Two FBI Agents Murdered Over Danny’s $235,000? The Closing of ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’?

Two FBI Agents Murdered Over Danny’s $235,000?  The Closing of ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’?


Two FBI agents of the elite Hostage Rescue Team, involved in the arrest of Dzhokar Tsarnaev,  fall out of helicopter.  Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, “…while agents assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team, HRT, have no other duties.

‘Detail’ of deaths: “The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”

A law enforcement source told The Pilot the incident happened about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. The official blamed bad weather for the incident and said the agents – members of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico – fell into the water. The official said he believed the agents died as a result of the impact rather than drowning.” The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”

Based on the quote, the HRT agents would have only dealt with a hostage situation.  The only hostage situation was the miraculous, mysterious survival of ‘hero’ hostage, ‘Danny’.  Accounts of the hostage encounter range from 30 minutes and letting him go, to 90 minutes with a daring escape in which he escapes 2 men with guns.

According to ‘Danny’, “When Dzhokhar headed inside to pay with cash, Danny jumped out before Tamerlan could respond. He ran across to another petrol station, where the attendant dialed 911.”

According to Danny, he was alone in the car while the brothers loaded stuff in the van from a house.  Nope, didn’t try to escape then.  He waited until one was sitting right next to him with a gun.

According to Danny, after being told that the brothers had murdered at Boston and MIT, where the brothers were going, and also knowing that they had his car, they just let him go or just let Danny escape.

He escaped by ‘taking an angle’ away from the car door, unbuckled, opened the door and was so fast across the street, that a man inches away from Danny and only a few feet from the car door, the shooter did not even take a shot at him.  All the while knowing, the witness knows who the brothers are, where they are going and the car they are going in.

Danny also hints at the great love of China and Muslims is what kept him from being killed.

Danny has no other name, because ‘He doesn’t want to be a public hero and doesn’t want any notoriety’.  Sounds reasonable for a starting up ‘entrepreneur’?

At the very least, these are extremely unusual circumstances on many levels.  The ‘coincidences’ must make one wonder about the supposed occurances which seem out of the sphere of reality.  But, in our spectrum of reality I guess it’s possible?  But, it seems extremely unlikely.

But, it’s not even close  to over yet.  What if I was to tell you that Danny had over $200,000 but less than $250,000 – from vague memory, around $235,000 ($237,000 is the number if memory serves and possibly $500?  I’m not positive, but I’d take an even money bet on 237 k, for the 500 I’d need some odds.  Odd number between 200 k, 250 k, is documented in a sent email – a little under 250 k.  😉 ) , since the information has been wiped from the net and my facebook page –  in CASH in his leased Mercedes.   But, Danny has to carry that much cash, because he is a ‘legitimate businessman’ and carries a large amount of cash all the time.  The April 19th article confirmed the cash via a ‘police tweet’

A little more on Danny:

Once the money comes into view, the coincidences possibility becomes ludicrous.

The evidence seems to contradict a hostage scenario, but fits very nicely for an FBI or CIA handler meet up – as in letting the ‘sting’ come to fruition.

The evidence fits perfectly for the handler scenario.  If they didn’t just pick this car to steal at random that just happens to have 235,00 dollars in it, the brothers were there to meet their handler and their handler was there with close back up for termination and congratulations for all left alive.

But, there seems to have been a major problem with the most likely scenario plan. Tamerlan had an improvised explosive device strapped to his chest, law enforcement officials said.

Danny is very outspoken on not wanting to die, and if back up comes in, everyone is going  to get killed including  Danny and possibly a few back up feds.  Danny has to get out of the van before the brothers are terminated.

In the above situation, everything makes a little more sense.  The bomb vest keeps Danny from delivering the promised money – Danny has to delay full payment, some minor problem or maybe a major one,  so he can get out without getting killed.

Now, driving around, sitting in the van by himself while the brothers load the van,  not getting killed, and being able to escape are all reasonably possibilities under the above scenario.   Danny doesn’t have all the money, but Danny has his credit card for them to get some cash in the meantime.  Danny’s not escaping, he’s going to put gas in the van, or getting something to eat or drink.  Then an escape across the street is much more easily done.  Next thing the brothers know Danny has disappeared.  While the brothers may have had a little concern about Danny. hence the exploding vest, now they know.  Set up and time to go.

The two FBI agents were more than likely exposed to the fact of the stash of cash, and while the predominance of the FBI are Nazi scum, there are still a few honorable brave men left.  Although, we probably lost 2 more.  Two elite highly trained and skilled agents just fall out of a helicopter, another very bizarro coincidence.  When there are more than a couple of coincidences start thinking government covert operations.

Note: Be sure and check out the 3rd comment by me, for an update.

Dammit, I’m pissed I didn’t copy that article, but it was a Major newspaper that released the information – I didn’t think they would pull that wide a distribution of information. Yep, I screwed up, too focused on fusion weapons at the time. So, I’ve got a friend coming over to see what he can dig up out of my ‘puter’ and the net.  I’m not an IT guy, he is and hopefully can get me a copy stored somewhere?  Many people had to see the article, and for sure, anonymous or similar should be able to dig it up out the net.

One person on facebook shared the post, that post got eaten too.  I’m still working on getting the original article – but it’s not my specialty, so if anyone has it, can get it, will get it, please post it as a comment.

Update:  The IT guy was not true, I was hoping to get time to try and pull the information from government Facebook archives – according to the net deleted posts can be obtained by requesting an archive from Facebook.  Got the first archive back 48 mgs – had none of my deleted posts.  So I tried the ‘all inclusive’ request – 78 kbs of nothing.  F!ck Facebook and the Nazi scumbags it rode in on,

The above article is my opinion based on the referenced facts, and one fact that’s been wiped from the net.

A little more on ‘Carjack Victim Danny’: 

Update 3-29-14: FBI asked Tsarnaev to work as informant before Boston bombing, defense claims 

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7 thoughts on “Two FBI Agents Murdered Over Danny’s $235,000? The Closing of ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’?”

    1. Thanks Lindsey Breegan,

      A lot of effort with very little google coverage – good sign.
      Articles are well documented and informative – good sign
      Uses more of covert ops material than I like – neutral to slightly neg. – sometimes has to be done.

      Overall – Well Worth a visit – But, some references are from known covert ops – Alex Jones or ‘Alicks’ Jones – use them for the individual information, not the ‘grand plan’. Very brief and quick assessment.


      Dr. Ed

    1. Thanks for the comment but I’ve done about as much as I can unless some new facts emerge, not very likely since they’ve already been busy ‘cleaning’ old facts from the net. Then of course we have the ‘example’ of what could happen if one doesn’t ‘follow the program’. It’s not wise to hold a secret – NEVER hold a secret. It’s way too dangerous, especially if one voices concern about it. I spill my guts as quickly as possible when I expose fascism and murder. Once it’s out, then a murder of the ‘originator’ only brings MORE light to the secret. Yeah, not a great place to be, but A LOT SAFER than holding it. Seems to have worked so far. Best, Dr Ed

  1. Update: Despite early FBI praises of the 2 agents work in the Boston Bombing and saving a 5 years old FBI official spokesperson, Virginia Ann Todd:

    “Typically the FBI does not comment on specific individuals involved in tactical operations, Todd wrote in an email message, however in the interest of clarifying the truth, she said that the special agent were not in Watertown on April 19 and, therefore did not participate in the arrest Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

    Reminds me of the official responses to torture and rendition – no the US doesn’t do that.

    Read more:

    No word on the 5 year old’s saving? Seemed really important to put out this little ‘no they weren’t at Boston BS.

    Just in: Confirmed the “Hostage Rescue Team” WAS invovled in the Boston Bombing arrests. So how did these two members of ‘the team’ not participate? They probably just didn’t feel like going. What’s a couple members missing from an elite team? They probably didn’t feel like participating in the ‘team’. You can just drop and add members from a precise team anytime without any problems. CAN’T happen, Wouldn’t happen. If the ‘team’ was there, these 2 agents IN the TEAM were there. That’s the way military ‘teams’ work. You can’t drop people or add people without significantly affecting performance – It just isn’t done.

    Well, looks like that is all I’m going to get out of Scott. So here’s the email.

    So we definitely have the HRT team involved in the Boston arrests, but not these 2 members of the team – they weren’t there ‘officially’. Yeah, that’s pretty common in the military, they leave it up to the soldier whether the he/she participated in military actions. The FBI must work that way too. Doesn’t it sound just a little unusual for that to happen?

    Thanks for the response –



    From: Scott Daugherty
    Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 5:48 PM
    To: Ed Ward MD
    Subject: Re: FBI agents killed in copter

    My story actually said the team was involved in the Boston arrest. When the story was picked up by a blog (several actually), the headline was erroneously written to indicate these two agents were involved in Boston.

    Thanks for reading.

    On May 28, 2013 6:24 PM, “Ed Ward MD” wrote:


    Thanks for the article on the FBI agents. Are you aware that an FBI spokesman now says the agents were NOT involved in the Boston Bombing? Any chance you could have been mistaken on what was told you?


    Ed Ward, MD

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