DOJ Officially ‘Opens Hunting Season’ for Mexicans: Legal to Shoot Mexicans Across the Border.

DOJ Officially ‘Opens Hunting Season’ for Mexicans: Legal to Shoot Mexicans Across the Border.  Canadian Season ‘Pending’.


So far only the Mexican Season has been opened.  However, good news for our Northern thugs, this should clear the way for a ‘Canadian Hunting Season’ – ‘Unamed sources somewhere’ said there is a growing danger from ‘Snowball Terrorists’ – perhaps even a ‘bounty’ may be issued?.


NO LIMIT ON MEXICANS! See Warning Restrictions!


1. There is no ‘tagging, or ‘bagging’.  This is strictly shoot and release.

2. Mexicans may NOT be shot while in the US.  Mexicans may only be shot IN Mexico.  Shooting Mexicans IN Canada should also be OK.  So if any of you Canadians start hearing Spanish from a US government thug, I suggest you run like your life depends on it. Especially, if you happen to be wearing a sombrero and throwing a snowball.

DOJ ‘unamed source somewhere’ says, ‘Mexicans cheaper than targets for ‘target practice’, and Mexicans fall down when hit, so you know it was a good shot without having to walk to the target.  Someone almost always ‘cleans up’ and if not the Mexicans are ‘biodegradable’ – So it’s ALL Green – Note governments tremendous efforts on the environment here – US Leaders are DOING A GREAT JOB.’

CIA military ‘unnamed source somewhere’ says the military may have to intervene, and that war games with live artillery rounds are scheduled soon – date classified for national security.  Another NSA ‘unnamed source somewhere’ chimed in, ‘It’s starting to look like Gaza with the rock throwing child terrorists. NATIONAL SECURITY IS AT STAKE! GOD is on our side.  God is doing almost as good a job as government is. US leadersip has saved  9 BILLION US  lives with our ‘anti-terrorist’ oppressive reign. Now Praise US for your SAFETY or become the enemy.’

Some portion of the above is satire, some of it is right on the money, and some of it is embellished.  But, in this era of secrecy, terrorists, torture, rendition, droning US citizens, national security, exposing government crimes is a crime, spying, media propaganda, lies, black flag operations, false flag operations, Northwood Operations, no constitutional rights, judges deciding what evidence is seen, government prosecutors deciding if government should even be brought to trial, judges deciding how evidence must be ‘evaluated’, etc, et al; Even the author is not entirely sure which is which in many instances.

The author is only sure of the fact that a child has been murdered for ‘moving his right arm like throwing’ by an oppressive, murderous, torturing, spying, secret, authoritarian government, and ‘somehow’ it’s legal.

“U.S. says no charges for border agent who shot Mexican teen”

“No charges were brought because the department “lacks jurisdiction” to prosecute the agent under a criminal civil rights use of force statute that “requires that the victim be in the United States when he was injured,” it said.

Over the past five years, U.S. border agents have fired into Mexico at least 10 times, killing six Mexicans, according to a report released earlier this year by the Washington Monthly and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

In another Border Patrol shooting incident in Nogales in October, 16-year-old Mexican citizen Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was shot at least seven times from behind after an agent, or agents, opened fire across the border.”,0,5800643.story

More details: Guilty of throwing stones while someone carried a bundle.

“‘Not on our soil’: US Border Patrol agent won’t be charged over killing Mexican youth

Border Patrol received a report about drugs being moved across the border. On arrival they pinpointed a man carrying a bundle with alleged drugs who made an escape attempt while his withdrawal was covered by four people who pelted agents with stones from Mexican territory, forcing the agents to take cover.

According to the agents’ report they ordered the stone throwers to stop in Spanish, but one of them, Ramses Barron-Torres, continued with the barrage, so law enforcement simply shot him through the border fence once.”

Cross Border Killings - Mexico - US
Cross Border Killings – Mexico – US

So, again.  It’s ALL LEGAL.  Government is doing an AWESOME, AMAZING, IMPOSSIBLE (US just needs a few more of our freedoms for SAFETY) JOB – No this time the US really means it.  US is NOT LYING THIS TIME. Only a few more rock throwing children need to be murdered and then US will ‘reform, transparency, freedom, safety, BETTER job, yadda, yadda, yadda….   One more time.  Legal, Government = God, Government Good, TERRORISTS, SAFETY.  Praise God and your God Protectors.  But, if caught US will gladly ‘reform’ and start hiding it better.

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