attorneys fees trying to keep contact with my children which have not been seen nor heard by their parent in almost 2 years, based on proven false allegations ignored by Family Court judge “Reverend” “Mel”. All disabled or potentially disabled should vote for the Judge that knows a stroke, disability, or a downturned economy are just excuses for “deadbeats”.

Thank you, social services analyst and 24 Judicial District DA’s office for helping to insure the destruction of all non custodial parents and in particular disabled parents.

Regarding your individual actions of destruction:

50% of my income threat. Thank you so much for decreasing it to 1/2 of my still unreceived disability income. In the last 7 years, it has been from 1200% to infinite % (as 0, times or divided gives a number of infinity). So the the DRASTIC reduction to only 50% of my as yet unreceived disability payments is greatly appreciated.

License revocation threat. I do not drive anymore and was forced into retirement by being assessed child support thousands of times higher than salary ( 0 dollars earned, 2,500 dollars a month in savings assessed via “underemployment” paid until savings gone). Threat of inability to legally secure food from natural resources is also of no concern to me and is addressed in summation.

Tax refund threat. No money made. No tax refund to steal.

Posting security bond threat. Addressed at summation.

Credit Bureau threat. Surely this will get me to pay what you say. To date, my credit has been destroyed. ( 0 dollars earned, 2,500 dollars a month in savings assessed via “underemployment” paid until savings gone.)

Liens on property threat. Addressed at summation.
Seizure of property threat. Addressed at summation.
Seizure of property by IRS threat. Addressed at summation.
Imprisonment threat. See imprisonment request in summation.

I CHOOSE MARTYRDOM over your threats and actions to myself and thousands of other NCPs (Non Custodial Parents) to show the “death and destruction” in which you deal.

I will not pay one penny more when my children have been stolen from their parent without Constitutional law requiring true due process. I will die in martyrdom first. Please inform me of the court seizure planned dates on any property or assets as death of the defendant is the only way to stop this UnConstitutional tyranny, so that I may be dead in martyrdom to prevent such an abuse. Not like the unserved orders that granted access to my home that was given to my ex with a Restraining Order, granted on subsequent proven false allegation, in which there was an eyewitness to her removal of almost anything of value in my home under police supervision. This access is according to LA law is supposed to be served on the “alleged” prior to showing up to remove property so that the alleged may insure none of his property is taken. It was purely accidental that a friend was made aware of “persons” removing my belongings from my house and was able to observe the thefts. The police made sure they could remove ANYTHING they wanted, which also included evidence that was to be used in defense of the false “allegations”, as the owner was removed from the house. When the police in charge was told the persons were stealing my personal property. “Oh, that is a civil matter.”

I am not suicidal, nor do I want harm to anyone else. This is a completely non violent personal stand. I do not want to die, but, I most assuredly will for, like Thomas Jefferson, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”, let alone tyranny over the body of man.

Please be advised that imprisonment will hopefully give me the added incentive necessary to discontinue eating to the death and have no problem with interference to that regard. As a physician, I am keenly aware that no amount of interference can stop a person determined to die while incarcerated for Constitutional abuses of this government against parents and children. The mere act of spitting saliva will take care of all but forced food intake. If that happens, vomiting will remove that food as well as alter the pH the body requires to survive. I take this stance to show my resistance to government tyranny as granted by the Constitution for political protest against this government’s abuses of power that force “death and destruction” on many disabled non custodial parents or any non custodial parent that falls victim to judicial tyranny.

“To preserve the freedom of the human mind … and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom; for as long as we may think as we will, and speak as we think the condition of man will proceed in improvement. The generation which is going off the stage has deserved well of mankind for the struggles it has made, and for having arrested the course of despotism which had overwhelmed the world for thousands and thousands of years. If there seems to be danger that the ground they have gained will be lost again, that danger comes from the generation your contemporary. But that the enthusiasm which characterizes youth should lift its parricide hands against freedom and science would be such a monstrous phenomenon as I cannot place among possible things in this age and country.” Thomas Jefferson

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” — James Madison.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

Presently, more than 40 States have been Sued in Federal Court regarding Constitutional Rights for Non Custodial Parents.

Main Organization
LA State Branch Organization

State of Louisiana letter to Ed Ward, III — ( ) indicates responses by the author.
SES-355 Reissued 11/06/01 PROD LED7010 14 522 000000312, 24 JUDICIAL DISTRICT, DA’S OFFICE State of Louisiana, 1546 GRETNA BOULEVARD Dept. of Social Services, HARVEY LA 70058 Office of Family Support, Phone: (504)364-3630
Ed Ward III, RE: LASES No.: 000495592-02, Custodial Parent: S. T. WARD

Your child support payments are presently in arrears. Failure to take immediate steps to bring your payments current will result in further enforcement action.

You have the right to request an administrative review of this section(s) taken on your case. (?) The purpose of the administrative review is to determine if the action or proposed action is appropriate and in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. A request for an administrative review should be forwarded to the office which is handling the case.

Enforcement activities that may be used include, but are not limited to, the following:
— Income assignment of up to 50% of your income, included but not limited to wages, salary, interest, commission, independent contractor compensation, DISABILITY INCOME (my emphasis), unemployment income, worker’s compensation, and bonuses;
— Suspension of business, professional, driver’s, hunting or fishing licenses; (Very helpful to those trying to support their children and denial of rights to secure food for any parent)
— Interception of federal and state tax refund;
— Posting security or bonds to secure payment of overdue support;
— Offset of winnings from the Louisiana Lottery; (How many Non Custodial Parents have won a lottery and not helped their children?)
— Reporting the delinquency to Credit Bureaus; (Funniest one yet, like Non Custodial’s have an credit left after being made to support 2 households on one paycheck when, thanks to taxes, fees, etc., everyone knows it take 2 paychecks to support one household.)
— Liens being placed against your property. (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.)
— Seizure of assets/property; (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.)
— Referral to the IRS for seizure and sale of your property; (Homeless non custodial parent. Excellent encouragement for parenting and life.) and/or
— Legal action that my result in imprisonment.
To avoid any or all of these actions, pay your past due child support payments or contact this office to make payment arrangements.

Sincerely yours,

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Ed Ward, MD, MT.

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at https://www.facebook.com/EdWardMD3 #DanceMonkeysDance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLNA7MRdjlw

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