Break Out of the ECHELON PRISM: Boycott US Search Engines Via Startpage

Break Out of the ECHELON PRISM: Boycott US Search Engines Via Startpage
by Ed Ward, MD 6-12-13


Since the implementation of ECHELON in 1988 , I’ve told my readers not to say or do anything over any electronic device that could be used against them in the fascist ‘yellow fringed flag’ courts of US criminals. ECHELON, bypassed government’s spying on their own people by simply allowing another government to spy on their citizens. Then the spying governments simply exchanged the information on each others citizens. The ECHELON link is well worth the visit. It supplies information on the spying as well as the politically correct lie of ‘plausible deniability’, and of course the making of a criminal of anyone exposing the ‘plausible deniability’ as the outright fascist, treasonous, criminal lie that it is.

Of course, this was all prior to the treasonous, ‘Operation Northwoods’ style black ops 9 11 covert operation. Since then, the need for ‘plausible deniability’ is relatively moot with the ‘national security’ cover up taking precedence.  Covert operations are now completely legal via the assistance of all 3 branches of US government by funding and treasonous laws.

Make no mistake, the promotion of Startpage has nothing to do with the security of your personal information. Startpage professess, and I believe correctly, that it is the ‘most private’ search engine on the net. But, like ‘low fat’ doesn’t mean ‘no fat’, ‘most private’ does not mean ‘private’. ECHELON assured that can NOT happen, and PRISM gave them the tools to sort and use their treasonous, criminal information effectively.

The Startpage promotion is about resistance to tyranny, by the ‘boycotting’ of those assisting fascism and it is only a small aspect of the needed resistance. It ignores ECHELON’s telecommunication corporations involvement and any remedy of their participation. But, just because we can’t fix everything, it doesn’t mean we should do nothing. Just about everything starts as ‘baby steps’ and then progresses, just like the fascism of government.

In the above scenario, I contacted Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Startpages ‘head honcho’ for US contact. The primary inquiry, since Google is their ‘semi-search engine’, ‘Does Google get any funds from Startpage?’ In a very pleasant and quick response, Dr. Albrecht assured me Google gets absolutely ‘no funding’ from Startpage.  Startpage allows up to 100 results per page, as well as a few minor features I  like, not 10 like Google with the ‘introduction’ of ‘related’ searches when it is trying to hide information contrary to government propaganda. Also, as far as I can see, no money is funneled back into the US to assist in its fascism.

Does PRISM exist?

“The U.S. government have now essentially confirmed and defended the wide-ranging program known as PRISM,…”, and “Activities authorized by (FISA) Section 702 are subject to oversight by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Executive Branch, and Congress. Government acknowledges PRISM spying program, disputes details

“The collection of online data, according to Saturday’s disclosure, comes only after approval from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court under federal law, and with the knowledge of the Internet companies. “This authority was created by the Congress and has been widely known and publicly discussed since its inception in 2008,” the director of national intelligence document said.” Hmm, where do the other ‘oversights’ come in? Sure the fascist spying government set it up, but according to their own statement, the only oversight is the fascists in their secret government court. U.S. Official Releases Details of Prism Program

Who would know about PRISM?

In this ‘apologist’ artice, there are only 3 possibles. The first being, ‘No it’s not’, and the second two being ‘sanitized’ government actualities. And of course it can only be one of the possibilities that is true, and definitely not both B and C options with way more secret fascist abuses. Note: When I say apologist, I almost always mean covert op government accessory scumbags. Who knew what about the PRISM spying program:

Government’s legally immune accessory corporate CEOs scramble for ‘plausible deniability’ to keep their ‘Blood Money’ flowing. Yahoo, Google, Facebook and more face fight to salvage reputations over NSA leaks

And here is my ‘fave’. Much like Nazi Dimocraps call Nazi Repugliscums Nazis and vice versa, The Huffington Post or as I call it, The Huffington POS gatekeeper calls others gatekeepers, finally printing some truth. PRISM Spying Denials From Tech Companies Baffle Security Experts More clearly seen gatekeeping in Can Google Influence an Election?

Update: Thanks to an error in linkage at, I got hits from about 7 different search engines.  None of which was Startpage, but did include Duckduckgo.  So, I wondered if Startpage would show.  Since my site doesn’t record my visits, a friend did a Startpage search for this article and came to the site.  NO RECORD of Startpage at all.  I did get one ‘undefined’, which I suspect is the Startpage hit.  Startpage is indeed the most private of the search engines as far as I can see.  But, the problem with privacy, as stated above, is getting to Startpage and receiving the data, which is where ECHELON comes in.

There’s a lot more, but there is sufficient evidence to show the fascism of the US government. It’s seems ‘To damn much is never enough for the ‘herd’ to move from their ‘comfortable couches’, but surely the next atrocity will bring action.

Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

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Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field. Dr Ed

Author: Ed Ward MD

Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

3 thoughts on “Break Out of the ECHELON PRISM: Boycott US Search Engines Via Startpage”

  1. Note Re: Startpage. Startpage merely refers Google results. One will get the same censored and government biased listings that Google gives. Another reason to boycott US search engines and google. The only thing corporations and fascist governments respond to is their ‘Blood Money’ or the lack of it. As far as I know there is no uncensored search engine in the US or the world with any depth of listings. Censorship comes in two forms on search engines, complete which is very obvious, hiding some information while promoting the government ordered and propagandized information is MUCH easier and much more easily hidden. This will not change, until the fascist governments are dealt with by general works strikes, protests, boycotts and accountability. But, as usual, the herd is too comfortable to react to fascism, and always wants someone else to die, sacrifice, and work for ‘them’. Not much different than the fascist governments scumbags actually.

    But, if anyone knows of an uncensored search engine with any depth of listings – almost assuredly will not be in the US as their secret courts and laws will not allow it – LET ME KNOW.

    Germany slams US for ‘Stasi methods’ ahead of Obama visit

    FBI Nazis want their copies of data too in the war of which agency is the biggest nazi scumbag. FBI client data requests under Patriot Act skyrocket after tech firms resistance

    Massive explosion and fire at Louisiana chemical plant: 1 dead, at least 70 injured

    Wake up US. Non bon voyage: French rail system paralyzed by strike after air travel chaos (PHOTOS)

    Wake up US ‘Last warning’: Turkey PM Erdogan vows to clear Taksim of ‘troublemakers’

    No sh!t Sherlock. Windows 8 was written in a coop with the US DOD. NSA leaks hint Microsoft may have lied about Skype security

    LOL, 90% of ‘approved’ funds are stolen by government and their cronies. US refuses to help those they killed, or destroyed homes in government drill. West, TX denied reconstruction funds despite Obama’s pledge.

    Learning US Fascism ‘For the children” ‘Harmful for children’: Turkish TV channels fined for live coverage of protests

    Wake up US. Barricades and chants in response to Turkish PM’s 24-hour deadline

    US Scam for Al-CIAda. US to give military support to Syrian rebels as ‘red line’ crossed

    Wake up US. Greek public sector on 24hr strike over broadcaster closure

    Reminds US of previous proven War PSYOPS. Moscow unconvinced by US evidence of Syrian chemical weapons use

    Nazis R US. Dozens of convictions in question as NYPD detective said to have falsified murder confessions

    US firms in bed with intelligence agencies in info swap – report

    ROFL – Fascist Accessories ‘Shocked’. Europeans ‘shocked and angry’ by ‘unaccountable’ American surveillance

    CIA paramilitary operation emerges in agent’s lawsuit

    Nazi scumbag F!cks ‘family court’ cops sexually assault woman while Scumbag ‘Judge’ makes sure to turn away so she can’t see it while distracting the child so she can’t be a witness to the crimes being committed. Yet, these scumbags have become ‘the owners or all our children’ because as can be clearly seen – only the murderous government ‘cares about your child’. Note ‘fired’ as an acceptable punishment. These Nazi criminal scum need to be JAILED and held accountable for ‘crimes against humanity’. The fascism of scumbags in ‘yellow fringed flag'(Maritime Law with NO constitution rights) courts is the RULE, not the exception.

    Treasonous Criminals to prosecute man exposing US fascism and treason. FREE BADLEY MANNING. US to prosecute NSA leaker Snowden

    Syria and Russia slam US over weapons charge

    Anonymous hacker trolls NSA with ‘keywords of terror,’ disables website

  2. I’ve been checking with Jeff about the 404 error showing up from his site. Says he has checked it there and it goes to the article. This is the link I’m getting from rense supposedly for my article. ”***here “. All of my site stats show people going to my homepage with very few actually clicking on the article itself, most reading it per homepage. As opposed to I’ve also been given a new name… According to Startpage (google) “Dr. Dave Ward. Break Out Of The ECHELON PRISM – Boycott US Search Engines Via StartPage ” I now have a new name too.

    Cool, actually started looking at settings per a comment. So now, if one wants to stay ‘anonymous’ ROFL – Per the article, ECHELON assures no one is anonymous regardless of whether they post their name or not, your IP address tells them everything they need to know. Oh, not me, I use an anonymous site. ROFL – how did you get to the anonymous site? From your IP address. Sure, it’s not as easy, but it’s not hard either. That’s the reason Startpage is not anonymous, sure, your searches are anonymous, but where do your searches come from and where do they go? Right back to your IP. Everything coming from every electronic connection in your home is monitored and stored via ECHELON fascism. PRISM just helps them sort it out. Google -goggle, Yahoo – Yapoo, F!ckbook, etc., access and storage, just makes it a little easier for them.

  3. Well after 2 days of emails, it seems can’t manage to get a correct link to the article on the site. Will most likely be my last article there. So, if you like my articles, you’ll probably have to find them here. Best, Dr Ed

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