Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, DSFC: MASSIVE FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING – 79.6% Year Surcharge? 11/12/2013

Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, Paul D. Connick, Jr’s DSFC: MASSIVE FRAUDULENT ‘5%’ ACCOUNTING Is 79.58% Yearly Surcharge? 11/12/2013

Disabled? Car Crash? Shot? Nothing But Under-Employed DeadBeat Scum - You Did Not Pay Your Assigned Amount.  Just excuses from garbage.
Disabled? Car Crash? Shot? Nothing But Under-Employed DeadBeat Scum – You Did Not Pay Your Assigned Amount. There Are No Excuses! Pay What We Say or Jail, Die, or Both


The Update to: Jefferson Parish, LA: D. A., Paul D. Connick, Jr’s DSFC – Legal Disabled  Death Decrees.

How much money is left after paying an 80% (79.58%, because 80 just wouldn’t be ‘Christian’ or leave the ‘beloved children’ enough money).  Those F!cking DeadBeat Dad Scum.  Yes, there’s Scum here, but it’s not Deadbeat’s paying 79.58% a Jefferson Parish Yearly Surcharge.  Praise the Holy Chosen ‘Christian’ and Their Love for ‘The Children’.  Live for Scheming Morality and Die for Corrupt Reality!

11/12/2013, Approximately, 3:40PM:  Phone Rings

A ‘Majesty’ Taylor from DFSC – Not sure if it’s from the Magical Mystery Number of the DA – Who’s supposed to call, or the ‘Case Worker Call from 1-888-LA-HELPU.  But, it’s definitely NOT a ‘Tammy Deloney’ from the secret DA contact number of 364-3640.

So, Her Majesty Taylor is just the sweetest thing since Little Orphan Annie.  She repeats her name for me and spells it.  I thank her and apologize for not hearing.  Quite alright was the response on any of those occasions.  So, we go through the information again.

About, how I did this exact same thing in 2011 when both children were 18 years old – although both were age of majority – adults – over a year prior,  and now I owe 207.51 plus an unstated  amounted  as of 11/29/2013, and more after that date – per Undated and Unsigned legal document from DA’s DSFC office.

“Our records indicate that you currently owe a total of $207.51 in past due support in the above refernced case.”

“If you pay off the past due support plus any amount due through 11/29/2013…’  additional costs after that time.

So, I asked what was the ‘original amount owed’ that I now owe 207.51?  Her Majesty got confused and suddenly not so sweet anymore.  You owe 207.51, it’s the old stuff plus 5%.  I tried several ways to get the actual number of the original debt. One of the  responses was ‘original debt’ is diffent from what you owe. And was very determined that I know that for several sentences. Again, numerical values were unavailable.  Always the current plus 5% BS, and each time getting more upset.  Then I stated according to the letter the debt was issued on 4/12/11.  What did I owe at that time?  Very upset now.  ‘I don’t have that letter or that information’. You currently owe 207.51 plus 5%.  I could not even get the date of the supposed ‘assigned’ debt. – although it is in the unsigned letter.

Ok, can I have that numerical value?  217.89, Her Majesty Responded.

Thank you I replied, and can I have an email for written confirmation since I went through this exact same proceedure 2 1/2 years ago, and now have a current debt of 217.89 with absolutely no prior notice.  Her Majesty Taylor responed ‘No.  She could not send an email.  But, She would request a report sent in the mail that would acknowledge that information.  And was even more upset.

Her Majesty requested my address.  The same one you have on file and sent mail to, I responded.  And here Her Majesty just went plain wacko, ‘Well, if you refuse to give me your address,  I’ll mark it that way and we’ll send it to the one on file.’ Then a moderate discussion where she was determined to say I refused vs an answer she had before her – although couldn’t find any real informaton I requested – and me stating I had never refused and would give it to her. After another refusal burst she took my full address.

Ok, so what do I know for facts.  In 2011 I owed currently around 2k according to DSFC – which was significantly above what I thought I should have owed, and several other payments were several hundred dollars more than I thought I should have owed.   I called, like this time, to get the total amount due past, current, and future up to their jurisdiction ending, both 18 years old, in February.

This amount turned into around 2,200 with 5%, paid and cashed.

Even an additional 5% charge on that amount would only be 110 -115 dollars surcharge.  And that 115 would not be and is not child support that is STATE surcharge money.  5% surcharge a year for 3 years should not even be close to 217.89.  It would be about 20 bucks surcharge on 115, or 140. For a surcharge on the surcharge.  Since there was no longer child support due after February 2011 per official statement and court records.  Unless of course there has been another Omnipotent Decree of which I am unaware.

The only thing left is 5% a month on unpaid surcharges and assigned ‘owed’.  Counting an ‘owed’ as a monthly payment due, surcharged, noted as  ‘child support’, due every month and therefore are charged 5% a month, thereby charging OVER 60% interst a year.  100 dolars x 5% a month is 5 dollars per hundred, so even at simple interest you are paying 60 dollars a year per hundred and still owe the hundred plus the 60.  Now 160 and drawing 79.58% a year – 5% a month.

Now, at a 79.58% a year surcharge, only a very small amount is needed to reach 217.89.  Say, somehow it took a week past the due date to be officially ‘accounted’ and owed a portion of the month.  Then 60 dollars is now 96 after the first year.  96 is 153 by the second.  153 is 235 by the third year.

Car accident, illness, fired, mugged, shot, become disabled and paying thousands a month in support.  A moderate illness, let alone a severe one can bring one unbelievable debt at 79.58% simple interest.

But, let’s just say you were assigned 1,000 a month and were out of work for 10 months

So now let’s get at what 10,000 of overdue debt would look like.  10,000 owed at 79.58%  SIMPLE ‘surcharge’.  These figures are based on 60%, based on the shown actual % compilation of 79.58% calculations these values are extremely low estimates and are significantly higher.  So let’s get at what 10,000 of overdue debt would look like.  10,000 owed at 60%  SIMPLE ‘surcharge’.  After a year you owe 16,000.  16,000 is 25,600 in another year – even if you are back at working and now paying your current amount.  25,600 in one more year is now 41,000 dollars in assigned debt in 3 years.  In 10 years the numbers get truly massive.  And of course you have to pay tax on all the money you make to pay that money before you can pay that money.

Based on the legal documents ‘dictates’ of owing more, the day after the due date.  The steadfast refusal to say anything other than ‘what you owe plus 5%’, and even unable to comprehend that one is asking for a numerical value of what was owed, were ‘very interesting’ in view of very limited known facts.  The only viable answer is the hiding of 5% a month surcharge compounded monthly, for OVER 60% APR surcharge.  So  let’s find EXACTLY what 5% monthly means.

1,000 x .05 = 1,050 x .05 = 1,102.50 x .05 = 1,157.63 x .05 = 1,215.51 x .05 = 1,276.29 x .05 = 1,340.10 x .05 = 1,407.1 x .05 = 1,477.46 x .05 = 1551.33 x .05 =  1,628.90 x .05 = 1,710.34 x .05 1,795.86.  ‘Child Support’ Due at the end of a Year.

1,795.86 – ‘Actual Child Support’ with 795.58 ‘5%’ Surcharge in a year.  795.58/1,000 (same as 79.58/100) = 79.58% Yearly ‘Surcharge’ on Child Support and Surcharge.  Paying ‘Surcharge’ LEAVES LESS MONEY FOR THE ‘CHILDREN’ – remember them?

Now that we have the shown calculated APR of 79.58%, subsequent years are more easily seen by the new total amount due x .7958 = The new yearly balance of a 1,000 compounded monthly, with charge acruing interst.

Second year of a 1,000 debt:  1,795.86 x .7958 = 1,429.14 Charge + 1,795.86 = 3,225 New Charge for second  year.

Third year of 1,000 debt: 3,225 x .7958 = 2,566.46 Charge + 3,225 ‘Owed’ = New Owed 5,791.45.  In 3 years, your 1,000 child support has turned into almost 6,000 in owed with the 5% a month charge. Or, 600 for every 100, 60,000 for every 10,000, 60 million for every 10 million.   How does this help ‘the children’?

At 10 years your 1,000 in ‘actual child support’ is now a debt of : 17,958.60. 16,958.60 of which is 5% a month.  Hint: For other exponential variables, don’t multiply, just move the decimal in the appropriate direction – basic slide rule.

These would be the numbers being reported to the feds for re-imbursement for ‘owed’ money and the need to collect. Surely, LA is not the only state doiing this.

Why 2 1/2 years to inform of child suport of 18 year olds?  Not a single statement of debt for 2 1/2 years, then Blam. Noted in document there was no prior notice, as they note a 30 day response time. And again, noted in the document and ‘Issue Date of 04/12/11.   Why no information on how this child support is supposedly owed on 18 year olds?  Why the absolute refusal to give a numerical value to the original debt or even to know what one is requesting?  Only, ‘this is what you owe plus 5%’, and clearly the day after the payment date, or posting date, or transfer of money into a state account there is more money due unrelated to child support only ‘surcharge’?

There is clearly something they do NOT want seen or known, the actual past numerical values of supposed ‘assigned’ debt by those that owe.  And they certainly are not interested in payment until over 2 1/2 years have passed.  In any kind of notification of original debt amount ‘assigned’, nor even the note of it verbally on the phone.

Clearly a 5% is a surcharge assigned by DSFC’s own statement and unsigned documents,and the little information actually shared indicates a surcharge of 5% a month or over 60% a year – an eventual jail or death sentence for almost anyone that falls behind.

But, perhaps when Her Majesty Deloney calls, Her Omnipotence will actually release the information to this ‘scumbag’ that dares ask.  What was the amount of child support I did not pay, and How do I owe this current ‘assignment’ of debt to ‘Community Property – of a shown corrupted government and court system.

Following up on

Prior to my Almighy’s Taylor call: After a couple hours trying to information from the website, two new passwords, to two ‘information’ sites’, both of which stated ‘come back later when working’.  All phone calls over the weekend to different numbers produced at best you owe 207.51.  Monday holiday, still on weekend.


8:32AM – On hold for only number given, same one that gave 207.51 information only, at DCFS.

8:37AM – Can leave phone number.  Will Call Back.

9:58AM – Called back, since I can only wait for my Almighty’s call by leaving my number.

10:12 – Docalia? – Can’t give me any contact information on anything.  No worker.  No Email.  She will put in a request to have me contacted within the next 2 days – So, I have to sit at the phone for the next 2 days, just to find out who my ‘agent’ is, and MAY allow me an email address.

Now I’m Disabled and basically stay home, but I still have f!cking things that need to be done.  Going outside, going to the store, in the bathroom, etc., and can possibly comply with my unknown, un-named ‘Overseer’  ‘requests’ if I want to find out ANYTHING about my supposed debt.

How in the F!CK is some poor guy having to hold down sometimes 2 or 3 jobs to pay ‘assessed’ amounts BASED ON PAST SALARY’ supposed to do this inane BS – wait at the phone 2 days just to talk to your case worker to find out who, when, where, how and at their convenience, and still hold down a job?  Even without a disability these fascist decrees can be a death sentence.

10:45AM – Called the general number to Paul D Connick, Jr, DA’s office.  Who after minimal discussion said I needed to call DCFS… To which I responded had already and useless for 2 days.  She continued – the DA’s DCFS branch for the address at the top and GAVE ME THE MAGICAL MYSTERY NUMBER. 504-364-3630.

11-15AM – Called the secret number 504-364-3630.  Into the story again.  Oh, you need a ‘supervisor’.  And, literally OMG and current Master, I’m transferred to my ‘Holiness’ Tammy Deloney’s Voice Mail.  Leave vitals, brief statement and Our Omnipotence will call you back – indefinite.  So again, gratefully chained to my phone, by Both of my Illustrious Masters.


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Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

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Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field.

About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here…  Continues Dr Ed

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

6 thoughts on “Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, DSFC: MASSIVE FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING – 79.6% Year Surcharge? 11/12/2013”

  1. Like you I encounter I all kinds of vermin every day.
    I find the best approach in getting results to be, ‘ok, What is your name and I will put you on the lawsuit as a defendant for 10 milliion dollars?’
    It is surprising how many take note.

    1. Yeah, then you have thousands of dollars of legal fees in a court that ignores, denies documented evidence. Let me know how that works out for you. Meanwhile, your ‘assigned’ debt keeps growing at what seems by all documentation to be 60% a year. And if the court wants to stall, they can do it for YEARS and YEARS. There is only jail or death for relief from murdering scumbags such as that.

  2. No offense…but anyone not familiar with the story (such as myself) is totally at sea when they start reading this. Imagine a newspaper article that just starts-in as though it’s a part in a serial that EVERY reader has been following? Real head scratcher. I might even be on board with your opinion, but since I haven’t got the time to decipher what the heck you’re writing about, you lost me.

    1. None taken, that’s kinda’ why THE LEAD (FIRST) sentence says: The Update to: Jefferson Parish, LA: D. A., Paul D. Connick, Jr’s DSFC – Legal Disabled Death Decrees. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think. And most certainly, you need another article, to explain 79.58% charges a year.

  3. I had the same type problem with the county child support people. I received a letter on my son’s 21st birthday saying I owed $41,000 in support. I called the number and was told that the author of the letter was on vacation.

    One month later I received another notice. This time I faxed a letter to the author explaining that my daughter was emancipated when she was married, and my son was an adult fully 3 years before the notices.

    One month later I received the third and FINAL notice that I better pay that $41,000 or I’d be arrested.

    I wrote another letter, enclosed my original letter and sent it certified. I also warned the author of the notices that if I was taken to court for ANY reason that I would “sue the piss out of you”

    I received a hand written letter 2 days later from the author of the notices that asked me to please have patience while she looked into my case.

    She found out that she and the child support services were wrong and I didn’t owe anything.

    1. The same problem, you were in a court where multiple evidence was denied, and assessed over 200,000 dollars in fraud. If there was a real court in Jefferson Parish, LA and not proven corrupt courts. I’d say sure sue. I’m glad it worked out for you, Thank you.

      Sorry, but once you have proven lying criminal courts, It seems Insane to go back into their Omnipotent ‘legal criminality’, It’s just money and they Nazis haven’t killed me or caused my suicide yet, so I’ll pay these corrupt theiving scumbags their 79.58% Charges based on nothing but fraud. BUT, as you can see, I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE THEIR FRAUDS ARE SEEN AND THEY ARE KNOWN.

      As for jail, I don’t eat and will not drink (water is way harder than food to deny) in Nazi prisons, in fraudelent charges of thieving, lying, scamming, criminals, made ‘clean’ by color of law. So the only thing they can do, do very well, and can’t get enough of STEALING MONEY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

      I did find it amusing though, that you were able to get ‘justice’ by bringing up a broken, fraudelent court system with no real controls. US, where freedom and Justice is plentiful, as long as you have the money to buy it from a murderous, criminal, and fascist government in need of ‘Crimes against humanity REAL TRIALS and accountability.


      Dr Ed

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