False Flag Proof Series, vol. II: The Phantom Ships In the Gulf of Tonkin

The listing of false flags that have created wars, is as simple as looking at the cause of EVERY ‘war’. Every listing of any conflict caused by a significant ‘incident’ has ALWAYS BEEN a scheme of false flag events. Conflicts, Wars caused by false flags = ALL OF THEM, and many more that didn’t make it to ‘war’, or conflict status, just aided them. #Accountability

The key to breaking this fascist government. Admitted torturers ‘unaccountability is the key. EXTREMELY VULNERABLE – ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE US ‘JUSTICE’ Department could make them start giving up their ‘murderous maggot buddies’. It’s the first step towards an ‘INDEFENSIBLE DEFENSE’ of torture, murder, and genocide of this Entire Cult Government. Justice Department says it still won’t pursue criminal charges over American torture program http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/12/10/1350790/-Justice-Department-says-it-still-won-t-pursue-criminal-charges-over-American-torture-program#

Ed Ward, MD