Music Stuff Used In Ed Ward, MD Articles

Music Stuff Used In Ed Ward, MD Articles

I'm Not In Hiding, But Goggle Google Had Trouble Finding My Picture
I’m Not In Hiding, But Goggle Google Had Trouble Finding My Picture

Bob Dylan – Masters of War

Tim Hawkins – The government Can 

RATM – Wake Up:

Take The Power Back – RATM

Stuck in the Middle With You: White Rabbit

‘Feed Your Head’

The Future’s So Bright I Gotta’ Wear Shades.

There Are Lives In The Balance and Now, It’s Not Just ‘Them’. It’s US Too

MadBoy Grabs the Microphone With a Fistful of Steel

The Big Lebowski


Way Early Kick Ass – Jump Into the Fire –

TO – Come Out and Play (Gutless Nazi F!cks)

Time Warp – Love the communion bagel scene.

I’ll Remove the Cause… But Not the Symptom


Vinnie Paz – Block McCloud – End of Days:

Occupy Anthem

NIN – Head Like a Hole

Know Your Enemy – RATM

MC – U Can’t Touch This…

Hitler US Is Moving on UP!

Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (Murderous Scumbags).

Running on Empty

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Goggle Google A-Ward of ‘Dick in A Box’

Boston Treason – BUMP – U Can’t Touch This…

TW – I Can See… ‘-) In the Land of the Blind: The One Eyed Man Is King ‘-) In the Land of Sight: Not So Much…

I Really Don’t know this Species at All JC

Doctor My Eyes –

I See Joan Rivers Overflowing

Kill the Messenger – Just the ‘Piano Man’ – BJ

Bye Buy American Pie

Blood, Sweat, And Tears And When I Die

OffSpring Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy

We Thought We Were Free

DS – Killer Close?

As HAPPY as any warm bird could be…