8-15-14, NOLA: NOPD Commands Ed Ward, MD “Stay Inside.”

8-15-14 Canal St. Activism: New Orleans, LA: NOPD Cop Orders Ed Ward, MD “Stay Inside”.

Update 11-15-14: The ‘Big Easy’ ‘Ferguson 2.0’: NOPD ‘s Armand Bennett

Cop, Lisa Lewis, Turns Off Camera Prior to Shooting Armand Bennett in the Head http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2014/08/15/new-orleans-cop-turns-body-cam-shooting-man/ , and Goes UNREPORTED for DAYS. No word on cop partner, who was apparently in a coma? seizure? Asleep? Apparently gave no assistance while her partner is in ‘scuffle’? WTF?

Lisa Lewis and Armand Bennett’s History: “Mr. Bennett began stalling and Officer Lewis gave a verbal command to get out of the vehicle.” vs “The officer did not like the speed he was going to get his registration, and she proceeded to yank Mr. Bennett out of the car by his dreads,…”  Stopped for ‘obscured license plate’  http://www.fox8live.com/story/26293493/crime-tracker-why-nopd-searched-for-man-shot-by-officer

Incompetent ‘Serp-ass’ Serpas Knows Nothing of a Cop Shooting for 2 Days? Sits thinking? Wow, Everybody is fine with my Nazis Shooting Unarmed People in the Head for 2 days?  After the Fact Lying Scamming Accessory to Shooting by Legal Definition – although the odds are astronomical that Serpas is an accessory before and possibly during, allowing rogue Nazi cops via unenforced policy and law, ignoring the murderous problems – Or, Maybe He Really Is That Incompetent.

Either way, the Nazi NOPD is in DESPERATE Need of a New Chief.  But, then again, we need a competent, non murderous, non corrupt government.  So what else is new?  http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/news/crime/9987387-123/nopd-shoots-man-during-traffic

Cop Turns Off Camera Prior to Shooting Man in the Head, and Goes UNREPORTED for DAYS.  http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/news/crime/9987387-123/nopd-shoots-man-during-traffic
Cop Turns Off Camera Prior to Shooting Man in the Head, and Goes UNREPORTED for DAYS.  Incompetent ‘Serp-ass’ Serpas Knows Nothing of a Cop Shooting for 2 Days? Sits thinking? Wow, Everybody is fine with my Nazis shooting people in the head for 2 days?  Lying Scamming Accessory. http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/news/crime/9987387-123/nopd-shoots-man-during-traffic

Update 8-15-14:  In solidarity with a growing movement, I’m changing my Canal Street Activism to more of a ‘Hands Up’, ‘Don’t Shoot’ main performance.

Of course my hands will only be shoulder height, moving swiftly to the good ole NAZI SALUTE at the appropriate time – ‘See, I’m one of you.’  I’m a Nazi Too’

Don’t Shoot!  I’m coming out!

I’m coming out!.  Don’t Shoot.

I’m coming out into my front yard.  Don’t Shoot!

My Head Is Right Boss.  Don’t Shoot!

I’m With You.  Don’t Shoot.

Nazis Rule. Don’t Shoot.

8-15-14 Nazi NOPD stopped by again, to “help me.”

States his dispatcher told him, little skin headed runt – like a badge number matters. – Nazis protecting Nazis:

‘I was running in traffic and pointing at people.’

They are all the errand boys of Nazi Scum.

When that lying scam didn’t work, he started to go with ‘we may need to lock you up for your safety routine.’ Apparently, NOLA Nazi cops are now qualified physicians and making ‘nutjob’ determinations WITH ABSOLUTELY NO F!CKING LEGAL  RIGHT, OR THE KNOWLEDGE NEEDED TO PERFORM AN EVALUATION OF COMPETENCY.

No wonder NOLA is having such crime problems.  NOLA Nazis are to busy hiding cop shootings, out trying to coerce people into talking about the saints and doing competency evaluations on people on their own property harming no one – except hopefully Nazi scum by shining a light… Quite possibly they might start doing something about fraudulent reports of fictional ‘violations’.  Nah, that would be crazy, how would they get to talk about the saints, and give their Nazi ‘decrees’.

Doesn’t even know Nazi NOLA cops are shooting people in the head AND NOT EVEN BEING REPORTED UNTIL DAYS LATER.

So, after a few minutes of Nazi scum BS, then he wants to sit in my face and talk ‘saints’.  Apparently, that’s part of their job to force their ‘talk’ about the Saints on people.

Told him, no interest in talking to you, if you have cop stuff, I’m here.  If not, I’m going in for a bit.

Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Going In….  😉


My response, “Yeah, That’s NOT happening.”

Got my drink and back out.


No Rights For YOU, says NOLA ‘Cop Nazi’.

A Multitude of Scamming Shooting Cop and NOPD Damage Control Conflicting Lies and BS in Shooting of Unreported, Unarmed Man, Armand Bennett

A Multitude of Scamming Shooting Cop and NOPD Damage Control Conflicting Lies and BS
A Multitude of Scamming Shooting Cop and NOPD Damage Control Conflicting Lies and BS in Shooting of Unreported, Unarmed Man, Armand Bennett


More Bennett Shooting – http://www.citylab.com/crime/2014/08/two-more-unarmed-young-black-men-have-been-shot-by-police-since-michael-browns-death/376092/

More Background Bennett Shooting from Comment Censoring NOLA.com (con).  Another microphone not working.  Cop cameras they can turn off at will.  “”All of the discrepancies should be clarified by body cameras and dash cameras from that day, if the officers did not elect to turn them off that day,” Campbell said.  Interesting, supposedly HAS gun in hand and not shot.  No gun and gets shot?  http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2014/08/arrest_warrant_details_prior_e.html  Sorry, I can’t comment on NOLA.com, or most any NOLA media – ACCESSORIES to fascism via Censorship – More scumbags that need trials and accountability.  NOLA.CON -This account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator for access.  While it’s sister site ‘The Lens’ merely deletes my comments without approval.  There are 2 or 3 fascist censoring media ‘corpse’ that are only pushing government propaganda, and making sure FACTS ARE NOT SEEN.

BTW, note how ‘shove, punch, pushed, hit’ is not used.  If  one is telling the truth, they don’t say we had an altercation – they say he shoved, hit, kicked, pushed, etc.  There is absolutely no description of ‘had an altercation’.  WTF is that?  Seems she ‘knew’  Bennett shoved her the first time.  But, doesn’t apparently even know what happened in the second… ‘had an altercation’ – could it possibly be MORE VAGUE to cover their murderous asses? – NOPE.

Ferguson Cop Nazis Back on the Move:  One shot, 7 arrested as Ferguson police disperse protesters defying curfew  http://rt.com/usa/180864-ferguson-protesters-defy-curfew/

Background: Ferguson cops beat innocent man, then charged him with bleeding on their uniforms http://rt.com/usa/180680-ferguson-henry-davis-blood/

8-17-14: Sometimes, I’m ‘double’ stupid. Stupid Squared.

8-21-14: Video of deadly St Louis police shooting raises questions (GRAPHIC)  http://rt.com/usa/181772-deadly-st-louis-shooting-video/

Updates 11-25-14:

Ferguson: video shows Darren Wilson arresting man for recording him  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/nov/16/ferguson-video-shows-darren-wilson-arresting-man-for-recording-him

Ferguson grand jury evidence:  http://apps.stlpublicradio.org/ferguson-project/evidence.html

KKKops: ‘Epidemic of police violence in US’: Black person killed every 28 hours http://rt.com/op-edge/208395-police-black-children-violence-murder/

No indictment: Clashes, arson after grand jury verdict for Ferguson cop http://rt.com/usa/208487-ferguson-grand-jury-decision-indictment/

After unheard of appearance of accused for unopposed testimony in SHAM Grand Jury Trial Verdict, Ferguson mayor: Officer Darren Wilson remains on the force http://rt.com/usa/208831-ferguson-wilson-job-knowles/

Murderer of unarmed teenager would kill another teenager despite the fact he doesn’t carry a Taser which the murder said would have worked, it’s uncomfortable to carry. So he’ll gladly do the same thing again – if he ‘had’ to, because it’s a pain to carry a taser. ‘I have clean conscience, did my job right’: Ferguson officer Wilson on Brown’s death. http://rt.com/usa/208871-darren-wilson-interview-ferguson-brown/

Ferguson Prosecutor Discovered With Connection To Darren Wilson’s Defence Fundraiser http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025872224


1. Why after days did NOPD decide I needed to ‘stay inside’?

2. I thought the ‘saints’ were playing Sunday – and was geared up for Sunday – today.  Seems the Saints played Friday night and if I had stayed outside, I’d have caught a significant number of them with my new ‘Don’t Shoot’ solidarity. At least I got back out for a while, but after all day in the heat – pretty tired.  Piss poor  planning. I won’t be caught ignorant of the next Saints game. (Aug 28, 7pm; Sept 21, Noon;Oct 5, Noon; Oct 26 7:30pm; Nov 9, Noon; Nov 16, Noon; Nov 24, Noon, and Dec 7, Noon)

3. Don’t worry.  I’m going to make sure I’m out exposing my 1st amendment rights to the influx, and outflow of the next, and ALL home Saints games.  (Stupid me – That’s why saints were a topic.  First thing to pop in little Nazis head for a ‘forced’ chat between just us two guys – one plugged into a radio, more than likely with camera, a pistol, cuffs, standing directly in front of my face – a place no NON Nazi government POS would ever be. I’m a screamer, the only thing anyone would hear is get away from me and my property – which will of course get me arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’.)  If being beaten, mugged, raped, shot – ONE MUST NOT SCREAM FOR HELP – It will get you arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ in NAZI, NOLA, Corrupt, Criminal. Scum NOPD, City Government, and their Nazi court’s (where cop fraud is so common it’s completely ignored,) NaziLand.

More on NOLA.CON Censorship: http://thelensnola.org/2014/05/29/just-when-we-need-it-most-nola-coms-commentgate-archive-is-in-disarray/ Note: Not that NOLA.CON is the exception.  Any facts that don’t go along with the government propaganda flood of information is deleted, or kept from being shown.  THIS IS STANDARD IN ALL OF NOLA’s Supposed media and alternative media.  Controlled ‘opposition’ is SOP for Nazi scum and their accessories.

PNAC Censors Comment with PNAC article – on, this is waiting to be approved by Photography is Not a Crime.  Posted, then went to waiting to be approved.  Then Gone – Another Censoring POS.

8-15-14, NOLA: NOPD Commands Ed Ward, MD “Stay Inside.”https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/….

Cop, Lisa Lewis, Turns Off Camera Prior to Shooting Armand Bennett in the Head http://photographyisnotacrime…. , and Goes UNREPORTED for DAYS. No word on cop partner, who was apparently in a coma? seizure? Asleep? Apparently gave no assistance while her partner is in ‘scuffle’? WTF?

Lisa Lewis and Armand Bennett’s History: “Mr. Bennett began stalling and Officer Lewis gave a verbal command to get out of the vehicle.” vs “The officer did not like the speed he was going to get his registration, and she proceeded to yank Mr. Bennett out of the car by his dreads,…” Stopped for ‘obscured license plate’ http://www.fox8live.com/story/… Continues….” – Deleted by PNAC

Is there a city that isn’t a Sadistic Siamese Twin?  None in US that I know.

“How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you?

The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own?

How does he have any power over you except through you?

How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?

What could he do to you if you yourselves did not connive with the thief who plunders you, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves?

You sow your crops in order that he may ravage them, you install and furnish your homes to give him goods to pillage; you rear your daughters that he may gratify his lust; you bring up your children in order that he may confer upon them the greatest privilege he knows—to be led into his battles, to be delivered to butchery, to be made the servants of his greed and the instruments of his vengeance; you yield your bodies unto hard labor in order that he may indulge in his delights and wallow in his filthy pleasures; you weaken yourselves in order to make him the stronger and the mightier to hold you in check.

From all these indignities, such as the very beasts of the field would not endure, you can deliver yourselves if you try, not by taking action, but merely by willing to be free.

Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed.

I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces”

-Étienne de la Boétie, Judge during the French Renaissance

NOLA is ‘Moving On Up’ by Holy Hitler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UKot0qIFb4

Come Out and Play – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jOk8dk-qaU

Head Like A Hole – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao-Sahfy7Hg

Welcome To the End of Days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFf-o4VzK18

We Are The 99% – Occupy Anthem  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x56bXZTvrJA

Bone US: Doug Stanhope – Remember When I Used To Give A Shit/Killer Closer  –  Nails It! Alternate Killer Joke – Instead of the ‘flaming guitar’, tell the ‘killer trainer’ story, and follow… Yeah, I went to the Stanhope show and he had 20 starving kids, and 20 starving  kid tricks and only 19 wieners, and….  But, then you couldn’t keep on ‘not caring’.  😉  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCGkVyyDOcU#t=12

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Happy 12th Anniversary of Murder and Treason:

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