8/11/14: For the Record: Ed Ward, MD’s Canal Street Activism

8/11/14: For the Record: Ed Ward, MD’s, NOLA, Canal Street Activism

Nazi Cops Serve and Protect the Ruling Class
Nazi Cops Serve and Protect the Ruling Class

New Orleans, LA: Pretty good day today on Canal – tired.  Started saluting at 7 to 3pm, after being up chasing about 10 to 15 cats waiting to crap and piss in my yard since about 3am, intermittent checking and chasing. Just an old BS reason for today, I start with that and go down the list of fraud, scam and fascism of the Nazi NOPD, and city/state – false arrests, falsification of police document – simply ignored in court – proven falsification of documentation means nothing – fake traffic cam tickets – sworn to by a myriad of perjurious oaths – ignored and still ignored, etc, et al, there’s WAY MORE, and that gets me ready for the street.

And that’s just me.  It doesn’t count the unarmed children murdered over a f!cking dead plant, mass spraying of mace on people at meetings, people shot on bridges and not even ruled a murder, etc, et al – there’s a long list of those too.

Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against homegrown government fascism
Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against homegrown government fascism

I  may not be able to do sh!t about it, but I’m going to NOTE IT even if it kills me. Got lots of unmarked cars around me today, some without plates – the heavy duty Nazis.  Sang my song, until I could no longer sing, and had to start sing saying (say singing?) it.

Where O where are my Nazi NOPD?
Where can my criminal cops be?
Eating Donuts, or killing a baby?
Cops ‘Afeared’? Just empty a clip in me.
Where O where are my Nazi N-O-P–D?

(Just like murderous government Zionist scum, it’s grown some over the last couple days).  – LOL, wondered where I got the tune?  LOL, It’s little lost sheep, except US has the ‘holy chosen’s’  Wolves.)

And when I see them they get the BIG OLE DATING GAME Nazi Salute (clap first as soon as seen, doesn’t have to be a lot, maybe 2 or 3 claps until they are fairly close, then SALUTE) as many times as I can do with alternating arms until I figure they can no longer see me – had to use both, my right arm couldn’t take the volume all by itself.

One stopped once to see if I was ok.  Yep.

Anything wrong?  Nope.

Just Saluting NOLA’s FINEST.

They know damn well what’s wrong – corrupt, murderous,  criminal cops, in a corrupt, murderous, criminal court system with a corrupt, murderous, criminal government from local to fed, top to bottom in this nation and virtually EVERY nation.

Hitler would be proud.  The criminal cops, courts, Zionist leaders should too.  According to Hitler - I may be raising my hand a little high...
Hitler would be proud. The criminal cops, courts, Zionist leaders should too. According to Hitler – I may be raising my hand a little high…

Most passersby are a little leery of the old half naked guy (Don’t want to give the Nazi criminal cops and their fraudulent ANYTHING to be ‘afeared of’ – nothing up my sleeve), scrub bottoms no shirt singing on Canal Street – but even with that I saw a SEVERAL smiles on the third verse.  😉

So, I’m off for now.  Still alive, and no real hassles.  Just the unmarked Nazi swarm – and for a few, I made sure it was loud enough for them to hear across canal street.  😉 Also tried to give the street cars a treat with my vocals when they stopped – hard to say if they all heard, but all waiting probably know my song by heart.   AND IT FELT AWESOME.

It’s not much, but I do what I can do.  Best…. Dr. Ed  LOL, Can’t inform on FB anymore in fraud ‘name change’, but won’t accept ANY NAMEs, cut from MSM, alt media, and most blogs – my spectrum of truths – pretty much leaves only those looking for it. So, if I can’t play on the net, it’s going to leave a lot of time for the street.

And it’s a GOOD Street – It’s CANAL STREET – All the Nazis take this street and main route to the FRENCH QUARTER – It’s why the Nazis took me out at gunpoint and shipped me to ROCKFISH RIP, ROCKFORD ILL – AWESOME people there – just an amazing Katrina refuge reception – one group gave me money for a bus trip to a train trip home (no wallet, no ID, no money, no shirt, jeans), and met several on the way home. One guy just gave me 40 bucks to eat with, when I checked into one station (Chicago?) – I asked where was the cheapest place around cause…  F!ck Ed get to the point-

Anyway – I saw on TV while I was in Rockford – the day after, and they cleared out several more, the SHRUB – had finally made it to NOLA  and went down Canal Street in his army truck PR parade. At the time I had painted a BIG Equal Parenting Rights Sign on my roof. Thought it might get news coverage – I’m so stupid sometimes.

You don’t really get to see how the Nazis work until they are working their Nazi fascism on you. I’ve been in deep in 3 movements – see told you I was stupid.  Equal Rights for Parents and Children, Ron Paul’s hidden Zionist Nazi plan – in 2008 I was in charge of the entire New Orleans Ron Paul campaign group, getting emails directly from the campaign leaders of 4 states and I was organizing a way to note a lot of fixed balloting (they didn’t want to go to war with the hard core repugs – of course not, they were the errand boys of the hard core Shrub Repugs), and then 9-11.

So yep, I was covert ops and didn’t know it – and I was good covert ops.  All in all, wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  I got to see how they work.  Once I’m in, if it isn’t ‘real’ they got problems.  And they did. And I got to see how that worked.  Just lying scheming scumbags, while claiming religious righteousness – enough to make you vomit in the ‘scummyness’. Essentially, that was the resolution of all 3 supposed reform, change scam – controlled opposition to keep things as they are, or a change the Elite are in charge of.  😉

In 'God's Will' All Is Possible
In ‘God’s Will’ All Is Possible


For my tangential sock puppets:  Nazi, Fascism, Zionism, Fascists, ‘Democrazy’, etc, et al, are only labels for oppression, murder, slavery, and genocide.  The problem is Regimes and what they do, not what you call them.  If people knew a murderous Regime called ‘Betty’, I’d call ’em Betty, and you could call me Al. Besides, I’m a song writer now and Nazi is artistic license.  😉 

Update 8-15-14:  In solidarity with a growing movement, I’m changing my Canal Street Activism to more of a ‘Hands Up’, ‘Don’t Shoot’ main performance.  Of course my hands will only be shoulder height, moving swiftly to the good ole NAZI SALUTE at the appropriate time – ‘See, I’m one of you.’  I’m a Nazi Too’

Don’t Shoot!  I’m coming out!

I’m coming out!.  Don’t Shoot.

I’m coming out into my front yard.  Don’t Shoot!

My Head Is Right Boss.  Don’t Shoot!

I’m With You.  Don’t Shoot.

Nazi Scum Rule. Don’t Shoot.

8-15-14 Nazi NOPD stopped by again, to “help me.”  States his dispatcher told him, little bald headed runt like a badge number matters, they are all the errand boys of Nazi Scum, I was running in traffic and pointing at people.  When that lying scam didn’t work, he started to go with ‘we may need to lock you up for your safety.  Doesn’t even know Nazi NOLA cops are shooting people in the head AND NOT EVEN BEING REPORTED UNTIL DAYS LATER.  So, after a few minutes of Nazi scum BS, then he wants to sit in my face and talk ‘saints’.  Told him, no interest in talking to you, if you have cop stuff, I’m here.  If not, I’m going in for a bit.  No not detained, BUT STAY INSIDE.  Got my drink and back out.  Send the NAZI cops, SOMEONE IS EXERCISING THEIR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS – SEND THE SQUAD OVER SCAM LYING BS.

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Happy 12th Anniversary of Murder and Treason:

What Is Wrong With the US government and all its accessories before and after the fact? Nothing that Work Strikes, Boycotts, Trials*, Accountability, and a quick dance at the end of a rope won’t fix. * Constitutional Trials: Based on all ‘laws’ and ‘rights’ granted or denied by the Original Intent Interpretation of the Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights – The only interpretation allowed by the Constitution.

Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field.

About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here… Continues https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/about/ Dr Ed

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at https://www.facebook.com/EdWardMD3 #DanceMonkeysDance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLNA7MRdjlw

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  1. The way these gutless murderous Nazi f!cks work. Hollywood execs may blacklist Cruz, Bardem for accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ http://rt.com/usa/179544-penelope-cruz-blacklist-israel/ BarCruz RULEZ! The CruzBa ROCKS! Either works for me.

    Because the herd just doesn’t give a sh!t – Be the proud herd scumbags we are. Anonymous launches #OpFerguson after cop kills unarmed Missouri teen http://rt.com/usa/179532-anonymous-op-ferguson-missouri/

    Nazi F!cks at work American held without bail after tweets in support of Islamic State http://rt.com/usa/179524-american-islamic-state-guns/ A f!cking tweet is terrorism. Paranoid Nutjob Nazi Insanity.

    Nothing new. The did the same with nuclear reactors. Erase anything that says it’s not safe, then examine everything that is safe… presto… IT’S SAFE. Along with a lot of lying scamming, no it’s not BS… And Presto… FUKUshIMA. An inconvenient truth? UK government censors state-sanctioned report on fracking http://rt.com/uk/179472-uk-report-censored-fracking/

    More Nazis cops scumbags Police teargas crowds protesting killing of Missouri teenager http://rt.com/usa/179640-ferguson-teenager-shooting-clashes/

    Liberia to get experimental Ebola drug as death toll tops 1,000 – In a week, they’ve gone from 1, 2, 3 single vials of ‘serum’, to enough for as whole nation, in about a week? More miracle BS, I have to see. Liberia to get experimental Ebola drug as death toll tops 1,000 http://rt.com/news/179644-liberia-ebola-experimental-drugs-ethics/

    IDF distributed Gaza destruction photos to motivate reservists – report http://rt.com/news/179624-gaza-idf-motivation-photos/

    Amazing Nazi Iran scum ban ads. US bans the products, and Iran’s the Nazi scum nation. ROFL. Iran bans permanent contraception, birth control ads http://rt.com/news/179588-iran-bans-permanent-contraception/

    China to start direct sales of fruit and vegetables to Russia http://rt.com/business/179376-russia-china-fruit-vegetable/

    More work for zombie Osama – So wicked that even Al Qaeda disowned them: Letter found at Bin Laden’s hideout warned of Islamic State’s extreme brutality http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2721417/So-wicked-Al-Qaeda-disowned-Letter-Bin-Ladens-hideout-warned-Islamic-States-extreme-brutality.html

    6 Reasons To Juice Rather Than Smoke Cannabis http://preventdisease.com/news/14/081014_6-Reasons-Juice-Rather-Than-Smoke-Cannabis.shtml 1 Reason to Decarboxylate http://www.thestonerscookbook.com/how_to_decarboxylate_weed.php

    We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Raw Story.
    We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Friendly Atheist. A long list of controlled opposition scumbags making sure you only see what they want you to see.
    It’s the same in all these scam alternative media scum.

    Google Nazis drop listings of “edwardmd.wordpress.com” for 80,000, to 2,900 in censoring move. Ed Ward, MD also hit severely. Multiple listings being hidden by Google accessory to crimes against humanity. Apparently my Talmud articles of Israel Genocidal Bigot with references hit hard. https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/about/ Is one of the pages they’ve removed. Nazi scum that need accountability along with government. Now censored and hidden ‘Ed Ward, MD’ has 2x the listings of my site, when prior Ed Ward, MD was only 5% of my site listings. Nazi scum that need accountability.

    Back on the street today. Up at 4. 8 cats in my yard area, more cats running for BLOCKS. Back on Canal tomorrow praising my Nazi murderous, criminal, POS, fascist scumbags – expect the possibility of being dead at any time.

    Nazi cop criminals will not release their criminals name. Always some reason murdering scumbags ‘should not be named’. Murderous Nazis at Work. Name of police officer who shot Missouri teen won’t be released after death threats

    Missouri police have been pressed to release the name of the officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in suburban St. Louis. Police said death threats prompted them to withhold the name of the officer, who was placed on administrative leave after fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson. The incident has stoked racial tension, rallies and a night of looting. Investigators said that a scuffle unfolded after the officer asked Brown and another teen to get out of the street. At some point, the officer’s weapon discharged inside a patrol car, AP said.

    Mass untested vaccines to be shoved on Africa for testing. Would cost millions of dollars – for free, because Africans make REALLY good lab rats and they are FREE. http://rt.com/news/179892-ebola-canada-vaccine-who/

    Zionist Jews upset about town called ‘Death to Jews’ and want it renamed to maybe… Death to all but THE HOLY CHOSEN with enslavement to ALL until then – Except of course, the murderous, lying, bigot, genocidal, Holy Chosen scumbags.

    Gang of murderous GUTLESS Nazi government scumbags vs one peaceful protestor. Ah, the smell of Freedom from NAZI MURDERING SCUM. http://cdn.rt.com/files/news/2b/eb/c0/00/000_453505316.si.jpg

    UN likes to keep track of those they assist with murder. As more UN complete scam BS… oh, stop. oh, you need to stop. oh, you better stop. wink, wink, nudge, nudge, a winks as good as a nod to a blind man. Guns, Money, Weapons, Ammo, Missiles, Fighter Jets, War games in your country… Don’t worry, that won’t STOP, and US murdering accessories have plenty more where that came from. Our gutless herd doesn’t have clue and doesn’t give a sh!t if it did. Death toll in Ukraine conflict doubles in 2 weeks, reaches 2,086 – UN http://rt.com/news/180020-ukraine-death-toll-un/

    Sanctions to stop the killing? You ‘feigned stupid’ f!cks gobble it up, to make sure it continues – but, don’t worry, if we ever get rid of these murderous Zionist f!cks…. ALL you ACCESSORIES will BE REMEMBERED. JUST AS GUILTY AS THE MURDEROUS SCUM DOING IT.

    The UK scam, not to be left out in the scam ‘peace’. If… When… Maybe… Oh, that was just if Israel wasn’t protecting itself from thousands of gigantic, deadly missiles falling like rain for years. Death Toll from missiles? 1. ONE. And it appears that is because the ‘missile’ must have landed on him. F!ck Israel Nazi scum kill more babies than that on the best day of ‘Israel Nazi Zionist Murderous ‘peace’. UK govt to block arms exports to Israel if Gaza fighting resumes http://rt.com/uk/180024-israel-arms-licenses-exports/

    More death by Zionist murderous scum ‘democrazies’. Reporters flee rather than be ‘civilian chum’. http://rt.com/news/179976-rt-crew-follows-refugees/ Sometimes, I don’t know what makes me feel the need to puke more. The Zionist Nazi scum or those that just sit and watch the ‘chum making’. How proud you must be. Especially those assisting it in lying scam BS.

    The Zionist ‘woman’ scam. No longer a man’s world. A f!cking accusation by a woman is proof in court now. A man can be denied his very life by this NAZI murderous BS. Children BELONG to women – save the BS, the numbers don’t lie – Reality OVER RULES scam BS. 80% of women get the children – subtract from that the connected scumbags above the corrupt, criminal ‘law’, and women addicted to drugs (or can be scammed that way in corrupt courts), women that don’t want children, and the mentally ill, and you see if a woman wants the children there is nothing a man can do. It’s the right of the ‘more equal’ minority, that just happens to be the largest block of ‘voters’ – the majority of voters by the time they get to vote – are a minority. Somehow, certainly no fault of a bigot Nazi government killing more males than females. Any way http://rt.com/news/179920-iranian-woman-fields-medal/

    Putin a hero in Russia. Meanwhile, in US, some are starting to see the murderous, Zionist lying government of scum the US is being revealed. Work Strikes and Boycotts are the only thing that has ever worked against ‘homeland government fascism’. http://rt.com/politics/179956-russian-putin-rating-doubles/

    Ecuador: We don’t need ‘permission’ to trade with Russia (You scumbag Nazi murdering F!cks). http://rt.com/business/179972-ecuador-russia-agriculture-ban/

    More murdering scumbag cops – look at those Nazi f!cks against anarmed people tired of being murdered. http://rt.com/usa/180092-lapd-ezell-ford-ferguson/

    US murderous scum say it’s time for UK to have some torturous fun. http://rt.com/uk/180060-us-us-guantanamo-garcia/

    Stupid UK not treating it’s mentally ill. Just get your Nazi thugs to start shooting them down like dogs like they do in US. Silly UK, the solution is so simple. http://rt.com/uk/180072-depression-treatment-mental-health/

    Hero: James Risen. But then, most of my heroes are criminals of criminals. http://rt.com/usa/180116-pulitzer-statements-james-risen/

    I don’t agree completely with all the steps, but on the whole worth a look. The first part of changing the world is changing yourself. http://thespiritscience.net/2014/08/13/5-steps-to-transform-yourself-into-higher-self/

    Israel loosing Billions in Boycotts – No problem US Nazis will gladly have it’s slaves make up the difference. http://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/2014/08/israel-losing-billions-due-to-boycott-campaign/

    US – the scourge of good people. http://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/america-is-a-pariah-state-cursed-by-decent-men-of-good-will/

    Nazis scum still at work in Missouri http://www.businessinsider.com/ferguson-missouri-riots-continue-2014-8

    There’s more depth to Schrodinger’s cat than the fluff of Big Bang let’s on. http://www.iflscience.com/physics/schr%C3%B6dinger%E2%80%99s-cat-explained

    The code that can snoop all codes: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/new-nsa-funded-programming-language-is-all-programming-languages-in-one

    Genocide of Gaza continues. http://rt.com/news/180148-israel-gaza-rockets-ceasefire/

    NSA Bots Can Now Wage Their Own CyberWar http://rt.com/news/180096-monster-mind-snowden-nsa/

    Facial recognition finds US citizen in Nepal. What are the odds, they can find you, follow you, keep track of your every move…. http://rt.com/usa/180164-fbi-face-recognition-fugitive/

  2. As noted, there was no way there were 40k on a mountain top. 30k seem to have ‘somehow’ melted away. Seems, somehow they escaped the absolutely positive death that would come from leaving the mountain, and left a few thousand. Now what’s more likely. 30k were ‘beamed out’, or 30k were never there in the first place, just more lying scam propaganda. http://rt.com/uk/180224-iraq-sas-sinjar-isis/

    Entire murderous police department banned from policing Ferguson, MO protests. Seems that’s the only way they may be able to stop these murderous scum. Appears that not even their handlers can control them anymore http://rt.com/usa/180360-police-louis-policing-ferguson/

    Nazi scum at work. http://rt.com/usa/180208-ferguson-journalists-detained-protest/

    More on Nazi scum at work. SWAT scumbags attack protesters http://rt.com/usa/180168-ferguson-protesters-swat-standoff/

    Anonymous says: Brian ‘Scooby’ Willman is the Nazi cop that killed the Ferguson unarmed teen. http://rt.com/usa/180352-anonymous-reveal-identity-cop-ferguson/

    3.5 million kilos of Greek peaches sit rotting at the Russian border – that’s corporate loss, the farmers have most likely already been paid. Awwww, poor Nazi corporation. http://rt.com/business/180320-greece-hit-russian-sanctions/

    Anonymous releases Ferguson dispatch tapes. Complete incompetence. Their own police didn’t report anything about a shooting, they were getting their information from the news media. http://govtslaves.info/hacktavist-group-releases-police-dispatch-tapes/

    American no longer dreaming, stuck in reality. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-americans-optimism-is-dying/2014/08/12/f81808d8-224c-11e4-8593-da634b334390_story.html?hpid=z2

    After 3 years, scientists awaken from coma. Scientists: Fukushima radiation is causing “serious biological effects” — Disaster’s widespread impact now being revealed — “Major irreversible shifts” in ecosystems discussed — “High rates of abnormality and mortality”… severe damage to humans next? (PHOTOS) – This IS the only possible outcome of massive radiation exposure – It was and IS a KNOWN fact. http://enenews.com/scientists-reveal-serious-biological-effects-fukushima-radiation-widespread-impacts-population-declines-genetic-damage-high-rates-abnormality-mortality-species-significantly-impacted-disaster

    Canada removing ‘smartmeters’ for safety concerns http://humansarefree.com/2014/08/105000-smart-meters-removed-in-sk.html

    Praise the Zionist genocidal scum – http://rt.com/news/180456-israelis-demand-gaza-offense/

    Lying, scheming, genocidal Nazi F!cks say what? Facebook is great AS LONG AS IT KEEPS CENSORING THE FACTS OF MURDERING, BIGOT ZIONIST SCUMBAGS. http://www.pri.org/stories/2011-03-29/facebook-caught-israeli-palestinian-divide

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