Steve Quayle’s Scoop on Jesus; Censorship; The ‘Tainted Truth Agenda’ Revealed.

Steve Quayle’s Scoop on Jesus; Censorship; The ‘Tainted Truth Agenda’ Revealed.

For Propaganda Sake, Small Truths Exposed, Never The Full Truth
For Propaganda Sake, Small Truths Exposed, Never The Full Truth

According to Steve Quayle, he “HAVE SEEN JESUS FACE TO FACE ” – twice more and I believe he can be an official ‘Saint’, or at least ‘win’ a mental status medical exam. So if any of you need any information on the ‘Real Jesus’ Steve should be able to describe him perfectly. Or, perhaps he was blinded by the ‘Sun‘? As an aside, Steve reveals part of his and indeed much of the ‘Tainted Truth Agenda’.  (Another instance similar to Scam Op Ed News, where the ‘truth’ is ‘exposed’ but the word Zionism is banned, at last check the ‘secret’ ‘Z word’ was acceptable – but you have to know that before you send in the article, as only anti semites use the ‘Z word’ – no word yet on what the Jewish Zionists, that use the Zionism word proudly, are?)

Steve Quayle covers “‘Tired’ of ‘Trucking’ Fascism’? Take a Break for Freedom, October 11-13 BOYCOTT – GENERAL STRIKE: ‘One Million Truckers’ ride to restore Constitution next month – “Truckers to Shut Down America”.  Article vanishes after the email and removed from archive. Replaced with article about ‘Holy God’  Apparently, the truckers demonstration, boycott and work strike are something you no longer need to see since you might get the ‘Big Picture’.

Update: After notifying Steve of this  article, seems my article has now been replaced with a WND trucking article – along with ‘Holy God’? Does it mention the General Boycott and Call for a General Trucking Strike? No mention of call for trucking strike, one sentence mid article on boycott as an aside, and a slant for the main agenda being ‘Impeach Oscama’, and minimal mention of the Constitution.

Mr. Steve Quayle, (steve777@steve…)
Thank you for the coverage of the information in Tired of Fascism, Boycott and General Strike. My information and the covered information is highly censored, so the effort was appreciated. On a similar note, here is another article of mine that could use some exposure. The Backbone of Fascism.
Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum
Thanks again, for your coverage and efforts.
Ed Ward, MD

There was no response, so I figured he wasn’t interested, no big deal as is his right and sent this:
Well, you don’t seem interested in the other article. So, thanks for the Bump on the Boycott information. Pulled about 450 views from your site so far. FYI.
Dr Ed

I was pleasantly surprised to get this response: (The little truths can always be revealed, the BIG truth, NEVER.)


As is clearly noted, good ole ‘god’ Steve has your back for ‘Truth’, as long as it coincides with his god agenda and whatever other agendas he has.  When it doesn’t, look for the ‘referenced facts’ to take a knife in the back.

I love the scam of these ‘holy god activists’ that are more knowing than the ‘God’ they proclaim.  According to myth, God gave us free will to decide what to do with our lives.  God would certainly want us to have ALL the facts in making that important decision, being righteous and all.  But, the ‘devout’  followers of God’ know better than God.  These scumbags know that God doesn’t want you to see some facts.  Interesting isn’t it.

There is No Need for Good to Die, simply because God is a Lie.  Good is the path to equality, rights, and life.  God is the path to bigotry, slavery and death.

Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

Holy Horus: The Jesus Myth Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins

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GeoEngineering*: The Basic Science of Cooler Summer and Frigid Winter – The Answer to the Scam of ‘If it’s ‘global warming’, why is it so cold?’ *ChemTrails

Global Warming: Massive Ice Methane and More Noted by Ed Ward, MD 2-26-07


Israel’s WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphins

FUKUshIMA: Seven Waves, Away… Abandon Ship

Happy 12th Anniversary of Murder and Treason:

What Is Wrong With the US government and all its accessories before and after the fact? Nothing that Work Strikes, Boycotts, Trials*, Accountability, and a quick dance at the end of a rope won’t fix. * Constitutional Trials: Based on all ‘laws’ and ‘rights’ granted or denied by the Original Intent Interpretation of the Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights – The only interpretation allowed by the Constitution.

Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field.

About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here…  Continues

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

3 thoughts on “Steve Quayle’s Scoop on Jesus; Censorship; The ‘Tainted Truth Agenda’ Revealed.”

  1. Will Oscama have to seize control of the government for ‘National Security’?

    In case you missed a venue of gun removal…

    Poop, thought I’d found a little more on Stephen, but appears to be a different ‘Stephen Quayle’.

    OH NO! US Government Shut Down!

    Another scamming scumbag desiring notice:

    RE: Tom Sullivan’s Covert Op Site “Wake Up From Your Slumber” “The Truth Will Set You Free” Scam Blog BS. Update LOL Scamming Scumbag Tom Sullivan of ‘Wake up from you Slumber’ – the individual blog to propaganda BS that never addresses the referenced facts. Keeps scamming unreferenced vague non specific BS as a fact. And after scamming for months and years, HAS STILL NOT ADDRESSED A SINGLE REFERENCED FACT. Any BS is an excuse to censor. So keep waiting you scamming POS, cause the only thing I’m sorry for is not addressing you earlier. Some more hidden reasons for censorship. The Constitution Party is Ron Paul’s backbone. They are Constitutional only in where it allows their religious fascism. and a large portion of the ‘libertarian’ republicans. Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

    “As Ed Ward has chosen to slander this site on his Yahoo Group, he can take a hike. I have disabled his access here until the offending material is removed from his Yahoo Group and an apology is forthcoming.

    It is highly ironic that someone promoting the mainstream and establishment-approved doctrine of global warming labels this site as “Scam Blog BS”.

    Leaving aside his obviously limited vocabulary (everything appears to be “scam BS” to him), that this individual continues to maintain that this site contains “propaganda” and “censored truth” is highly laughable, particularly in the light of his shilling for a highly discredited and distinctly unscientific theory that the so-called elites have openly said they will use to further their goal of world government.

    Note to anyone visiting from Ward’s Yahoo site: Ed’s access has been disabled not because of the (mis)information he was posting but because his attitude sucks. Although this site is private property and the right to free speech isn’t implicit here, he was free to post whatever crap he wants provided that he was willing to allow others to disect it and otherwise rip it to shreds without resorting to slander, petty name-calling and other juvenile antics. There were technical problems with the site, which is run on a voluntary basis (we are not Yahoo, after all) and Ed decided that because a) we don’t buy his global warming bullshit and b) because the technical glitch meant his comment wasn’t posted immediately he would resort to slander. Please don’t sign up here for the sole purpose of defending him. You have the Yahoo Group for that.

    Here’s the only apology you deserve and get….


    BTW, Please help Sully with his taxes. He doesn’t want to bother us about his personal money problems, but somehow he manages to do so very well. Don’t send money here, send money there. Yeah, the Nazi tax collectors are everywhere with scam ‘taxes’. I was got an 1,000 dollar fine, penalty, etc, for not filing an estimated ’employment’ tax, even though I am not employed, from these thieving scumbags. Just part of being an activist, just glad they haven’t come in again with shotguns, rifles and handguns (and killed me) pointed at me when I was taken from my home at gunpoint, arrested and sent to Rockford IL against my will. So please help this censoring, propaganda scumbag pay the taxes on the money you already gave him. Apparently all his money comes from his ‘truth’ efforts, the ones where you never address the referenced facts, so I’m sure money doesn’t effect his ‘truth’. When checking on the site’s ‘about us’ there is absolutely no information on ‘US’. Based on the actions of the participant, the blog appears to be a psyops hidden agenda for the Ron Paul, Alex Jones’ gambit scams. All have ‘religious’ ties and why they can’t have anything dealing with referenced facts. All ‘religious’ ties and why they can’t have anything dealing with referenced facts.

    PS. And now they have the WordPress site to do similar. So, if anyone has any other insights on Sully.

  2. Nazis giggle about putting citizens on kill list. All it takes to get on a kill list:

    “I must admit in my darker moments over the past several months, I’d also thought of nominating Mr. Snowden, but it was for a different list,” Hayden said during a cybersecurity panel hosted by the Washington Post.

    As the audience laughed, US lawmaker Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, offered Hayden his support: “I can help you with that,” he said.

    Being hidden to lesser degrees, because it’s lesser degrees, WORLDWIDE.

    Don’t worry US East Coast is # 2.

    So Soon? It’s only been a couple years… and it’s only gonna get worse. Nuclear Expert: Plutonium from Fukushima in Pacific fish presents health risk — Study: “Long-distance transport” of Fukushima-sourced plutonium should be addressed

  3. The Origin of Aids
    by K Ingemar Ljungquist
    The origin of the Aids pandemic and thus the origin of the HIV has ben puzzling for most researchers. The most widespread speculation that HIV emanated in Africa has been built on unsubstantial facts, of which some have been proved to be false. Some researchers have made the conclusion that HIV most probably has originated in a laboratorium. Yet their mode of discussion has not been allowed to enter the main scientific journals, with a few exceptions. Thus a lot of information has not been easily available for the researcher, scientist or doctor that could cast light onto the enigma of the very beginning of the most intriguing disease of this decade.

    In this article some evidential facts pointing towards an artifically constucted virus is done outgoing from different fields of society like epidemiology, genetics, military documents, review of early viral experiments.
    To find an origin of an epidemic the very first cases are to be examined thoroughly.

    The AIDS epidemic originated, as an at that time unknown syndrome, among young, well-educated, previously healthy, homosexual, mainly white men in Greenwich Village, south of Manhattan, New York in early 1979 (one patient was even retrospectively diagnosed in December 1978). The pattern of the epidemic was rather explosive. Within two years 80 patients had shown clear signs of a yet unexplained phenomen. In autumn 1980 the same pattern was repeated in Los Angeles and San Francisco. For all these three cities there was a common denominator. Young, healthy, educated, homosexual men were enrolled in a trial testing a new hepatitis-B vaccine. These trials started first in New York in November 1978 and in the Californian cities in March 1980. {1,2,3}

    The obvious link between these trials and the outbreak of Aids was first denied by the authorities, although the afflicted patients and their physicians asked for an investigation. An investigation was to appear in 1986, when testing facilities was available. Although in the report all were excluded who at that time already were diagnosed as having Aids seven out of 212 were already infected by HIV in 1978-79 {4.} The total number of participants who got either the trial vaccine or a placebo were 1083.

    The official figures reported for the AIDS epidemic in USA has been in cumulative numbers: 1980: 80 cases 1985: 22200, 1990: 223000 1994 (Sept.). 402000 {5}

    The epidemic then spread to other cities as well as to other continents. The first European cases were reported in 1980-81 from Denmark, France and Switzerland.{6} In the Danish case thorough investigation was made and in all cases it could be traced back to homosexual contacts in New York the previous year.

    Africa got its first cases of the epidemic in Kagera district in the rural south-west of Uganda in 1982.{7} This pattern was unusual to Africa since for other countries the epidemic usually started in the upper class who had close contacts with Europe. There has been no explanation to the sudden and explosive outbreak of the epidemic in Uganda in the scientific journals. In such an explanation it must also been taken into consideraton that the HIV noticed in Central Africa has got a slightly different genomic set up from the type seen in USA/Europe.{8}.
    Genetic relationship
    The causative virus, HIV , has got a genetic set-up consisting of RNA including close to 10000 bases. From their sequences and their corresponding genes a comparision is possible with other retroviruses. Before HIV was detected in 1983 a number of similar viruses was known; CAEV in goats, Visna in sheep, EIAV in horses and BIV in cattle. After Aids became a target for research more retroviruses were found especially in monkeys. Although most of them don´t give rise to any immunedeficiency they got their description SIV (Simian Immunedeficiency Virus).

    For all these viruses noone can´t in a short time be the the single ancestor of HIV, since their corresponding bases are too different although they show similarities in many respects.

    For the newly detected SIVs in monkeys at least one is of great interest ; the SIVmaq causing AIDS in maqaques. It is not present in free living monkeys but was developed by inoculations of cutaneous leprosy tissue from another specie, the sooty mangabey, into maqaques which came down with Simian AIDS.{9} The SIVSM , the SIV maq and also the HIV-2 show great similarities within their genomic sequences.

    Another important fact concerning HIV is its outmost tendency to mutate spontaneously. This in turn may be a result of the heterogenity in its reverse transcriptase which got two activity maxima concerning its reactivity due to pH. This further may well point towards a recent recombination where at least two ancestral viruses being involved.{3,10}

    Any new virus that recently jumped species usually can infect their former host. By experimental infection of HIV into animals the successes have been few. HIV cause a long-lasting non-pathogenic infection in chimpanzees. There is also one report that sheep infected by HIV-infected human blood came out with anti-body production as well as some sheep became sick from symptoms similar to what can be seen in AIDS. The scientist who performed this experiment was abruptly withdrawn from this experiment, and in no journals there is to find anything about using sheep as a model for HIV-infection,{ 3,10,11} although many researchers recommended this.

    The conclusion to be made is that under certain conditions viruses may change either by mutation or by recombination their genetic set-up. These conditions very occasionally occur in nature but far more easily could be errected in the laboratorium using virus-cocktails, i.e. tissue, sometimes cancer cells, inoculated with two or more different viruses where their is an excellent opportunity for exchange of genetic material including both mutations and recombinations. {12, 13}

    This type of research was frequently done in laboratories in the 70-ies after the detection of reverse transcriptase. Some researchers also warned for the consequences, which led to the Asilomar conference in 1975 whereafter the regulations became more strict.
    Military ambitions
    Parallel to the official research the militaries also were interested in biological agents either for purposes of weapons to kill enemies or to reduce the strength of nations or ethnic groups in low-intensified strategies. In 1969 the ambitions of the biological weapon architects were revealed in a hearing with representatives of the parliament in US: …¨Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and theurapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease¨. {1,3,13,14}

    In 1970 another article appeared in Military Review which had the title ¨Ethnic weapons¨. It discussed the possibility to ascertain the molecular differences among the different human races and thereby constructing either chemicals or biological agents which could use these differences as a target. The article ended by the sentence : ¨Thus the functions of life lie bare to attack.¨ {15}

    This conclusion could easily be made: The AIDS virus appeared as a new a biological entity at the same time as the military prepared to make such an agent.
    Denial and fraud to top
    Normally any statement leading to an artificial or worse an attempted creation of HIV and thereby as a result to the death of a mere of one million people all over the world before the end of this decade is a contradiction of what we are used to learn from school. It is a common cognitive law that any person with a basic education build up a reference – a picture of the world – What new information that person experiences will be added and reinforce the former picture if they are in agreement with what was originally there. If there are deep contradictions or radically new experiences these are met with ignorance or rejection. This may especially be true for scientists since an artificial creation of HIV would normally make an uproar in the picture of science per se and thereby put into question the very base for the scientist himself, who usually is brought up with theimage that science is a tool for creating a better future.

    Thus it has been a very few researchers who have shown responsibility to investigate the origin of AIDS. The interesting is that those who have fulfilled that task without ignoring e.g. the stated ambitions of the military all have ended up with the conclusion that HIV most probably is of laboratory or artificial origin. { 1,2 3,10, 11, 12,13, 14,) There has also been other conclusions that hints to an African origin, but by reinforcing their conclusions, very weak arguments have been offered and even fraud has been used to obscure the picture.

    It has been very popular to search for early cases, especially if they have got an African connection.

    In one study from spared specimen from 1959 originating from South and Central Africa one test out of 813 showed antibody positivity towards HIV. {16} This could just reflect the normal rate of false positivity especially when in tropical areas this a common phenomenon due crossreaction and also to ¨sticky¨ old tests saved under tropical conditions. Also the patient was unknown and his or her later medical status was not recorded. Another example was an English male printing apprentice who died from a strange immune deficiency in 1959. In the report he was recorded as a former Royal Navy, {17} in the press transferred to sailor who had visited African harbours. From his remaining tissue a virus was found. By PCR technique the virus was in the gag part determined by its genomic sequence. The british group who made the research claimed HIV was present already in 1959. An american group who checked the findings first was astonished by the too great similarity of the genomic sequence from 1959 and todays appearance. Due to the high rate of mutations in HIV they concluded a contamination must have occured. When later being provided with a test the American group could find no virus at all. The Americans claimed the British made a fraudelent attempt. {18}

    The two American scientists Robert Gallo and his fellow virologist Myron Essex were in the begining of Aids research the only to be given government grants for Aids research. Besides laying obstacles for others they also hampered Aids research by accidentally or deliberately publish articles that later was shown to be false. Welknown is the attempt from Gallo to try to steal the originality of the Pasteur group in 1983 to have isolated the first HIV in the world, by claimimg himself as the first in 1984. Also the repeated false reports about from Essex in finding SIV in green monkeys as well as HIV-2. In both cases it was the maqaque virus he proclaimed as something else.{3,19}, Also their ambitions to lead the scientific world to believe that Aids had an African origin by first press conferences, then congresses until very speculative articles appeared in the scientific press has largely obscured other researchers work. Since both Essex and Gallo were participants in very hazardous viral experiments in the 70-ies their false and fraudelent behaviour may have revealed more for critical thinkers, in opposition to what their aims were: to obscure.

    From this short view of some facts concerning the origin of AIDS, my conclusion is obvious. HIV was most probably a chimera made artficially in the laboratory. Obviously there are some missing links to state it is proofed. But such proof may be obtained by sequencing the very first HIV that apeared in the patients who came out with AIDS in New York in 1978-79, but their samples are stored in a freezer sealed by the Department of Justice.{20} Also military laboratory protocols from after 1970 could reveal what type of research were made but they are classified.

    Thus it is a question of responsibility not only for researchers but also for every human being to interrogate those researchers who were involved in dangerous experiments in the 70-ies if their work created HIV. If not , by accident or deliberately a new hybride could be formed that is contagious by respiration. Then not only sex is dangerous. Also laughing together could be a deadly risk.
    Literature: to top
    CANTWELL ALAN. AIDS and the doctors of death. Aries Rising Press, Los Angeles 1988
    CANTWELL ALAN. Queer blood. Aries Rising Press, Los Angeles 1993
    LJUNGQVIST K INGEMAR. AIDS TABU, 255 p. Carlssons Bokförlag, Stockholm 1992.
    STEVENS et al. HTLV-III infection in a cohort of homosexual men in New York City, JAMA 1986: 255 2167-72.
    WHO. Weekly Epidemiological Record. Genf
    AIDS and the Third World. Panos Dossier. The Panos Institute London 1988
    SERWADDA et al. Slim disease. A new disease in Uganda and its association with HTLV-III infection. Lancet 1986: II: 849-52.
    HORAL PETER. Studies on continous B-cell eoitopes of human retroviruses Göteborg 1991
    MURPHY-CORB M Isolationof an HTLV-III related retrovirus from maqaques with simian AIDS and its possible origin in asymptomatic mangabeys. Nature 1986:321:435-37.
    SEGAL JAKOB & LILLI. AIDS- Die Spur führt ins Pentagon Verlag Neuer Weg Essen 1990
    SEGAL L&J, KLUG C. AIDS ist besiegbar. Verlag Neuer Weg Essen 1995
    GIRARD ROLANDE Tristes chimères Grasset Paris 1987
    DITTMAR KURT. AIDS -Die politische Krankheit, Steinweg Verlag, Braunschweig 1988.
    GEISLER WOLF AIDS, Origin,Spread, and Healing Bipawo Verlag Köln 1994
    CHIRIMUUTA RICHARD & ROSALIND. Aids, Africa and Racism, Burton-on- Trent , GB 1987
    LARSON CARL A. Ethnic weapons. Military Review 1970:11:3-11
    NAHMIAS Evidence for human infection with an HTLV-III/LAV-like virus in Central Africa 1959. Lancet 1986:I:1279-80.
    CORBITT G et al. HIV infection in Manchester 1959. Lancet 1990:II:51.
    SOTSCHECK. US-Team: Erster Aids-Toter hatte kein Aids . Taz, Berlin, 25/26 März 1995
    KOCH MICHAEL G. AIDS- Vom Molkül zur Pandemie Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Heidelberg 1989
    CAMPBELL DOUGLASS WILLIAM. AIDS- The end of the civilization. A&B Book publish. New York 1992.
    Other good works challenging the existing dogma of a natural origin of HIV;

    SEALE JOHN. Origins of the Aids viruses HIV-1 and HIV-2: Fact or fiction? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 1988:81:537-39

    SEALE JOHN. Crossing the species barrier viruses and the origin of Aids in perspective. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 1989:82:519-22

    SEALE JOHN. Kuru, Aids and unfamiliar behaviour. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 1989:82:571

    MORRISEY MICHAEL. Looking for the enemy. Niestetal Deutschland 1993.

    BINGHAM BILL et al Biohazard. NAVS London 1987

    HOROWITZ LEONARD. Emerging viruses, AIDS & Ebola, nature,accident or genocide? Tetrahedron Inc, Rockport.MA USA 1996

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