Quantum mechanics revisited by Lee Smolin in 2006 and Lubos Motl’s arXiv trackback to it

Reference information for: Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Nuclear Fusion Energy – Basic Primer https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/theory-of-virtual-particles-regarding-spontaneous-pure-nuclear-energy-basic-primer/

2006: Seems like lifetimes ago.. and it is unfortunately.  Seems like the only way to get information is tangential information on the subject that hasn’t been scrubbed yet.

Dr Ed

Quantum field theory

In an earlier post, it was explained that mainstream first quantization (e.g., the Schroedinger wave equation or the Heisenberg matrices) was known non-relativistic since the 1920s and to falsely quantize the wrong variables: first quantization falsely keeps the Coulomb field potential classical and makes position/momentum intrinsically uncertain, instead of allowing the random, chaotic exchange of field quanta between charges to produce the indeterminism and uncertainty of atomic electron orbits.

“Bohr … said: “… one could not talk about the trajectory of an electron in the atom, because it was something not observable.” … Bohr thought that I didn’t know the uncertainty principle … it didn’t make me angry, it just made me realize that … [ they ] … didn’t know what I was talking about, and it was hopeless to try to explain it further. I gave up, I simply gave up …”

– 1965 physics Nobel Laureate Richard…

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Author: Ed Ward MD

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2 thoughts on “Quantum mechanics revisited by Lee Smolin in 2006 and Lubos Motl’s arXiv trackback to it”

  1. To Ed Ward, MD

    Recently, a few days after Thanksgiving 2014, I happened to watch the “Dimitri Khalezov 911 Movie”. It was about 4 minutes long. At about the 2:00 minute mark, photos of what was purported to be nuclear craters under the WTC basements scrolled across the screen for the final 2 minutes of the movie. Those photos said a million words and raised one great big question in my mind. That question is “where the hell have they been for the past 13 years or so” ? How come I have never seen them before ? I have been following this story and the various theories and the evidence since day one, since I saw live on TV the one and only time they showed the Pentagon sixteen foot hole, and then saw live on TV as the 2 towers collapsed in the most peculiar way. In other words, I never believed the BS stories. And I was aware of your nuke theories, but I don’t recall you ever showing the crater pics. Have you seen those pics ? Do you have them ? Did you ever post them for the public to see ? If this is new info to you, you should get the pics and make them go viral. We don’t have another 13 years to stop those psychopaths. Help wake the flock up, get those pics online !

    1. Interesting, you know all about scam BS DK, not proven facts. DK videos 12 HOURS of BS scam for a few facts to make the BS go down. The pictures, as well basic LAWS of Physics proving it have been shown by me many times. Unfortunately, scammers and idiots prefer to evaluate propaganda BS for some fact anywhere. Thanks for questions in a NON WTC article, answered years ago if YOU HAD JUST ACTUALLY READ, TAKEN LINKS TO THE F!CKING FACTS. All born stupid, you must work hard to remain stupid. DrEd

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