WTC Covert Operations? – Even Joe Vialls Corrupt? Inept? The `mouthpiece’ for Someone Else? Question Everything When Something Doesn’t Add Up. + Samuel Cohen Shame Quotes

WTC Covert Operations? – Even Joe Vialls Corrupt? Inept? The `mouthpiece’ for Someone Else? Question Everything When Something Doesn’t Add Up. + Samuel Cohen Shame Quotes


Vialls alive until 2005, but all he knows is autopilot jive? Mr. here a nuke, there a nuke, everywhere a nuke. He had to make the connection. I used his efforts as reference in US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs  He had to know. – Not a peep that I can find.

Where was Nukes in NYC? There was Nukes in Bali  , Nukes in London  , Nukes in Indonesia l , etc, et al? Where was Nukes in NYC?

The only nukes Vialls saw were still in Bali, at least until 2003. Complaining the press won’t cover Bali.  .

He has two articles on 9 11 that I can find and you’d think he never even heard the word micro nuke?

Home Run

Electronically Hijacking the World Trade Center Attack Aircraft

Copyright Joe Vialls, October 2001

The 911 You Were Never Told About – Was The White House Attacked By A Drone Plane With A Dead Pilot?

There is simply no way Vialls didn’t instantly ID the same nuke damage he points out abroad. So it seems Vialls most likely scenario is classic CIA spy vs spy vs spy, left hand vs right hand propaganda being used for agitation in those areas. Just my opinion based on SOP and noted facts.

Just some nuke facts from Mr. Neutron Bomb… Cohen retitled the book in its final printing, “F!CK YOU, Mr. President!”

Re: Shame

Cohen points out that the neutron bomb doesn’t have the collateral damage of fallout, blast and heat effects that occurred in Hiroshima, but enhanced neutron flash radiation: `in about a thousandth of a second it will seriously irradiate enemy soldiers (in tanks, self-propelled artillery vehicles, armored personnel carriers, in field bunkers, and most other places where they may be) out to a distance of about half to three-quarters of a mile for a warhead yield of a kiloton… Roughly half will die, most rather quickly from shock to the central nervous system. … What doesn’t it do? Well, for start-offs, when the war is over the civilian areas — villages, towns, cities — will be in just about the shape they were in before it started. There will be no lingering radioactivity [residual doses from neutron induced activity in soil are insignificant compared to the flash dose of neutrons, and it decays quickly as in Hiroshima] prevent occupation of these areas; in fact, they can be reentered almost immediately.

Also a nice read…

DECAY RATE. The decay rate of radioactive

materials from a single weapon can be determined with fair accuracy by using the ABCM1A1 radiac calculator, which is a component of the M28A1 calculator set or by using newly developed automated aids. To make a quick estimate of fallout decay, analysts decrease the intensity by a factor of ten as the time after the burst increases by multiples of seven. For example, a dose rate of 50 cGy/hour at 1 hour after the burst decays to 5 cGy/hour in 7 hours and to about 0.50 cGy/hour in 49 hours. Boundaries for significant areas of newly depositedfallout are based on dose rates. For short-term (24-hour) occupancy of an area, the dose rate is 20 cGy/hour at 1 hour after the burst. For longer term occupancy, the dose rate is 10 cGy/hour at1 hour after the burst. FM 3-12 and FM 3-22 contain specific details of fallout prediction, decay,and total dose calculations.

Craters caused by surface and shallow subsurface bursts will be contaminated by neutron-induced radiation and residual radioactive fission products. The activity in and around the crater can be estimated one hour after detonation, and the decay rate established as discussed above.

Photo: 2443-photos_aeriennes_du_11_sept_002.jpg

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