Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News about Syria to Justify Military Intervention [videos]

2012 The Big Picture, with another excellent review of the facts surrounding the recent CNN ‘fake news’ presentation. This is one instance in one false flag, black ops strategy. Propaganda, fake news, is being performed by ALL corporate-government media – Main and Alternative – world wide. “A popular Government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”  James Madison

Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

And That's The Way It Is Google Censors LINK and Photo
And That’s The Way It Is Google Censors LINK and Photo
Work Strikes and Boycotts - Real Resistance to 'Homegrown' government Tyranny
Work Strikes and Boycotts – Real Resistance to ‘Homegrown’ government Tyranny

CNN Scam Continues: Same as it ever was…, 22 of CNN’s Syrian War Commenter’s Have Ties to Government Contractors – Not Disclosed

About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here…  Continues

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

8 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News about Syria to Justify Military Intervention [videos]”

  1. Faking It: How the Media Manipulates World Wide War

    Interesting, Brzenzski: Alt Media and Blogs Hinder US ‘Black Ops’ War Plan, consistent with my feelings on the subject, alternative media and BLOGS have been significant in exposing facts and hindering this false flag black ops planned War and possibly WW3.
    An interesting article from Zen Gardner. Also a good re-presentation of some old pesky emails.
    Are people waking up ‘exponentially’? Another WW3 correlation? Get your Frenchie Nazis cheap… Coincidentally, Can’t happen, the same shot that takes down Oscama, takes down all his accessories, and that’s congress, and alot more… Syrian war quotes More pesky Sarin facts

    Multiple proofs of Rebel, FSA, use of Sarin. “EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack” , “‘Syrian rebels take responsibility for the chemical attack admitting the weapons were provided by Saudis’ – source” , “Evidence: Syria Gas Attack Work of US Allies” , and one on the US media – “Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.” Ed Ward, MD

  2. 6 Minutes to Cairo. To see the full extent of the Black Ops, False Flag Operation ‘Liberty’, USS Liberty Attacked by Israel

    “All that is necessary to stop evil fascist governments is that good people do NOTHING.” Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against ‘homegrown’ government fascism.”

    Interesting insights on radio wave ‘energized’ water in agriculture – hydroponics. Plants apparently able to use the retained energy, thereby reducing the need to produce it inside the plant, a pro-energy of sorts.

    SAS and Princess ‘Die’ in the news again with some progress.–mad-think-says-SUE-REID.html#ixzz2dXLSN5IN

    On for the kings of their castles… Girlfriend pregnant? Apparently?

    BTW, Government BS, Can’t happen, the same ‘shot’ that takes down President Oscama, takes down all his accessories, and that’s congress, and alot more…

    CNN’s Ivan Watson: FSA Fighters are Either Joining al-Qaeda or Hiding In Turkey


    OBAMA’S HEROES BEHEAD 24 KURDISH PASSENGERS ON BUS. GOOD SHOW OBAMA! GOOD SHOW KERRY. Last two articles from . He’s a tad ‘more bitter’ in some posts, but carries many current articles and information regarding ‘Syria’ on the ground.

    Lies eat their young, “attack was tactical and aimed at regaining territory,”. Assad’s plan – “subsequently bombed the areas to erase evidence of strikes.”

    So Assad, gassed because he needed ‘territory’ so didn’t blow them up with bombs? But, then has to do a second strike with bombs, to ‘destroy the gas’ – which degrades by itself without bombing. Ed Ward, MD

    Sorry to see Der Spiegel join the propaganda ranks of ‘Operation WW3’. Germany, France, etc, need to get their scam ‘reason’ down pat. “According to Der Spiegel, a reason behind Assad’s decision to deploy the gas was that this was a crucial battle for the capital where the agent might have been meant as a deterrent against rebel forces, but mistakenly the military used too much of it.

    In conclusions, the BND said only Syrian government experts could mix sarin and place it inside small rockets. The process reportedly took place several times prior”. So military experts ‘doing it’ many times, made ‘mistake’.

  3. US drug agency partners with AT&T for access to ‘vast database’ of call records

    Hemisphere project, revealed by NYT, has AT&T employees sit alongside drug units to aid access to data in exchange for payment

    Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s

    Docs without Borders, 350, France 281 , US, Kerry – 1,400 still no reference for those numbers.

    Kerry uses fake photo for black ops false flag Syria Operation Syria Sarin. Perhaps the numbers come from fake evidence like the picture Kerry showed for the Syrian Gas Attack.

    It’s ‘god’s will’ cause our god is better than your god you heathen POS. For a ‘heathen’ no pain or suffering is ever enough for ‘god’.

  4. Russia releases key findings on chemical attack near Aleppo indicating similarity with rebel-made weapons

    Probes from Khan al-Assal show chemicals used in the March 19 attack did not belong to standard Syrian army ammunition, and that the shell carrying the substance was similar to those made by a rebel fighter group, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

    A statement released by the ministry on Wednesday particularly drew attention to the “massive stove-piping of various information aimed at placing the responsibility for the alleged chemical weapons use in Syria on Damascus, even though the results of the UN investigation have not yet been revealed.”

    By such means “the way is being paved for military action” against Damascus, the ministry pointed out.

    But the samples taken at the site of the March 19 attack and analyzed by Russian experts indicate that a projectile carrying the deadly nerve agent sarin was most likely fired at Khan al-Assal by the rebels, the ministry statement suggests, outlining the 100-page report handed over to the UN by Russia.

    Spy Files: New WikiLeaks docs expose secretive, unruly surveillance industry

  5. CNN Has Been Falsifying Syria News Reporting for More than a Year!

    10 Chemical Attacks and the US.

    US Is Movin’ On Up! It’s GOD’s will.

    An interesting article that touches what I’ve related for years – a No Vote, or a No Confidence in Government — No Vote.

    Remember it’s all about safety. 85 dollar bribe to allow semi normal travel to be expanded.

    NSA has cracked online protection.

    NSA using supercomputers to crack encryption

    NSA has cracked online protection

    Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff, 4 Star General Martin Dempsey Warns Not to Strike Syria

    Russia sends special cargo to Syria

    Russia will stand by Assad in US attack

    More ‘US Made Up Fake News War Propaganda

    Syrian Rebels DO have access to Sarin

    The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars

    The US is fighting for ‘Al CIAda’

    After decades of hidden fascism, the US government has gone openly ‘rogue’. That is not a good sign. Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only things that have ever worked against ‘homegrown government fascism’. Ed Ward, MD

    NSA: No apologies for fascism; Legal Loophole Gives Nazis Authority

    More on NSA backdoors…

    Pentagon May be Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria, US Intelligence Colonel Hacked Mail Reflect –

    If you are on the fence, you haven’t been reading the facts.

    President ‘Oscama’s’ Bizarre War Hoax Fails to Coincide with Reality

    8 Months jail time for teaching polygraph facts. For those interested: Charles Honts, a psychology professor at Boise State University, said laboratory studies he’d conducted showed that countermeasures could be taught in one-on-one sessions to about 25 percent of the people who were tested. Polygraphers have no reliable way to detect someone who’s using the techniques, he said. In fact, he concluded that a significant number of people are wrongfully accused.
    Russell Ehlers sold a video that discussed countermeasures
    George Maschke book, which describes countermeasures here: Download the FREE PDF book.
    Although federal authorities haven’t contacted him, Maschke said he worried that visitors to his site,, Well, seems Russia Today is back to censoring posts – The ‘elites’ in Russia do not want this information seen: George Maschke book, which describes countermeasures ‘The Lie Behind the Lie Detectors’. Hopefully, RT is not going to make me do an article about censoring this information or are they? RT, censors comment with just the title ‘The Lie Behind the Lie Detector’, the RT elite censoring fascist have censorship down pat. Ed Ward, MD

    Sweden culpable in spying along with NSA and GCHQ

    BTW, in case you missed it, Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine and Autism Link

    More hidden murders: When the government hides the f!cking source, Fukushima radiation and won’t even take levels because they know they are high… Everyday, murdering more and more and no one even sees…

    Send Congress to Syria for ‘Democrazy’: By Satire I think they’ve got it. Majority of Americans Believe US Should Send Congress to Syria.,33752/

    Japan still trying to hide continued death while rest of the world governments deny radioactive contamination. Continued death through government lies

    Wake Up People. Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against ‘homegrown government fascism’. The US government has gone openly ‘rogue’ after at least decades of ‘hidden’ fascism. The fact they have little concern about their fascist and murderous efforts being seen is not a good sign. The life you save… may be your own. Ed Ward, MD

  6. HUGE NEWS ON THE MEDIA FRONT? NOPE, JUST A SCAM, Al is still CENSORING factual posts. Al Jazeera seems to have stopped censoring factual posts? Might be a SNAFU, so I will be keeping tabs. Russia Today, RT, on the other hand seems to have INCREASED its censorship of facts contrary to its propaganda. Other scam propaganda sites censoring factual posts – everyone not mentioned. While not everything on is legit, if you documented referenced facts, is one of the few major sites that will give it exposure. If you know of a significant site that does not censor factual comments, drop me a comment here. A real ‘truth site’ is desperately needed

    Same ole RT BS at Al, where fascism is being used similar to the US, those posts are being censored. Seems Al Jazeera is having some trouble with my slightly longer comment noting: “All that is necessary to stop evil fascist governments is that good people do NOTHING.” Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against ‘homegrown’ government fascism.” Seems Al doesn’t want that shown on their scam ‘truth’ site.

    Follow up comment, surely to be censored too? Looks like my work strike post was too close to the fascist bone and being censored – NOTED and soon to be on the internet – don’t need good ole Al for that.. “All that is necessary to stop evil fascist governments is that good people do NOTHING.” Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against ‘homegrown’ government fascism.” Again, great job on making sure AJE stays a propaganda rag.

    Hurry and get your tickets for the first ever 2020 ‘nuclear’ Olympics

    Hilarious if it weren’t so deadly. On the ball Japan, set up a task force for the groundwater radioactive contamination that has been going on for 2 years, a week ago on September 3, 2013. Japan is slowly killing the world with a WMD and not a peep from anyone, except those dying.

    Monsanto spent 4.8 million in contributions to defeat GMO labeling in Missouri.

    Surprise look. Kerry, murderous liar caught lying about facts.

    Got Chemical Weapons? Russia and US still have theirs.
    Both the United States and Russia still possess thousands of tons of chemical weapons that they are in the process of destroying, a process that has proven more expensive and technically difficult than officials originally envisioned.

    The United States has destroyed 90 percent of its declared Cold War-era stockpiles, though it still has some 2,600 tons (2,359 metric tons) of deadly mustard agent at a Colorado storage facility and 523 tons (474 metric tons) of blister and nerve agents at a Kentucky facility that the Pentagon says are slated for destruction by 2019 and 2023.

    Russia, meanwhile, has destroyed more than 76 percent of the some 40,000 metric tons of chemical agents it says it inherited from the Soviet military and is on pace for total elimination by 2016, Valery Kapashin, head of Russia’s federal department for storing and destroying chemical weapons, told reporters in Moscow on Monday, the Itar-Tass news agency reported.

    Zionist Fascist Nazi Jews Will Gladly Send US to War
    “We feel that if American attacks Syria, it’s important that it be a serious strike to degrade Assad’s arms and weaken Iran and Hezbollah,” Klein continued. “We’re against a weak, nonresponse.”

    The Silent military coup that took over Washington – The apologists view to treason and fascism

    Leaked Iranian letter warned US that Syrian rebels have chemical weapons:

    ‘CIA fabricated evidence to lure US into war with Syria’:

    Al (CIAda) Qaeda’s strength with Syrian rebels now being downplayed:

    U.S. media suppressed 2009 UN report showing Israel using chemical weapons against Palestinians:
    Obama ignores Israel’s chemical weapons abuse while targeting Syrian government that may not be responsible for recent chemical attacks

    Like the ‘dated’ rock tempo or not, some hard hitting lyrics for the War Machine.

    What are we fighting for… Viet Nam War Song Woodstock.
    Dr Ed

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