‘Stolen’ Comment Policy for Ed Ward, MD’s Blog

I ran across a very good comment policy that is standard procedure for anyone actually looking for ‘referenced fact’ in this age of paid and ‘feigned’ government ‘sock puppet’ ignorance, and exposure of ‘covert ops’ government propaganda. So, rather than re-posting here… http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/comments-policy/ Of course, a ‘comment policy’ only works if one actually follows it. It is followed here.

One note of scam usage of ‘Spam’, “Spam, including trying to promote your business or direct web traffic from the comments of this blog.” This is usually used by scammers to hide any facts by a poster that are theirs. So, regardless of connection to ‘referenced facts’, anything with referenced facts by that individual is ‘Spamming’. So, I could not give a sh!t, where referenced facts come from, but they must be documentable referenced facts. There WILL BE NO SCAM ‘SPAM’ applied here for origin of facts.

All ‘Authors’ are easily scammed as spammers, when they post their referenced data. The data can only be posted by someone else – posting by the most knowing ‘expert’ on the particular topic of which they are writing – ‘Verbotten Spamming’. Surely, the mark of ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ seekers. Nothing more than another lame, scam, BS excuse to censor and hide facts.

Ed Ward, MD

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