11 thoughts on “Facebook an ID Hacker’s Dream Site: Fascist Facebook Fraud Forces Censorship Advances in Selective ID Hacker Exposure”

  1. Zuckerdouche called all Fakebook users dumb fvcks so I don’t feel sorry at all for malignant narcissist selfie fanatics.
    No need for a new spy organization when “dumb fvcks” will volunteer all their personal info freely.

    1. Depends on what you are using it for. There were a few of US ‘bastardizing it’, getting real information exposed. While I don’t feel sorry for many, as most of my heroes are criminals of criminals. Truly, most of US get exactly what we deserve for our ‘comfort’, ignorance, and apathy.

  2. Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural Blaze – Don’t bother looking for it – Natural Blaze deleted it.
    DTP dosage is INSANE. Tetanous – 10 lb INFANT gets the same dose as a full grown man. Even though studies show and adult 150 lb adult male gets a SIGNIFICANT reaction from 0.1 mls of tetanous vaccine, arm swells, Infants get 5 x that dose. Now, if 0.1 ml makes a full grown man’s arm swollen and painful, what do you think 5 TIMES that dose does to a 10 lb INFANT? F!cking INSANE. http://www.naturalblaze.com/2014/08/debunking-myths-of-dtap-vaccine.html

    Now let’s see if scamming, censoring Activist Post will let me respond to a comment about me?
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Activist Post. Don’t worry, control the revolution Activist Post accessory scumbags deleted the comment.
    Thanks Anon: The US Wouldn’t Nuke Its Own People – Wake Up and Glow https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/
    Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/
    9 11 Fake Video Stars: The J Star Clones – Why Covert Operation’s Cointel Must Have ‘Fake’ Video and ‘No Planes’ https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/

    1. Thanks GG. Excellent Comment. If your comments are anything like the sample… Dude, Feel Free to Comment ANYTIME. 😉 A class action would get the exposure it needs. Also, it would cut that fascist POS down in share price. That’s the only thing these murderous f!cks understand…. Count de Monie’ is all they know. Until accountability, it’s the only thing they fear. Less Money.

  3. LOL. How am I getting facebook hits? Some friends of truth must be sharing at least a little. THANKS and BEST….

    My Thanks to Nat Turner with my and other good STUFF. http://www.scoop.it/u/nat-turner/curated-scoops If I remember correctly I got a pretty good comment about white bigots still being in SA – and while I don’t doubt the ‘authenticity’ of the subject – there has been a pendulum swing in SA, where now whites are being slaughtered in the same process that was used on Black people genocide. Granted, some of it is just a difference ‘classes’, but it’s all being assisted by SA government. Surprise, Turner also has ‘censorship’ problems. Thanks again, Nat. Best….

  4. When Facebook effectively banned me from their site for campaigning against their support for race the terrorists who tried to bomb Nelson Mandela and start a race war,
    they told me I could rejoin only with “government photo ID card”
    Twitter also banned me for the same reason,
    only Twitter insists on sending avowed racists and fascists
    for me to “follow” on my “suspended account”
    The Boeremag terrorists tried to bomb Nelson Mandela, start a race war where all “non Whites” would be run out of the country and an all White state set up on African soil.
    in December they were jailed for treason,
    Facebook hosts a support page for them,
    so i started campaigning to have them remove it,
    only to be banned.
    I also found out that Twitter supports Boeremag {Farmer Force} and other similar race terror groups in Azania – South Africa.
    Websites such as this facilitate some of the most outwardly racist and fascistic groups and individuals on the planet,
    yet at the same time front themselves as hip ethical businesses,
    the time to undermine such sites is well at hand and
    we should all do our best so that groups such as Stormfront and their ilk, have nowhere to recruit and spread their poison from.
    The petition
    and a blog with a little more

    1. Currently, Along with the murderous f!cks still lingering, there’s plenty of ‘white slaughter’ now – similar to the ‘black slaughter’ of the past with government approval. Albeit, a significant assistance is being given by the difference in classes – Lot’s of Stuff vs Survival Both sides need to be noted. Thanks for the share… Even without me clearing your comment. Fixed it. 😉

  5. Hi, Ed,
    Just to add a little more on the situation in Azania – S.A.,
    The point at which Twitter imposed their ban on my works,
    was when I exposed the lie being perpetrated against the government and people of the land.
    Basically their is a vociferous minority who felt that at the end of apartheid they should have been granted a White’s only homeland, hence the terrorism to try and achieve that aim.
    That has gone hand in hand with a propaganda campaign,
    linked to that in America, Australia and Europe which is claiming there is a worldwide conspiracy aimed at “White genocide”,
    a multiplicity of right wing and anti communist groups are involved and interconnected, you are no doubt aware of the likes of Stormfront, White Man March, No White GeNocide etc. One group sought KKK funding for bombs.
    South Africa has one of the worst murder rates in the world,
    at a possible 50 murders a day,
    bringing from year start to the end of march a total of 4,500
    mainly Black against Black murders.
    I was banned when I exposed the figures of a right wing group called “Boer Genocide FarmItracker”
    that while indeed there were a lot of murders across the land,
    infact there had been 60 murders of White folk,
    in that same period to the end of March,
    which most people agree, is bad, but
    does not constitute a case of genocide.
    I wont take it any further other than to say
    there are organizations here dedicated to undermined and
    even end Black rule,
    they work tirelessly in their aims
    therefore it’s up to those like myself
    to counter their heinous propaganda.
    I can of course post you many example of their hateful nature.

  6. Hi Nat,

    Again, the subject is not new to me. If you want to believe that when one culture suppresses another culture, that there is not ‘reciprocity’ when the roles are reversed – That’s BS. And if you want to believe that the ‘white’ dead don’t feel as though they were ‘genocided’, as well as their relatives…. merely because the area, or the numbers are small over a short period of time. That’s BS. Bigotry, oppression, and genocide begat bigotry, oppression and genocide and has since the birth of mankind.

    My site is a truth site. And if I’ve researched a subject – MLS is I know the facts.

    Reciprocity, for covering my article, was granted here – particularly after your original comment was not approved, Impressive to me – TEMPORARILY. You’ve had your say, and if you want to add real references to your ‘current’ posts – I’ll take care of that for you. Otherwise, the subject is CLOSED here – again – just that particular subject, and again all posts here need factual references or they usually don’t make it passed me.

    And one more time, so we are clear, I don’t doubt what you say, merely that the ‘dead people’ say, there’s WAY more going on than that particular problem, of deposed bigots being a problem – which culture seems to be taking care of in it’s revolting reality. Sorry, but deposed bigots are way less of a problem than current ‘in power’ murderous bigots.

    Not fond of suppression of information, and glad to assist exposure on the subject and you – albeit with commentary.



  7. …………………..

    Ed-ited: Nothing removed. You don’t have to test, if I say it… It’s so… Unless something changes, and I’d certainly let you know. 😉

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