Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Fusion Nuclear Energy – Basic Primer

Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Nuclear Fusion Energy – Basic Primer

Everything Is Energy, of one frequency, or another, and it can only be transformed. Not created or destroyed.
Everything Is Energy, of one frequency, or another, and it can only be transformed. Not created or destroyed.

How and Why Coulomb’s Fusion Barrier is False:

“The Coulomb barrier, named after Coulomb’s law, which is named after physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736–1806), is the energy barrier due to electrostatic interaction that two nuclei need to overcome so they can get close enough to undergo a nuclear reaction. This energy barrier is given by the electrostatic potential energy:”

There is a formulae for it, but forget about it, it’s Bogus Science based on ‘virtual particles’. So let’s drop down to the basics.

The law relates to the energy required for the release of energy from atoms being shoved together under MASSIVE pressure, and MASSIVE heat. According to formulae, sub-atomic particle formations, interactions, subtractions, additions, protons, neutrons, etc, that release energy from the nucleus of atoms are not supposed to happen UNLESS those massive energy requirements are achieved – In essence our OLD fission-fusion theory – a SLEDGEHAMMER to do something that can be done, or at the very least significantly assisted by mere ‘close proximity’.

In essence a virtual particle = scalar field = portal and is to physics, as a  catalyst is to chemistry.

The basics of energy, transfer, release, etc, on an atomic level.

For energy on an atomic level – all of it’s frequencies, which are more than the TREMEDOUSLY LARGER breakdown, and creations caused by atomic nuclear reactions – think of a vibrational scale. Like a music scale with only the existence of the perfect pitch note being the only possible way to release energy – atoms can only use ‘perfect pitch’ notes.

Atoms absorb and release non atomic energy on a particular frequency, or ‘energy level’. Each elemental atom has it’s OWN scale and ‘characteristics’. Atoms must use a particular frequency when they displace, or absorb energy – only the perfect pitch levels for that particular atoms frequency can be used.

The same energy frequency system is in place for the breaking or making of intranuclear bonds – just a higher frequency and energy level, which works through subatomic particle formations and breakdowns. We don’t really need to know what they are, their names, the entire characteristis of every aspect of their formation or breakdown. For theory we only need know they exist, and to make these sub atomic particles takes massive energy and heat – SUPPOSEDLY – they are the ‘vibrational’ ingredients, products and reactants of nuclear energy. .

Enter: Casimir’s FORCE!

The Casimir effect is a small attractive force that acts between two close parallel uncharged conducting plates. It is due to quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field.

The effect was predicted by the Dutch physicist Hendrick Casimir in 1948. According to the quantum theory, the vacuum contains virtual particles which are in a continuous state of fluctuation (see physics FAQ article on virtual particles). Link cut and cut from wayback new link Casimir realised that between two plates, only those virtual photons whose wavelengths fit a whole number of times into the gap should be counted when calculating the vacuum energy. The energy density decreases as the plates are moved closer, which implies that there is a small force drawing them together.

The attractive Casimir force between two plates of area A separated by a distance L can be calculated to be,

π h c

F = ——- A

480 L4

where h is Planck’s constant and c is the speed of light.

The formation of not just a ‘particle’, but a ‘virtual particle’ – which is NOT a particle but an unusual ‘energy field’ that affects every particle passing through it as well, as the particles, and their fields in ‘close proximity’.

There is significant evidence for a big bang ONLY requiring the catalyst of two ‘virtual photons’, a photon being an electron on a different quantum ‘energy scale’ – again, any particle, each with it’s own special frequency, and special quantum characteristic passing through this ‘virtual field’ becomes a virtual particle for that instant, and until it can ‘unload all its EXTRA ‘virtual energy’ – I have and could find no reference on the length of time a ‘virtual particle’ can exist, but based on what we now about energy – it can NOT just vanish – so the ‘virtual particle’ has to remain at least until it can unload its ‘disharmonic’ energy, and become the significantly less powerful ‘harmonic’ ‘regular’ particle.

A fair comparison would be 2 tied together boots in a wash of linen on spin cycle – for the dysfunction aspect of what has happened to go ‘virtual’ and a washing machine as the particle, although there is no increase of energy in the washer as ‘appears’ in the particle – the  need to get rid of the boot ‘energy’ is imperative for the washers health, also note it can not get rid of that energy by itself – something has to take the ‘boots = dysfunctional high energy from  the washer = particle needs something, particle, neutron, etc, to get rid of that energy to get back  in ‘normal spin’.

In theory,  virtual appears to elevate the energy of the particle, or anything passing through it made up of particles, above it’s highest ‘normal’ possible pure pitch frequency release level.  It now has energy it has NO way of getting rid of, except transference via matter, or self obliteration.  And just like the ‘washer’, it’s FREAKING OUT.

So instead of a nice ‘stable particle’, we have one bouncing all over the place. But, we  have way more than one particle being formed in this field (MLS, it was called a particle to hide it from being noted as the CATALYST ‘field’ that it is).  Now we know what happens when a virtual hits a regular – it has to make another ‘virtual’ via the laws of energy.  But there are so may ‘virtuals’ bouncing around ‘virtuals’ must also interact with each other. Eventually ‘virtual’ transference to another ‘virtual’ should push a multi transferred virtual to a nuclear reaction frequency it can use to finally ‘officially transfer’ all its energy via a nuclear reaction.

How many transferences does it take?  I’m sure the pencil pushers can figure it – got to be some ‘thoughtless’ formulae that can figure it.  Beyond any expertise of my interest, as my only claim to expertise is in the BASICS of science, of which ALL science must conform, no matter how ‘specialized’ one gets.

How powerful is Casimir’s force? If the surfaces of a mechanical clock are to close together it will stop the clock – it’s a limiting factor on the size of clocks, if the clock is to small Casimir forces STOP THE CLOCK Rephrased slightly – Casimir’s force STOPPED MOVEMENT – a nonfriction Friction.

Dynamic Casimir Effect. Light from Nothingness

Virtual Photons Carry Electromagnetic Force

Two Virtual Photons, Li7, Deuterium, Mix = BIGBANG

So here, we have a ‘scalar – vibrational scaled – energy field’ in essence, that is capable of taking any ‘sub-atomic particle’ – and quite possibly their larger counterparts since all matter is made of ‘particles’ – from particle to ‘virtual particle’ not by massive energy, nor massive heat – but simple ‘proximity’.

Unlike a transient nuclear energy field release where the particles and ‘fields’ flee, Casimir force and field is constant, and holds the field – a PORTAL would be a good comparison. ALL of Casimir’s ‘virtual particles’, and particles are used in the FUSION-FISSION nuclear reactions each contributing it’s ‘particle’ energy release or absorption along with all the others – similar and dissimilar making up that ‘nuclear part’.

A HUGE amount of energy can be ‘stored’ between these to ‘perfect pitch’ spectrums – energy that the particle could not normally take – NOT a perfect pitch, but most likely a higher frequency that happens to interact at some points with the lower, longer frequency of the perfect pitch.

So rephrased summary: Casimir’s force is using ‘principles’ used in atomic reactions on sub atomic frequencies. and quite likely also their larger counterparts protons, neutrons, etc, and they become ‘active’ by mere proximity – albeit on a significantly lower frequency energy scale than that of nuclear reactions, it’s above all frequencies used for its usual displacement of energy – higher than the ‘perfect pitched’ notes the atom HAS to use for its usual displacement of energy.  It’s stuck between the two perfect pitch notes.  One note being its highest regular energy displacement, and the next perfect pitch not existing until you get to ‘nuclear energy release levels’.

Multiple scalar fields in sizing large enough for a HUGE portal – at least for all the ‘close proximity’ elements involved – is created without any energy having to be ‘added’ and EVERY particle passing through it is bumped so much in energy it becomes ‘virtual’.  Virtual being a particle on a frequency BEYOND it’s normal range – think particle ‘on methamphetamine’, it’s not sure where, or how, but it’s going to get rid of that energy frequency any way it can, preferably by ‘knocking’ the crap out of the closest thing in its path.

A few more basic facts:

  1. Everything is Energy. Matter is merely ‘transformed’ energy – energy on a slower vibrational scale.  E= mass x constant squared.  Energy = Mass = Matter, and all it needs to change is the right amount of energy, either given or taken. This Is The World of Quantum Physics: Nothing Is Solid And Everything Is Energy
  2. Matter does not like energy and tries to get rid of it. Wrong frequency for matter. An excellent article on plants being nothing more than ‘atoms’ getting rid of energy. A very simple statement that conforms with science facts for an excellent theory, with tons of evidence for the evolution of ALL life, although it is not noted by the author.
  3. All matter consists of matter and anti-matter. And like all matter there is no reason that some elements could not make antimatter more ‘available’ than other elements as each has it’s own individual characteristics.

Enter Li 7, called ‘anti-matter’ by some and it seems quite the nuclear fuel for nuclear reactions.

Imagine, machined to specific tolerance plutonium concentric rings with just the right spacing to fit in Li7, Li6 machined to specific tolerance concentric rings so that it is making multiple Casimir ‘scalar fields’ when they interlock, making ‘virtual particles’ at will causing focusing not fleeing and creating a significantly sized ‘portal’ – remember ‘virtual particles = a’ ‘dysfunctional energy field’ that affects it, everything in it, and its surroundings.

I can see no reason spontaneous fusion would not start, or at the very least require significantly less energy to initiate a reaction, since every particle, and possibly it’s larger atomic part – merely many sub-atomic particles – has been brought to ‘virtual’ energy as a ‘virtual particle’ – again known to be able to start a big bang in the right elemental mix of atoms – quite possibly by unusual ‘availability’ of anti-matter in Li7?  Also remember the habit of ‘frequencies’ – they LOVE to build on each other – as  in troops marching across a bridge – although the overlapping waves of various length frequencies is the principle, and not the ‘multiplied’ amplification of a single wave, the effect is the same, a building, and reinforcement of a wave.

It is basically the same principle as nuclear reactors – using moving rods to increase or decrease the reaction with TREMENDOUSLY MORE SPACE between them, and reactants in the ‘cooling water’ to help prevent the ‘nuclear reaction’ that would occur without the water.

Except in this similar theory, one uses finely machined to specific tolerances moving concentric rings making a HUGE SCALAR PORTAL out of the numerous concentric rings individual ‘scalar field energies’.

Instead of trying to stop the reaction, it’s merely assisted – no mega pressures, or massive temperatures needed – it’s perfectly capable of making all by itself, if you merely assist a reaction that certainly seems to have used in a ‘big bang’ theory – you don’t need to pound it with a sledgehammer, merely let it do its ‘thing’ with a little assist here, or there.

Note: This theory bypasses the massively compressive force of a ‘fission’ reaction and it’s ‘noticeable’ byproducts – although even pure fusion produces some nasty byproducts, but they are significantly more transient as in hours, not decades, or centuries.

Comparison – Nitroglycerin.  Sure you can get a 200 lb anvil,  and a 30 lb sledgehammer to pound a bottle of nitro,  it will explode. But it’s just a MASSIVE waste of energy – a good finger thump will accomplish the same thing.

For more on Li7 evidence: Pictures: US Boston Weapon – Both ‘Explosions’ – The Secret of the Pure Fusion Weapon – Li7 – Lithium 7

No, I don’t have every single detail, but based on known accepted theory, the theory is sound.  Just as in the first sledgehammer atomic bomb, and many that followed. They had no clue, except known accepted theory,  of exactly what it would do.  Even these big time nuclear fusion experts KNOW nothing of exactly what is going to happen on new nuclear fusion theory, until they put it together, try it and check the results.

Update 10-18-2015: Key ingredient finally more appropriately noted.

The Igniter, Fuse: Light

Casimir’s proximity properties will turn ANY light passing through its space, into ‘virtual light’ = intense concentration of “virtual particles’, ‘virtual photons’. With this notation, ALL the key ingredients are in place.

Fiber optics and lasers make a HUGE amount of ‘photon delivery’ possible.

Since, Big Bang could have been started by just 2 photons, suspect only 2 virtuals hit same particle are all that is required to take Li mix from standard energy release to nuclear energy release. Laser and fiber optics would be making Massive numbers of ‘virtuals’.

For much of the scientific evidence presented in the very basic primer:  UPDATED: Portals: Government Nuclear Weapons’ Top Secret ‘Energy’ ‘Virtual’ Particles, Portals, Scalar Fields, LENR: Government Nuclear Weapons’ Top Secret ‘Energy’ – Casimir Cools Coulomb’s Barrier to Fusion Law

While most of the above is ‘referenced theory’, ‘the above’ is a mix of ‘hypothesis’ and ‘theory’ and they are all called ‘theory’, since in my evaluation, the evidence shows them as ‘theory’.  As always, got some referenced facts that make this BullSh!t, er Bogus Science, LOVE to see it.  This is a search for correct facts, not a ‘pissing match’,

“If you can’t explain it simply.” “You simply don’t understand it.”   In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.  In the land of sight, not so much…  ‘-)

F!ck You, Elite, Murderous, Cult Governments Every Where!

Ed Ward, MD

Portals: Government Weapons’ Top Secret ‘Energy’.

‘Virtual’ Particles, Portals, Scalar Fields, LENR: Government Nuclear Weapons’ Top Secret ‘Energy’ – Correction: Casimir Cools Coulomb’s ‘Barrier to Fusion Law’

by Ed Ward, MD

LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - Variant 'Cold Fusion'
LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions – Variant ‘Cold Fusion’

Continued investigation of pure fusion weaponry  noted in my article, How The Secret of Lithium 7 ‘Hot – Cold Fusion’ Weaponry – Ballotechnic Fusion – Was Proven, has revealed significant information regarding the exact methodology involved.

LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Cold fusion, portals and the lowering of the coulomb barrier – involves matter, anti matter reactions.

According and included in the portals theory are antimatter, cold fusion, scalar fields, pure fusion weapons, virtual photons, coulomb’s law, dark energy and more. ALL of these are integral to each other.

The difference between matter and antimatter is only a portal away? The difference between no energy and energy is only a portal away?

Due to their use in fusion weapons the science of ‘portals’ being used in energy technology is being blocked by government. ‘Portals’ are ‘common knowledge’ and the basis of their current pure fusion weaponry efforts at Dimona and Los Alamos.

Update 10-12-13: TOP SECRET Energy: Casimir Cools Coulomb’s ‘Barrier to Fusion’ Law; Casimir’s Cause Exposes Naturally Occurring LENR?

“The Casimir effect comes about because the universe at the smallest scales is filled with virtual particles leaping in and out of existence. When two metal plates are close together, the gap between them is so small that some of these particles cannot form. That creates an excess of virtual particles on the other sides of the plates which pushes them together.”

Coulomb Barrier for Fusion Damn, I hate being an idiot, but have to fess up for BS correlation I gave as Coulomb’s law instead of the more specific ‘Barrier to Fusion’ Law

As clearly shown above, something is WRONG (not really, but it is only part of a much larger equation) with Coulomb’s ‘Barrier to Fusion’ Law.  There are ‘atomic reactions’ (sub atomic – but the evidence for a ‘cascade’ of sub atomic particles causing ‘atomic’ reactions is also noted in this article’s references) occurring in conditions far below energy levels and conditions prescribed by ‘Coulomb’. It’s just that the levels are so finite in comparison to the rest of matter that there is no noted effect until extremely small components and distances are approached.  The problem with Coulomb is inadequate understanding – although brilliant in its time – of portals, scalar fields, LENR, sub atomic particles, and a multitude of  ‘virtual’ particles.

There are some remarkable ‘Theories’ – way more evidence than hypothesis – that there are very small differences and conditions that make TREMENDOUS changes in matter, energy that at least border on a new ‘Dimension’.  These inadvertant revelations confirm those ‘theories’, IMPO.  In the past, physics used a battering ram to break the ‘door’  to energy production.  We are starting to see what Tesla knew, all that is needed is a ‘Master key’.

Everything Is Energy Albert Einstein
Everything Is Energy
Albert Einstein

Update 8-12-13: CONFIRMATON Portals – On the Trail of Dark Energy: Physicists Propose Higgs Boson ‘Portal’

“Current observations of the universe show it is expanding at an accelerated rate. But this acceleration cannot be accounted for on the basis of matter alone. Putting energy in empty space produces a repulsive gravitational force opposing the attractive force produced by matter, including the dark matter that is inferred to dominate the mass of essentially all galaxies, but which doesn’t interact directly with light and, therefore, can only be estimated by its gravitational influence.

Because of this phenomenon and because of what is observed in the universe, it is thought that such ‘dark energy’ contributes up to 70 percent of the total energy density in the universe, while observable matter contributes only 2 to 5 percent, with the remaining 25 percent or so coming from dark matter.

The source of this dark energy and the reason its magnitude matches the inferred magnitude of the energy in empty space is not currently understood, making it one of the leading outstanding problems in particle physics today.

“Our paper makes progress in one aspect of this problem,” said Krauss, a Foundation Professor in ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics, and the director of the Origins Project at ASU. “Now that the Higgs boson has been discovered, it provides a possible ‘portal’ to physics at much higher energy scales through very small possible mixings and couplings to new scalar fields which may operate at these scales.”

“We demonstrate that the simplest small mixing, related to the ratios of the scale at which electroweak physics operates, and a possible Grand Unified Scale, produces a possible contribution to the vacuum energy today of precisely the correct order of magnitude to account for the observed dark energy,” Krauss explained. “Our paper demonstrates that a very small energy scale can at least be naturally generated within the context of a very simple extension of the standard model of particle physics.”

Portals are to physics as a catalyst is to chemistry would be a fairly close analogy.  One has to at least question are sub-atomic particles responsible for ordinary chemical bonds?  If so, it would show this newer nuke ‘disintegration’, as opposed to old nuke ‘vaporization’.

Cold fusion 2000 –

Update 1-19-14: The transference of ‘quantum states’.

Update 12-5-14: Excellent Definition of #Virtual Particles: What are they?   “It refers precisely to a disturbance in a field that is not a particle.”   What’s the frequency Kenneth?  Seems to be a frequency – vibrational occurrence causing particle transformations via other particles fields, if I’m reading this right.  Squeeze the particles close enough, and Viola, instant virtual particles. and portals?  Enter Casimir taking out Coulomb.

#Antimatter: In the 1930s, physicist Ettore Majorana proposed that a particle existed that was made of both matter and antimatter; even so, physicists could not find any trace of the particle — until now. The majorana fermion, a mysterious particle made of both matter and antimatter has eluded physicists for 80 years,
Related Article: Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Nuclear Fusion Energy – Basic Primer

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