NOLA NOPD RICO Conspiracy Gone Wild? Criminal Cops, Reporters…

More NOLA RICO – See 8-21-14 Update

New Orleans, LA: NOPD RICO Conspiracy Gone Wild? Criminal Cops, Reporters, City Government, etc , et al: Pass Falsification of Police Documents on Multiple Levels – As Late Discloser of ‘Details’?

Don't worry - No FBI this time -  Nazis Protecting Nazis.  It was just lack of details - Not Falsification of Official Police Documents.  Evidence.
Don’t worry – No FBI this time – Nazis Protecting Nazis. It was just lack of details – Not Falsification of Official Police Documents. Evidence.

Update 8-20-14: Seems Goggle Google, and WordPress don’t like the picture above – Soft Spot ID-Ed – So… Reader comment: FBI agents need to remain vigilant against the NOPD’s ‘corruption virus’  So…. What ever happened to the 2 FBI agents working to ID corruption?  Mysteriously Dead?  ROFL,  Highly Doubtful.  Mysteriously Richer? MLS – Most Likely Scenario.  Followed closely by… Quietly removed from assignment.  Which is also followed closely by… Right up in the middle of it for the standard Blood Money Check.   Meanwhile, 2 FBI agents assigned NOPD Corruption Seem to Be MIA.

By Definition All Cop Crime Cover Ups Are Rico Conspiracies From Cops to Courts All Criminal Felons
By Definition All Cop Crime Cover Ups Are Rico Conspiracies From Cops to Courts All Criminal Felons

In the censoring factual comments WDSU’s article, NOPD apologizes for not disclosing details of officer-involved shooting , (BTW, take the link and get bogged down in some autoplay spam video WDSU  has for you, along with the BS article – Too late, WDSU seems to have killed the link For those that may want to wayback it. BTW, wayback is also subject to censorship – many old files vaporized) we find:

The “/news/local-news/new-orleans/nopd-officer-suffers-minor-hand-injury-in-earlymorning-incident-in-tall-timbers/27460890”

only initial account of the incident from the major offense

logs shows an officer requested assistance because the officer’s life was in danger in the 3700 block of Mimosa Court about 1:29 a.m. Monday.

“The log read as follows:

#H-13388-14 108/Officer Needs Assit. Life in Danger Unit 1420

01:29hrs 3700 block of Mimosa Ct. P/O Sgt. Glaudi

Gist: Officer was in area, heard shots fried [sic],, had altercation with subject and sustained minor injury to right hand. The officer was taken to Tulane Hospital by unit 1420.”

This report is a KNOWN FALSIFIED DOCUMENT, WITH FALSE ‘EVIDENCE’ – Shot’s fired? Strange that NOPD Lisa Lewis didn’t say squat about shot fired – simply that Lisa Lewis and partner ‘saw’ Armand after they and the Entire NOPD  had been looking for him since he pushed her WITH A GUN IN HIS HAND – Armand Bennett got away and didn’t even get shot while ‘supposedly’ HOLDING A GUN, but did get shot when we know he was unarmed.  It’s the only thing I love about lies…. Eventually, Lies always ‘eat their young’, and the more liars you have, the sooner they have to dine. 😉

Like Saturn Devouring His Son - Eventually, Lies Must Devour Their Young
Like Saturn Devouring His Son – Eventually, Lies Must Devour Their Young

And of course, no mention of ‘detail’ NOPD Lisa shooting, ‘detail’, unarmed Armand in the head, and then firing another shot at him as he ran for his life.

8-15-14: Bond set for Armand Bennett shot by NOPD officer.  According to charges, the ‘attack’ on the NOPD officer, resisting arrest, ‘officers’ life in danger – attempted murder – forget about it, etc, et al, didn’t happen – forget about it.  And definitely forget about the falsified logs, shots heard prior to them being fired, or any of a myriad of cop corruption evidence complete with cover up.  Bond set with NO Trial date?  Email sent to Nandi Campbell to check on trial date of Armand, and if this is standard procedure – Bond is given to insure trial – trial date is issued and defendant signs to be present for trial at the same time from my understanding.  IE, they  have to ‘re-serve’ a trial date, instead of just having him sign it while in custody?

I’ve received an attorney comment from a reader: “In Louisiana a person is arrested and a bond is set, then the DA has 60 days (120 if the person bonds out) to decide if they will accept the charges.” – verifying.  But, I expect it is correct.  So apparently no real need  of any real evidence to be ‘arrested’, and just as possible to have no charges for those with real evidence and connected to the good ole boys.  Just coincidences of bastardized UNConstitutional Law, I’m sure.  😉  They arrest you and 60 days before the ‘elites’ decide if you are even going to be charged.  Seems like they’d save a SH!T load of problems having the ‘buddy’ DA ‘Can Man’ doing his job BEFORE going  out and arresting people.  What’s a few peon Rights to the ‘holy chosen’, the DA can’t be bothered with worrying about peon arrests.  Note: Seems ALL the resisting arrests from both ‘altercations’ have ‘vaporized’?  Apparently, grabbing NOPD Lewis’s gun without touching her and shooting himself in the head, then running for his life (with the gun miraculously discharging again – possibly a voodoo zombie gun), so as not to do it again; and not ‘pushing’ her while armed to escape, since no one is being charged with assault or resisting arrest.

All of this from a ‘traffic stop’ for a ‘partially obscured license plate’ – squint, squint, wink, wink…

From top to bottom criminal, corrupt, accessories to any associated crime by legal definition, bastions of honesty, fairness, truth, exposing facts, etc, knowingly distribute falsified information in police records and public information, as late disclosure of a ‘detail’.

Welcome to Main Stream and Alternative Government Media
Welcome to Main Stream and Alternative Government Media  –   With Vital Censorship of Commenting Facts

No, they aren’t criminal scumbags… they are just really, really, really useless, stupid f!cks that would have to take taxis to get to work in protective head helmets, and have their name, and address sewn in their clothing to be that F!CKING STUPID.

For those that choose to ignore and deny, the 'sock puppets' of feigned and real tyranny
For those that choose to ignore and deny, the ‘sock puppets’ of feigned and real tyranny

Serpas out as police chief; to take tenured post at Loyola

8-21-14: Censoring Comments, and our ‘See no cop evil DA Cannizzaro’ want you to know about past RICO, Current RICO, not so much, and must be Censored with the crime ignored.    In Briana Allen killing, prosecutors unleash major racketeering indictment

It’s not falsification of police documents and evidence. It’s “NOPD just forgot some ‘details’ – not to mention a few made up ‘details’ – and they certainly weren’t.  How Proud You Scumbags Must Be.  But, What I Really Wanna’ Know  Is…  …  Do your handlers wash the blood off the checks?  Or, do they make you scumbags do it?  Madboy Grips the Microphone with A Fistful of Steel WAKE UP!

For more on Armand, Lisa and Related – Ferguson: 8-15-14, NOLA: NOPD Commands Ed Ward, MD “Stay Inside.”

Philly More Cops Gone Wild on RICO

So to me, there is absolutely no doubt as to why ‘Serpass’ Serpas Resigned. Interesting how he already has a University job in 3 days max, but looks more like one day. Amazing how there was a vacant job waiting to be filled, and certainly the standard procedures were followed in such an extremely rapid hiring. Silly me, for a hiring of this sort, I thought there would have to be meetings, votes, etc. et al. Nope. Red rover, red rover, send Serpas right over… for some ‘university’ money… Wouldn’t want ‘good ole boy’, errand boy of fascist, murdering, scum elites, ‘U. SerpUS’ Serpas to miss a Blood Money check.

8-22-14: The New Nazi Super Cop M. Harisson states in a flurry of rambling  safe, safer, safe, for cops, for the city, for honesty BS, that he was approached Saturday?  So, according to Super Mikie Harisson, he might have known Saturday, or maybe Wednesday when he was made temporary ‘super’, but definitely by Thursday when he was made permanent ‘super’.  So it really, really, really, caught him off guard, either Saturday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Now that’s what I call a super cop. BTW, safe, safety, for the city, for the cops, for the people.  Rah, Rah, the scam empty BS starts already.

Now, according to the Gambit, the resignation, and new ‘super’ happened on Aug 18. .  According to reality and the facts, it wasn’t done until Aug 21.  But, passing it off as the 18th… that’s real news – when you can pass it off as happening 3 days earlier  – forget about all the press conferences Serpas had thinking it was fine that one his Nazis shot an unarmed man in the head, and the mass of other fraudulent RICO Conspiracy pesky problems.  Certainly no criminal conspiracy here, just ‘coincidences’ where things happened prior to them happening, multiple falsification of police documents, shots ‘heard’ prior to the officer firing the only shots ‘heard’, verified by fraudulent document (MLS, is there are a lot more fraudulent documents, but no one is going to look.  The DA ‘Can man’ and the RICO Conspiracy Cops are working ‘hand in hand’, according to Serpass Serpas). So whatever you do, forget about the unarmed Bennett shot in the head and running for his life, forget about fraudulent reports, massive reporting ignoring cop fraud…  They just forgot for few days until they were caught…, just a little error, a slip through the ‘cracks’ – it’s no ‘crack’, unless the cops are on it, it’s a CRATER – just a little SNAFU – Situation NORMAL ALL F!CKED UP – by corrupt, criminal cops, that shouldn’t be and aren’t being reported by after the fact accessories in media by legal definition.

Note: My Usual Thanks to Jeff Rense of for consistent coverage of my information when virtually no other ‘media’ will cover – main or alt – not even in ‘comments’.

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Happy 12th Anniversary of Murder and Treason:

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