Basic Primer for Detectives and Psychic Knowledge

Basic Primer for Detectives and Psychic Knowledge

Proven Psychic Noreen Renier My Thanks for Her Efforts, Insights, and Contributions
Proven Psychic Noreen Renier My Thanks for Her Efforts, Insights, and Contributions

What a Psychic Can Do For Your Open Case:

Working aspect: What Psychics Do:

Psychic = Computer

Think of the hard drive on a computer. It writes and retrieves VAST amounts information to and from a HUGE disk. The data, or information is there for EVERYTHING you want/need from the time it was written, and in some cases even BEFORE an actual event.

The process is essentially the same in Psychics, and Hard Drives; Electromagnetic force writing to and reading from Matter/Disk. Writing is taken care of by Quantum Physics. You don’t need to know how, merely that there Are Wave Energy Laws that do it – just like you don’t need to know how a computer works to use it,  just what keys you need to press.

The Psychic is your computer, you just need to push the right keys – ask the questions in the correct way – to retrieve the information from the hard drive. Which we all know can be quite the pain on occassions.

Only tools you need are the 5 Questions and a Tape Recorder – One can NOT take notes AND be in the moment enough to evaluate what is needed when it can do you the most good: Who, What, When, Where (Maps Very Helpful – Visual Link besides Voice Link is of Significant Assist in that aspect), and sometimes Why? Asked Appropriately to the 5 Senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste.

The same things you should do when dealing with a standard witness with, let’s say, a language barrier.

The witness/psychic can tell you what you want to know, they just need to be asked in a way the witness/psychic can retrieve it without bias and logic. Any use of Logic by the psychic, acts as ‘brakes’ to the trance and information. Any use of ‘leading’ leads to ‘biased information’.

Yes, No requires a conclusion = Logic, NOT just the retrieval of data, and causes a break in the Trance State.

Reliability Factor Theory:  

Theoretically, information received during trance should be 100% Accurate if One Trance In, One Trance Out With No Biased Information Inserted during that Trance. One ‘leading of information’ corrupts any ‘energy’ associated with it. In other words, you’ve thrown that information into the mix of energy/information, you’ve just pee’d all over the psychic evidence – the same as if you’d done it at the crime scene.

Update: 11-7-15: Took psychic ride with Noreen Renier. There does not seem to be any mixing of energies noted from ‘questioner ignorance’. Errors come from difference in perceptions between questioner and psychic? Trance Energy? Verification of results pending.

11-18-15: Based on facts.  Questioner Ignorance does not hinder, or corrupt quality of information given, only the amount of information you can get. Questioner confusion, errant thoughts, lack of concentration on specific question, leading to a specific target: ALL Major Influence on Amount of Information Obtained, And Reliability of the Information Obtained.

If correct, This makes Be Prepared Very Important. Having been semi-prepared – not as well as I should – for questioning, I found asking them correctly, let alone in the right place, was Difficult. A practice session was EXTREMELY helpful in not forcing logic. Two detectives, 1 plays psychic – screens for anything requiring logic, or leading of information to a specific result, then rephrase question appropriately, reverse roles.

How big is the spectrum of the information?

Objects retain energy from every electromagnetic field that has EVER touched them. So, a gun has the violent energy of not only the person that used it in the particular time/place, but every time he’s used it violently, anytime anyone else has used it violently.

The link to Each person and event are still there. The psychic can take you to each, and any link that comes up in that link. There may be some blending of information where there are overlaps.

Barriers are NOT barriers.

Example: Vision/Reality intruder masked, clothed, etc. These are NOT barriers to your psychic. With the correct questions. Can you describe the intruder? Can you see if there any distinguishing markings on the skin.

Anything in a psychics view is up for grabs for information using your ‘all you need questions used appropriately’.

Your psychic can become the killer, victim, or ‘actual witness’ to the event during the event without bias, or any other time period before death. IMPORTANT on Many Levels: Before Murder Events, Ask Your Psychic if they can become an ‘observer’. It’s NOT fun, Just as PAINFUL, and gives you LESS than what an observer can get from either killer, or victim. It is EXTREMELY DRAINING of Energy to the psychic, you’ve at the very least shortened your ‘interview’ time, as well as the quality of what you are getting. After the event, no problem, going back to either, but killer has most information after that. What did they do after that? Where did he sleep that night? Where did he sleep the night before? Anything you want is there for the picking.

If you aren’t getting the information you want you simply are not in the right place, time, event, link, object, or person, or you are not asking the right the questions. Sorry, but that’s the only two options available.

When meeting your psychic, phone or actual – although not necessary, the meeting or the conditions. The absolute best thing you can do is to ‘WELCOME’ your psychic. To actually want the psychic there, or at least be Neutral which is problably Best – the more the better, and the less they know best. If you can’t, you should not be there. Get someone who can and can do the job. Yes, your psychic can work under other conditions, BUT they will not be able to work as LONG, less information obtained, and it will not be as reliable.

Let the psychic pick best ‘setting’ they are ‘comfortable’ with. May prefer a certain type area, with a certain distance seating. If they are comfortable with those there, sitting space and ‘setting’. Good to GO from their end.

From here, If you don’t have EVERYTHING you Need/Want in 2 Sessions (One that can get you everything you want, evaluation time, and then the Closer) with a legit psychic. It’s not the psychics fault, IT’S YOURS. You are simply not asking the Questions Correctly, Or, You Are Not Asking The Right Questions.

Yes, and No questions. Yes, and No answer questions: 1. Usually are ‘leading’ questions – not good for information, nor quality of information. 2. Waste of Time – Can give you more relevant information with more assurance with a correctly worded question. Trance Time is NOT unlimited. Psychics tire just like all, when tired, they can’t be as reliable as when fresh. Trance Time is also financially costly.

There should be no ‘leading’ in questions. Ask your first question devoid of information. Last place known – What did the victim do next? What happened next? Once you get that information. You can work with it – reliability factor cleared – logically for whatever you want, but you should NOT lead any information in question. Ex. What do they look like? Can you describe him, her, them. NOT, does the person have a characteristice of any particular suspect you have in mind, like, ‘does he have a scar?’. Any leading tends to bias the information received, and is counter productive. If it’s the suspect, that will come from the right questioning.

The only variable from here is how talented are you and your psychic. Psychics are not equal, just as people are not equal in their talents. Most of the insights from above come from a psychic who has had significant documentation of talent, in several aspects of the psychic spectrum of skills, everything from future events to levitation. No spoon bending – didn’t ask, or poltergeisting – levitation with a push. Reference of abilities:

Update 1-9-2016: Application Versus Theory

There is absolutely no doubt that ‘residual energy’ exists and contains all the information.  However, universal energy – wave energy – is destroyed by ‘observation’ and turns it into linear energy – filtered by self.

Psychics somehow bypass this effect to a degree, but it seems to be a barrier to ‘specific insights’.  This is all based on ‘coincidental evidence’ – WEAK, but it appears ‘not knowing’ allows access, ‘knowing’ blocks access. This could be voluntary, or merely part of the process which is my most likely scenario at this point.

Noreen Renier’s Insights to Detectives:

The following are techniques for investigative Interviewing of psychic, Noreen Renier. They are not intended as an Ironclad recipe for success. No one can memorize a set of predetermined questions and expect to conduct an effective interview.

Interviews should be highly interactive and spontaneous. Although the interviewer should actively direct the interview, he/she should be flexible to respond to the unanticipated.

Each Investigator has their own unique style. We want the investigator to incorporate these techniques into their own interview styles, as much as possible. We suggest that you try to modify the general concepts to make them compatible with your own particular investigative techniques.

1. Interviewer should ask open-ended questions. Use short sentences and a simple vocabulary.

2. Listen actively.

3. Conveying appropriate feedback.

4. Induce detailed descriptions. Provide as much structure. (In a normal line of questioning you might ask a witness to describe the clothes of the “bad guy”. But with me it is best to ask separate questions about the shirt, the shoes, the pants, etc.

5. Stay on one specific topic then move to another area of questioning.

6. Use concrete reference points to guide my response. You can through your questions induce focused concentration. (You are the victim and from your house guide us to where you are now.) Author’s Note: Take as many guides as you need. From home to where murdered. From murder site to resting place. Ever on road before, or noted road, where were you going, come from, anyone with you. The information you seek is available from a variety of sources. It’s waiting for you, if you ask the right question for the right data. Don’t beat a source to death, when the information is more easily available from another source and time.

Noreen can to some extent become the murderer, the victim, and view things as Noreen. However the key to using Noreen Renier’s intuitive ability is in the way you elicit information.

Individual styles may vary but understanding from what perspective or person’s eye she is seeing and obtaining information from may help.

Noreen will touch an object from the missing person. She will need the first name of the missing person and the date she disappeared. For a warm-up she will describe the individual,

Feedback is needed to confirm her accuracy.


Noreen often enters a trance-like-state and how you question her is of utmost importance. You must program her mind with each question. Example: Noreen, we want you to be “Susan” a few minutes before you disappeared.

Take a deep breath Noreen and be “Susan”…. now the questioning should be on a little girl’s level.

You must view the events Noreen see’s FROM HER PERSPECTIVE.

Take a deep breath Noreen and become the “bad guy”. Are you the “bad guy” now? We want you to tell us where you live in relationship to the missing person.

You can see very clearly…stand in front of the place you live at…etc. look to the right…look to the east…what do you see? You are now one mile above your living quarters…what do you see to the left…etc… How far from this missing person do you live?

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE INTERVIEWER ASKS EXPLICATE QUESTIONS THAT ARE OPEN-ENDED. Remember Noreen doesn’t know anything. She must see, hear, feel, taste, and smell to give you your answers.

Ask her picture questions. Either as herself the victim or suspect. Keep Programming her to be or see what you need.

Authors Note: There is nothing to be gained by becoming the victim here. Witness can see hear everything that happened. No coincidence that Noreen wants it at the end of the session. Becoming killer here, mostly killer rage, revolting to most, and if verbal during killing he’s giving information. Much better times/events for motive and psychic are easily available.

SOMETIMES WHEN NOREEN IS THE VICTIM, SHE WILL RELIVE THE ORIGINAL FEAR, ANXIETY AND PAIN. Suddenly without warning she could become extremely emotional. Sooth and comfort her letting her know its the past and she doesn’t need to be fearful, or in pain, you are there…you will help her.

…or if it’s too painful encourage Noreen to describe the event as she sees it, not as the victim.

Noreen we want you to be there observing…we want you to tell us what you are seeing…you will not feel pain or anxiety…you will be very calm…etc.


Authors Note: Noreen is the expert for her here. But, By far the best approach for location is maps. Multiple sized maps. The psychic needs to be presented with them per their need, changing maps, even changing zoom requires logic, and is bad for the trance. Google maps would seem to be excellent for this. Travel maps, Ones with roads, structures on them, and satellite imagery. This requires a real time psychic/detective hookup, with a decent sized monitor on the psychics end – bigger than a dinky phone screen where location of finger placement is less than half a state, without 20 different zooms. Several saved maps with logical zooming for location isolation in general, as well as known location satellite maps, should be available Prior to session with just a click or two when needed

Time is Energy, and there is only so much per session. Preferably, either switch to a different questioning while waiting – Best, or, ‘Park em in a relaxed mode’. Worst = Leaving them hanging, as it eats up trance time energy.

In locating a missing person or a body we can use a round clock with numbers. Around the outside of the clock is a square.

In the middle of the clock we will place the person or body. North or South may not be true indications, so the circle needs to be moved around until it fits landmarks identified.

QUESTIONS: Noreen you are hovering above where the body/person is. You are floating 1 mile…20 feet above the site, you are facing 12:00 on the clock. Using the clock positions; What do you see at 1:00 o’clock? At 3:00…5:00 o’clock…etc.

You are 3/5 feet above the site where the body/person is…tell me what you see at 1:00 o’clock…etc.

Description of route taken to hide the body or person.

Remember Noreen will not be able to see every mile she travels but creatively ask her for information that will help the Detectives/searchers to find the roads that lead to the person or body.

PROGRAM Noreen’s MIND: Noreen we want you to travel from _______________ to where your body is now… go slowly – do you hear or see traffic? People? Look at the road signs or billboards on this road. What is the shape of the state or country you are in? Could you see any names of cities? Where is the sun? Look at the miles from ______ to where your body is at? What numbers do you see?

Be sure to ask only one question at time. Give her mind time to focus and look for your answer. Re-word or repeat your question if you don’t get enough information.

FURTHER CLARIFICATION: Go to the nearest intersection and tell us what you see. Is this before we get to your body or after? How near does the road pass by your body?

Author’s Note: Excellent insight questions are noted many times. But, you have the road connection, while on the road subject. Where do most people who travel this road go, where do most come from, was the person ever on this road before, where did they go, come from, was anyone with them, why were they traveling the road, what vehicle were they in, did they see anyone they knew while traveling. As noted there are Many, many ways to get to information you may need. All you need is one firm known starting point, from any of the questions, and you finally have what you can get from an interactive map.


Look at the vehicle and describe it? See the color. See the license…tell me the numbers and letters. Look at the……. See the……….

7. Leading questions are not productive, such as “Is his hair black?” “Was he driving a blue Ford?” “Does he wear a beard?” Let me describe him/her to you, as well as any other pertinent information. Questions should have direction and not merely need a “yes” or “no” answer. Feedback when you know I have accuracy described something or someone is very helpful. The logical mind can analyze but the psychic mind just receives information. The feedback keeps my confidence up and the images flowing. “Yes, we understand,” is sufficient.

8. Try not to analyze the data that I give you immediately. Think of this part of the session as “fact gathering”. Get as much information as you can…later you can analyze the information you have received and separate the wheat from the chaff.

9. During the session, I will use all five of my senses to a degree. Ask questions that will make use of these senses. Example: Is there a special sound near his house(body), a different odor, etc.?

10. My psychic memory is very short. Therefore, it is important that our session be taped. My answers can then be replayed repeatedly or transcribed in order to detect any information that didn’t seem important or pertinent earlier.

I do not mind skepticism—However continued skepticism and negativism hampers my work and concentration. Retired NY Detective Sgt. Vernon Gerberth, writing about my psychic abilities in his book, PRACTICAL HOMICIDE INVESTIGATIONS, states: “Practically speaking, if an officer feels that he or she cannot accept or work with the psychic, then this officer should not get involved in this segment of the investigation. Instead, someone who may be skeptical, but is able to put aside this personal prejudice, should be assigned to work with the psychics.” (Gerberth, p. 423)

Do you have a real psychic with the needed skills?

When you reveal more information than anyone other than the perpetrator, or a friend would know, there is not much stronger evidence than that.

“One of her Quantico appearances happened just after Ronald Reagan’s first election, and she told the audience, ”I feel an injury coming to him from the outside.” After John Hinckley shot Reagan, the Secret Service questioned Renier. She persuaded them she really didn’t know Hinckley. Then they asked if she saw any future danger to the president.

”I said I saw something happening at a parade, with lots of uniforms. President (Anwar) Sadat was killed the next week” -while sitting in a reviewing stand for a military parade. The pair of predictions were written up in the New York Post. Renier shakes her head.”

Does your Psychic have the needed skills?

Skills available to some psychics and needed to get all the information that is available, and bang for the buck. Able to: Channel, Read Future Energy, Switch Viewing Perspective, ‘View’ from matter without direct contact to matter.

If your psychic does NOT have ALL these skills, you are NOT getting access to all the information available.


DO: Be in the moment (no distractions). Appreciate your psychic. Be Prepared. Know your case. Know the type questions to ask. Have a general plan for the information you need, just as any other ‘witness’. Be prepared to take different avenues of approach to and for information. Let your psychic know when they’ve given you information vital to the proving the case. ‘I understand. That was very helpful.’ Or, similar for statement.

DO NOTS: Be Distracted (Focus on information given you). Kill your psychic in trance. Force your psychic to be a killer – (Go to Observer for those moments.) Lead with information toward a specific target. Force your psychic in and out of trance by asking anything requiring Logic.


Ed Ward, MD

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

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