Anti-Zionism Propagandized as Anti-Semitism by Zionist Agendas

Finding out if your group has zionist agendas: Distribute these 3 referenced verifiable of facts of religious cultism in organized religions – some since the dawn of mankind and US current cult religious oppresion. If your post is censored or you have suddenly become an anti-semite – which somehow translates to anti-jew as if no other semites exist (same ole zionist beliefs), then you know your gathering leadership has zionist agendas.

Anti-Zionism Propagandized as Anti-Semitism by Zionist Agendas
AKA: Ted Pike’s and Mike Hoffman’s, Proven, Referenced, Verifiable Facts of Zionism


Finding out if your group has zionist agendas: Distribute these 3 referenced verifiable of facts of religious cultism in organized religions – some since the dawn of mankind and US current cult religious oppresion. If your post is censored or you have suddenly become an anti-semite – which somehow translates to anti-jew as if no other semites exist (same ole zionist beliefs), then you know your gathering leadership has zionist agendas. Zionist agendas are in all of the religions and in ‘unknown’ religious agenda gatherings. Merely because there are some in a religion that believe themselves superior to others, certainly does not mean all of that religion also believe the same. Indeed, there are many within their individual religion exposing/denouncing the murderous cultish sects. Jews Against Zionism: Jeff Rense on Jews/Zionism:

Can anyone deny the relationship between Zionists and US NeoFascists? Add a few other fringe groups. There are 5 million Mormons in the US and they want to get to 70 million. There is heavy Illuminati influence in Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholics, Christians, Jewish – Talmud, Muslim – Koran -reaction to Talmud, etc religions. They were.always at War with each other due to their country’s isolation. But, as time progressed the religious fascists nations had to interact. The ‘chosen’ of each religion had to interact. Peace of the brotherhood was beneficial to all. Unity brings strength, numbers and assures the ‘heathens’ will always be under control. After that, it’s only about who is the ‘Most Chosen’ of the ‘Chosen People’ to fill their ‘Most Chosen’ coffers with the biggest share.

The idea that some guy in a temple somehow has more ‘connections’ to my God than Me and that I need him to connect to my God simply astounds me. According to historical documents and the ‘allowed to survive’ (What happened to Mary’s – Some say Queen of the Apostles – Gospel?) religious documents, Jesus was a man – son of God on this earth, just as all mankind was created in God’s image (children of, equal, equal potential to fill). The only documents that come to mind indicate that Jesus – the son of God – was not interested in filling temple coffers when their was scam cultism afoot. There have been many similar beings that displayed God’s Will in their lives in many religions, yet somehow these have been bastardized to the point of heresy by bigotry, hatred and lust have founded a cultish sect of superior ‘chosen people’ with more rights than the unchosen. Now, the ‘chosen people’ are Illuminated in an Illumanti brotherhood of the chosen. Think of the Illuminati/Bilderberg as a group of leaders of cultish sects rather than an individual sect – although all of the different ‘illuminated’ sects have the core belief of absolute superiority/conrol over the inferior by imprisonment, aggression, violence, torture, murder and genocide.

1. A Documented Exposé of Supremacist Rabbinic Hate Literature By Warrant of John 18:37, Galatians 4:16: by Michael Hoffman, foremost scholar of Judaism in the English-speaking world (At least some current zionists (see Gaza/Palestine) proudly affirm a Talmud belief (superior ‘chosen people’/inferior ‘unchosen people’) – that’s not a secret – the secret is in the quotes of some of the Talmud and it’s ‘Rabies’). “Genocide Advocated by the Talmud:
Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog (“Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed”).”

2. “Have You Read the Talmud Lately?” By Rev. Ted Pike provides a secondary source for documentation of what is clearly defined as a cultish sect and not the entire religion/people.

3. “The “Other” Zionists – TOZ: All the organized religions have and have had religious cults, there is a large internet Mormon – the BYU crew is larger than just 911, 1/3 of the zionist agenda (force religious beliefs as gov law – No BCP, Birth or Die, obey ‘our’ God’s Will or Rot in Jail criminal) constitution party (activists in many areas especially Ron Paul) – presence on the internet denying, misrepresenting and hiding zionist agendas for zionist agendas. See mulltiple referenced information regarding the formation of ‘the chosen’ of ‘the chosen’ – Christian Israelites (Better than Christian and Judaism) and their CIA ‘love affair’ of murder, torture, destruction, oppression, power and control.

The basic zionist response is hysterical nazi-anti-semite (again somehow meaning anti-jew) chanting. The more you ask for a quote to show a proven fact is somehow bigotry against all jews, the more they chant ‘nazi-anti-semite’.

Here’s a typical nonfactual post – not to be confused with the typical predominate personal attacks (who knew zionists would show themselves in their actions) zionist propaganda post and response:

‘zionist propagandist’ wrote:

Oh come on! Michael Hoffman II is a white-supremacist Hitler-loving holocaust-denying Nazi. …………, please do not post material from Nazis!


zionist propagandist,

Isn’t it interesting that unreferenced lies and scam never seem to require or note facts – they always want to tell you what the facts ‘really’ mean instead of actually showing the facts.

The following are Mike Hoffman’s actual quotes vs the lies of zionist propaganda.

If by “Holocaust” you mean that hundreds of thousands of Jews suffered and died at the hands of Nazi Germany and its agents, due to starvation, disease and gunfire, and that many other Judaics were deported from Germany under conditions of cruelty and hardship, then by that specific and limited definition the “holocaust” word can be assigned to those specifics as an Orwellian exercize in pop Newspeak.

Not quite. No revisionist says that the concentration camps “didn’t happen” or that persecution of the Jews “didn’t happen.”

What revisionists raise is the question of what specifically did transpire in those camps.
So the accurate analogy would be to doubts concerning the official teaching about the Confederate prisoner camp in Andersonville and not to the Civil War itself. The Civil War analogy is a ridiculous one and reflects a constant need among the enemies of the revisionists to caricature and distort our actual beliefs.

If you want to say that questioning what went on in Auschwitz would be like questioning what went on in Andersonville, you’d be on historically valid ground. But then your hysterical accusation would have lost all its mystifying power because your audience would quickly perceive that it is perfectly legitimate to question what really transpired in Andersonville and why.

No Confederate historian today claims that the Andersonville prison camp didn’t exist, but many do challenge the claims for what supposedly happened there and more importantly, the motivation for what transpired. By the same token, no revisionist denies that Auschwitz labor camp existed, but we do doubt the claims made for what supposedly happened there.
There’s alot more zionist propaganda scams debunked, but it’s just stuff that Hoffman actually wrote. The zionist scam BS makes much better reading.

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