Pictures: US Boston Weapon – Both ‘Explosions’ – The Secret of the Pure Fusion Weapon – Li7 – Lithium 7

The US Government Drill: Boston Fireballs – Bombs – One for Show, One for Glow, and How The Secret of Lithium 7 ‘Hot – Cold Fusion’ Weaponry – Ballotechnic Fusion – Was Proven

Photograph of Boston Fireball - 2nd Explosion

How Does This:
Produce This: ?

Plastic doesn’t melt and man I’m getting me some of those batteries – because if they can come out of something like the shown blast – those are some MIRACULOUS batteries. Recent evidence – glass outside building – shows fireball from building used as a ‘vent’. The two bottom windows are being blown out. The window fireball to the left showed the least resistance to the explosion. The window to the right of it is slightly late in showing up – so had a ‘more resistance to flow – further away from the force. Note the weak force of the fireball – glass barely made it a few feet from the window. No sign of the first explosions impact on people and objects. No massive gusts of wind as in first explosion (one commenter described it as if ‘the building exhaled’). Two entirely different types of ‘explosions’.

Sidewalk view of second Boston Explosion.

Compare the blast waves of the two explosions – or more appropriately the lack of a blast impact in the second explosion – Seen also in this video – but does not show the first blast and being pumped as 2 similar explosions

The Second fireball explosion appears to be more of an incendiary device (gasoline, jet fuel – kerosene) exploded by a small charge – the kind of thing seen in movies and drills – Requires HUGE backpack, ie, not easily transportable – just a 55 gallon drum is several hundred pounds and is kind of hard to not notice. The first explosion is of much higher caliber, duration and effects.

Current Theory – R/O Testing of the Smallest Pure Fusion Bomb?, Nuke?, Fireball?, Burn?, Weapon! – Although, technically, it has, or can have some of the attributes all (depending upon the components picked to be used in the weapon, and thereby changing its ‘release of energy pattern’ – Exs. The individual energy release size to be used, radioactive residue, focusing of the output, type of radiation produced, and several more). Since the ‘output’ can be varied almost infinitely, weapon is the only consistently accurate term.

Comparison of the two fireballs. Note: White hot center of finish line explosion. Way more heat in the first explosion and way more power than in the second explosion. One could very easily describe the finish line explosion: (Relatively) “… no bang, no cloud, keep the same shape while they detonate, “but, Boy!, do they get hot!”

Picture of Boston Marathon First Explosion – (original picture used in comparison graphic previous) (The previous nytimes photo looks different than the one in the comparison – here’s one that looks exactly the same – except white hot areas are different – much more defined, similar to the comparison picture. ) Same photo with named individuals –

Here’s another video of the finish line explosion and the Boston Library.

Now check out – “Shortly after the explosions, several of the operatives ran toward the scene, and one was photographed using what appears to be a radiation detector at the finish line.”

Also interesting: Israeli Police Aid In Crude Bomb Bombings?

Note Bill Iffrig: “Iffrig briefly saw a remnant of what he believes was the bomb, a casing that looked like a coffee can, he said.”

“Then all this smoke was coming from someplace, and I wasn’t able to see too much.”

“Iffrig, who was running in his third Boston Marathon, said he was “feeling pretty good” about his time when he saw the finish line in sight about 15 feet away. Then he heard a blast and his body trembled.”

“The shock waves must have hit my body, and my legs just started going like noodles,” Iffrig later told ESPN, “and I knew I was going down right there.

“Iffrig said most of the other runners near the area weren’t as close to the explosion as he was.”

Check out the depth of the drill:

Drills, and more drills.

Here we go – Pure Fusion Neutron Bomb – 3 x normal ratio of Li7/Li6 mix, no fission products needed, tritium not necessary but only need be added for more power, and a palladium trigger – acts as a catalyst for electron transfer (Relatively weak chemical bond Ex: warmth of curing concrete) to start neutron out of the nucleus releasing nuclear energy and the neutron, ie, Li mix injected into palladium or vice versa – although it seems like Beryllium – used in inner bomb as deflectors would also work. Li 7 +e →He 7 →He 6 →Li 6 … Lithium 7 with the addition of an electron (a simple chemical bond will easily produce) the expulsion of a neutron and yield more Li 6. Shhh! It’s a secret.

Note the Titled Scientific paper – Deuterium and Li7 Concordance in Inhomogeneous Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Models: Spoiler – Happens by itself under the right circumstances – “ABSTRACT Recent observational constraints on primodial deuterium and Li7 correspond to different values of the baryon-to-photon ratio when applied to the Standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (SBBN) model. In this article these constraints are applied to baryon Inhomogeneous (IBBN) models. A depletion factor of 3.4 applied to the Li7 constraints will bring Li7, deuterium and He4 constraints in concordance for both the SBBN and IBBN models. A depletion factor of 6.1 will bring concordance for the IBBN model alone.” (Note: This study uses ‘photons’ as the energy source for Li6, Li7 nuclear reaction to occur – ‘excited’ electrons release photons. The energy of an electron is significantly higher than a photon – which the excited electron also produces.)

Li6/Li7 fusion reactor – Time: 1957 – “[Lithium-7 deuteride and lithium-6 deuteride fusion fuel] costs… – and with the advertised prices for heavy water [containing deuterium]. The latter sells for $28 per pound. … the separation cost for lithium-6 … should not be excessive since the isotopes Li-6 and Li-7 differ in mass by as much as 15 % and are therefore relatively easy to separate… Making conservative assumptions about the fission yield in the [dirty U-238 fission] jacket, one concludes that a ton of TNT equivalent can be produced in the jacket for a fraction of one cent. … It would undoubtedly be more expensive to construct a bomb without [a U-238 fission jacket]. And it would certainly be a much more difficult technical undertaking, since the success of Stage II [fusion of lithium deuteride] strongly depends upon the presence of the jacket. The neutron linkage and the cyclic nature of the multi-stage bomb make for a marriage between fission and fusion.” (Note: The reaction has been known for years as one can clearly see, but they are still at the ‘sledge hammer’ neutron pounding stage. The knowledge of Li7 only needing an electron or photon allows the easy substitution for the amount of energy needed.  The only thing missing is Palladium – the only metal that allows H – Hydrogen to pass through it. So when cold fusion was discovered, it had to be ‘discredited’ or the secret of pure fusion nukes and triggers would be clearly seen. Enter ‘Dr’ Steven Jones who murdered it with ‘Muon’ BS.)
Dr Ralph E. Lapp, “The Humanitarian H-Bomb”, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, September 1956, p. 264.

Micro Pure Fusion Known and Classified for years. “Micro-fusion work of Friedwardt Winterberg from the 1950’s-1970s was recently declassified [not sure when the declassification happened. It may have been some time ago. Classified status was mentioned in the paper but classified/declassified is not relevant]. Winterberg has several ideas for using micro-fusion without fission bomb triggers to generate nuclear energy or power spacecraft. Winterberg was proposing pure deuterium micro-explosions.”

LENR Cold Fusion reference for Li6/Li7 – “Excess heat” and “heat after death” in a gas loading hydrogen/palladium system. in The 9th International Conference on Cold Fusion, Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. 2002.

More from Dr. Samuel T. Cohen on Pure Fusion – Hitler’s (and current Nazi’s) Suppressed and Still Secret Weapons… “With the new type of explosive, the fission bomb is unnecessary. As nuclear bombs go, the pure fusion bombs have an extremely low blast, equivalent to 1 ton of TNT: a “pop, not a bang.” “The new type of non nuclear explosives are called ballotechnic materials. Cohen says that unlike other explosives, they produce no bang, no cloud, keep the same shape while they detonate, “but, Boy!, do they get hot!” Ballotechnics may have already led to very small fission bombs as well as pure fusion.”

Related reference – Big Bang Nucleosynthesis – Extra Credit! –

According and included in the portals theory are antimatter, cold fusion, pure fusion weapons, virtual photons, coulomb’s law, and dark energy. ALL of these are integral to each other. The difference between matter and antimatter is only a portal away?  The difference between no energy and energy is only a portal away?

Update 8-12-13: CONFIRMATON Portals – On the Trail of Dark Energy: Physicists Propose Higgs Boson ‘Portal’ “Current observations of the universe show it is expanding at an accelerated rate. But this acceleration cannot be accounted for on the basis of matter alone. Putting energy in empty space produces a repulsive gravitational force opposing the attractive force produced by matter, including the dark matter that is inferred to dominate the mass of essentially all galaxies, but which doesn’t interact directly with light and, therefore, can only be estimated by its gravitational influence.

Because of this phenomenon and because of what is observed in the universe, it is thought that such ‘dark energy’ contributes up to 70 percent of the total energy density in the universe, while observable matter contributes only 2 to 5 percent, with the remaining 25 percent or so coming from dark matter.

The source of this dark energy and the reason its magnitude matches the inferred magnitude of the energy in empty space is not currently understood, making it one of the leading outstanding problems in particle physics today.

“Our paper makes progress in one aspect of this problem,” said Krauss, a Foundation Professor in ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics, and the director of the Origins Project at ASU. “Now that the Higgs boson has been discovered, it provides a possible ‘portal’ to physics at much higher energy scales through very small possible mixings and couplings to new scalar fields which may operate at these scales.”

“We demonstrate that the simplest small mixing, related to the ratios of the scale at which electroweak physics operates, and a possible Grand Unified Scale, produces a possible contribution to the vacuum energy today of precisely the correct order of magnitude to account for the observed dark energy,” Krauss explained. “Our paper demonstrates that a very small energy scale can at least be naturally generated within the context of a very simple extension of the standard model of particle physics.”

Portals are to physics as a catalyst is to chemistry would be a fairly close analogy.   Chemical reactions have been known for centuries, Are there specific physics sub-particle reactions going on that cause them?

The US Wouldn’t Nuke Its Own People? WAKE UP AND GLOW!

A nice nuclear comparison of Li6 – Li7: The Pea and the Beach-Ball (Awesome reference to show the differences in Li6 and Li7. Very simplified, but still a nice ‘primer’ on some aspects of basic physics and chemistry)

The Origin of Government Fascism: Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

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Picture Stuff: What do these ‘terrorist attacks’ have in common? Spoiler – Government drills of the exact scenario.

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This article was written to expose the Boston government drills being hidden by government and to expose the science behind ‘ballotechnic fusion’. Unlike ‘Proven Nukes’ where we have massive data proving nukes, this is very early (days and in some cases hours) in the investigation, so the current working theory (same process used in proving of ‘Proven Nukes’ – part of the Scientific Method) R/O – (Rule Out – MD investigative theory of SOAP, where the most likely (per current symptoms or ‘evidence’) for the most deadly possibility must be considered FIRST. In essence a cross between SOAP and Scientific Method) Testing of the Newest, Smallest Ballotechnic Fusion Bomb-Burn on Its Own People. It has passed hypothesis stage and progressed to Main Current Theory stage. We have referenced proof of government and Nazi experiments on its own people. We have referenced proof ‘ballotechnic fusion’ occurring in nature in the appropriate conditions and the science behind it – a variant of Cold Fusion, Hot Cold Fusion. And a lot more… It’s NOT showing up anywhere in MSM or ‘Alternative Truth Media?’ The information in this article is significant on many levels. Please. Feel free to share and repost this article in its entirety with my Blessing and Thanks. Nothing new – as long as link credited to original source, all of my articles are Public Domain.

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