Fighting Fascist Government With Skillet Meals

Fighting Fascist Government With Skillet Meals

Saves Time, Money, Dependence, and  DIRECTLY gives resistance to assistance of the 'corpses' of US
Saves Time, Money, Dependence, and DIRECTLY gives resistance to assistance of the ‘corpses’ of US

Home Meals vs Adulterated Cheap Fast Food: There simply is no comparison, one is cheap crap of dubious ‘benefit’, at best; the other is cheaper, yummy, actual ‘nourishment’. So, after finishing last nights, thick pork chop, smothered in potatoes, onions, garlic, and a few dashes of a sweet BBQ sauce, salt, creole seasoning. Mostly gravy with small amount of the remnants noted. Dr Ed’s ‘Skillet Meals’ Policy = skillet = a non stick large skillet, used for almost ALL cooking (no washing – I try not to even wipe the inside.) Leftover skillet stuff, just incorporate for flavoring in the next meal. Now this flavoring is essentially insignificant for taste in another ‘full skillet’ meal, But, added to a couple eggs, cheese, butter, and significantly less seasoning than would be needed… It makes a yummy breakfast. Although, the ‘coloring’ sucks, the yellow and white turn to more of a color of the residual left in the skillet. But, the taste is just f!cking yummy. The skillet makes a nice warm plate – with measured cheap induction cooking pick your temp within 5 degrees. Essentially zero cleanup – when now’s plate is later’s skillet, a skillet lid is required for ‘best’ cooking, and the minimal refrigeration storage needed. Time? No getting in the car, waiting in line, making sure you got what you ordered, trip back to get it if you didn’t – no opportunity for the karma ‘cobb’ that can accompany it, getting out, and finally eating. Cost? Calorie for calorie – looped: Fast food is mega calories – and depending on what is ordered you pay from 1/3 to possibly as low as 1/10 of what you would pay at ‘fast food’, not even counting ‘real’ restaurants. So not only do you save from 60 to 90%, you save the taxes on that amount. Taste? Another no comparison: There simply is no comparison in something prepared for ‘everyone’ vs something prepared specifically for your taste at that particular time. Quality? Sawdust, additives, preservatives, pink slime, and the occasional ‘snot loogie’ – only if you want them. Resistance effect? Significant. Yes, you are paying one corporation, but you are paying significantly less than a ‘prepared corporate meal of crap’, and the taxes on it, as well as significant traveling expense as they ‘add up’. And this neglects what buying ‘uncooked food’ allows… MAKING YOUR OWN FOOD. Avacados, Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Polmergranite, Celery, Beans, and many, many more can be made from ‘scraps’. Cutting corporate throats world wide. Seems I was in my ‘kitchen’ preparing breakfast – electric cookers, no gas as it seems the payments for just being allowed access to gas, pays about 1/3 of my total electric bill (I don’t run the ‘cold’ water heater constantly, only when I’m going to be using ‘hot’ water, and a significant ‘cut’ in my funding a government ‘corpse’) – chanting and grinning… “This is going to be YUMMY!”, and it WAS, so I wrote it up. Best, Dr Ed Ed Ward, MD Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Nuclear Fusion Energy – Basic Primer #DanceMonkeysDance