Everything We Know About a Gaseous Hydrogen Sun Is Bogus Science

Recent Triple Verified Satellite Data Reveals Everything We’ve Been Taught About a Gaseous Hydrogen Sun Is False

by Ed Ward, MD

Filtered picture of surface of the sun selective for Iron Ore - Yellow.
Filtered picture of surface of the sun selective for Iron Ore – Yellow.

As noted in the Surface of the Sun, 2008 (2003 Data)  http://www.thesurfaceofthesun.com/

“The sun’s photosphere is often mistakenly referred to as the surface of the sun. In reality however, the sun’s photosphere is only a “liquid-like” plasma layer made of neon that covers the actual surface of the sun. That visible layer we see with our eyes is composed of penumbral filaments that are several hundred kilometers deep. This visible neon plasma layer that we call the photosphere, and a thicker, more dense atmospheric layer composed of silicon plasma, entirely covers the actual rocky, calcium ferrite surface layer of the sun. The visible photosphere covers the actual surface of the sun, much as the earth’s oceans cover most of the surface of the earth. In this case the sun’s photosphere is very bright and we cannot see the darker, more rigid surface features below the photosphere without the aid of satellite technology.

The composition and mechanical inner workings of the sun beneath the visible photosphere have remained an enigma for thousands of years. There are a whole host of unexplained phenomena related to the sun’s activities that still baffle gas model theorists to this day because they fail to recognize the existence of an iron alloy transitional layer that rests beneath the visible photosphere. Fortunately a host of new satellites and the field of heliosiesmology are starting to shed new light on this mysterious “stratification subsurface” layer of the sun that is located about 4800km beneath the visible photosphere. In addition, recent studies of solar wind suggest that solar wind also originates on the same transition layer under the photosphere as do the electrically charged coronal loops. NASA’s SOHO satellite and the Trace satellite program have both imaged this transition layer of the sun that sits beneath the photosphere. These 21st century satellites and technologies now enable us to peer behind the outer plasma layers of the chromosphere and photosphere and allow us to study the rocky, calcium ferrite transitional layer with incredible precision.

Galileo was the founding father of the gas model theory of the sun. He observed the sun through a relatively primitive telescope and noticed that sunspots did not rotate uniformly across the surface of the photosphere. He also observed that this visible “surface” rotated at different speeds near the equator than it did near the poles.

From his study of sunspots and their uneven rotation pattern, Galileo surmised that he must be looking at some type of gas atmosphere. He was correct in that assessment, although today we know that the photosphere is a form of hot ionized plasma. Unfortunately however, Galileo also “assumed” that no other solid layers existed, or could exist, beneath the visible layer of the photosphere. That was a critical mistake. It was a bit like looking at a world covered in water, and having no ability to see beneath the water, and then simply assuming that the whole world is made of water.

Galileo did not have multimillion dollar “eyes” and Doppler imaging systems to look beneath the chaotic surface of the photosphere. Only in the past 10 years, a virtual blink of an eye in scientific terms, have we had the technology to put Galileo’s assumption to the test with modern satellite observations. The Yohkoh, SOHO, Trace, RHESSI, Hinode, Stereo and Geos satellite programs give us new sets of eyes, new ways to view the sun, and new ways to peer beneath the layers of the sun that Galileo first observed. The Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer space telescopes give us eyes to peer into other solar systems and other galaxies and enable us to look back at the original structures of our universe and see our universe in all new spectrums of energy. What they reveal to us about the structure of our universe is truly breathtaking.

While the gas model has enjoyed popular support over the past 50 years, that has not always been the case. In fact astronomers of 100 years ago believed in a predominantly iron sun, most notably Dr. Kristian Birkeland. Dr. Birkeland studied the Northern Lights and became interested in the electrical interaction between the sun and the earth. His early lab research with an electrified iron sphere suspended in a vacuum (“terella”) led to images that are remarkably similar to modern satellite x-ray images of the sun. The bottom photo of this page shows the electrical activity that Birkeland documented in his lab next to an image from the Yohkoh satellite. The electrical arcs from the surface of both spheres is what emits the x-rays and gamma rays seen in Yohkoh and RHESSI images of the sun.

The running difference imaging technique used by both NASA and Lockheed Martin have revealed to us for the first time that the sun is not simply a ball of hydrogen gas; it has a hard and rigid ferrite surface below the visible photosphere that can be seen in all of the images on this page! Each of the images was produced by NASA or Lockheed Martin so you can verify these images for yourself.

Just as Birkeland surmised, it turns out that the sun has a highly defined surface that rotates (uniformly) every 27.3 days. Dr. Birkeland was at least 100 years ahead of his time.

An important corroboration of Dr. Birkeland’s solar theories and laboratory experiments came forty years later in the work of Dr. Charles Bruce. Dr. Bruce documented a number of solar atmospheric phenomenon that were directly related to electrical discharges from the solar surface. Bruce confirmed what Birkeland had predicted nearly fifty years earlier, showing that the electrical activity was directly responsible for the high energy discharges from the solar surface. The electrical discharge nature of the coronal loops has since been confirmed by the University of Maryland.”

Take the article link for the continued brief article for embedded links and more pictures.  http://www.thesurfaceofthesun.com/   However, the ‘meat’ and  source of the information is presented in much more depth in this PDF.  The Surface (Ferrite Layer) of the Sun  http://www.etwebsite.com/TheSurfaceOfTheSun.pdf


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Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at https://www.facebook.com/EdWardMD3 #DanceMonkeysDance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLNA7MRdjlw

16 thoughts on “Everything We Know About a Gaseous Hydrogen Sun Is Bogus Science”

  1. Fascinating. In light of this revelation, does this mean that the Sun’s predicted life span, based I assume on the Sun’s mass and atomic composition, could now be different from previous calculations, now that we know that it’s atomic mass composition is not just predominently gas in nature? I.E. does this impact on the rate of “fuel” consumption or does it impact on the amount of fuel there is to be consumed? Great article!

    1. tuwuno, Life span of stars is also mysterious. After all, the big ball of H that takes 10 Billion years to burn and only burns 10% of H before burnout is actually quite ludicrous. A lot of the data comes from spectral analysis of known element spectra, and appears to be in the range of 10 Billion years for stars of similar mass and luminosity. Supposedly, the sun in no older than the earth which is 4.5 Billion +/- 1.5 Billion, which just by itself put the earth at 6 Billion years in the upper range. As noted in the dying star graphic, that puts the sun in an era of EXPANSION. Based on the recent data, all the data we thought we knew about stars and their life cycles needs to be re-evaluated. I suspect this has been done at least by government. The likelyhood of ‘early stage, end stage’ is a possibility. An article I bypassed a while ago, needs another look ‘Our Electric Sun’ and along that order there most assuredly ‘pure fusion’ involved so that would be another reason the government would not want this seen? Hypoths. Thanks for the comment. Dr Ed

  2. I am not a “scientist” But common sense told me long ago that the “gaseous” assertion was Bravo Sierra. A ball of gas would have a lot of trouble holding in position numerous stony and metallic sattellites from a distance of millions of miles. I mean, think about it.
    This kind of thing rightly causes one to be dubious of any self-described scientific orthodoxy.
    Pancake? Hmmm.

    1. maybeperfect, grin, I was just noting other problems in the ‘ball of H gas’ BS to another poster. Amazing how at least this hydrogen gas sun stuff held up. They had to be making up tons of BS to support the ‘gas BS’. Thanks for the comment. Dr Ed

  3. It makes sense. In a fusion reaction of the suns power, iron (I believe) is the end of the chain. After iron, nothing else is built up. Then, you wonder “well, where did uranium come from?”. We are at least 2nd generation solar system meaning that it takes the energy of a supernova to fuse beyond iron explaining the existence of the rest of the periodic table. I hope I said this clear enough as I see it in my mind and try and write it.

    1. Continued from tuwuno reply and this linkage. Tesla power? Definitely pure fusion data. Another assassination? This would have been heavy duty classified due to ‘nuclear theory.

      Juergen’s seems to nail it, but no specifics of how in ‘The Electric Sun’ http://www.electricuniverse.info/Electric_Sun_theory

      “”Juergens, however, went farther than all of his preceptors in electrifying both the cosmic bodies and their interactions. He perceived the astronomical bodies as inherently charged objects immersed in a universe which could be described as an electrified fabric.(1e)[6] The charges appearing locally on cosmic bodies, he posited, arose from the separation of positive ions and electrons on a galactic scale.(1f)[7] Later, he discussed both the problems arising if the solar interior is truly the source of stellar energy (1g) and the nature of the phenomena observed as the solar photosphere.(1h) The two papers cited in notes (1g)[8] and (1h)[9] were the last he published about the electrical Sun before his untimely death in November of 1979.” (References in original)
      Milton continues:
      “In the first of his papers, Juergens related the Sun’s ability to modulate the incoming flux of cosmic rays (which are protons impinging upon the solar system from all directions at relativistic velocities) to the Sun’s driving potential, its cathode drop.(1i)[10] He estimated that a value in excess of 10 billion volts would suffice. From the flux of solar wind protons observed at the Earth’s orbit, he calculated that a 1015 ampere solar wind current was flowing because of the solar discharge.(1j)[11] The solar luminosity of 3.9 x 1026 watts seemingly requires a discharge current which exceeds that of Juergens’ estimate by forty fold, but since both the cathode drop and the discharge current values he chose were minima, the power shortage is not likely serious, as either or both values can be adjusted to erase the deficit without affecting the credibility of his arguments. “Then, Juergens showed that the solar photosphere can be compared to a “tufted anode glow” in an electric discharge tube].(1k)[12] The tuft forms because the body of the Sun, immersed in the interplanetary plasma, which at its inner boundary is the weakly luminous outer solar region called the corona, cannot maintain an electrical discharge into the surrounding electrified galactic space. Juergens noted that the problem could arise from any one or more of the following conditions: (1)the solar body forms too small a surface to conduct the current required for the discharge, (2) the surrounding plasma is too “cool”, (1l)[13] and/or (3) the cathode drop is too large. The “anode tuft” detached from, and now lying above, the “surface” of the solar body increases the effective surface area over which the Sun can collect electrons. Within the “tuft”, volatile material – vapourized from the Sun – increases the gas density and contributes large numbers of extra electrons because, now, many of the frequent collisions between the gas atoms result in ionization.”

      More: http://www.kronos-press.com/juergens/1982-electric-solar-energy-juergens.pdf

    1. planets and stars have more correlation than gaseous objects and stars. It certainly appears that planets and stars are much more closely related than past observations have demonstrated.

    1. The Electric Sun was noted for the electrical aspects of fusion/fission. Assuredly there is plasma involved, but a solid sitting in a plasma field? There seems to be a hell of a lot more going on than just plasma. Stars seem to be nothing more than planets on fire in many aspects.

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