Iraq Green Beret, Justin Stanfield Thomas, Another Special Forces Bizarre Killing.

Iraq Green Beret, Justin Stanfield Thomas, Another Special Forces Bizarre Killing.


The 35-year-old man, identified as Justin Stanfield Thomas, and his young son were visiting from Phoenix and were at a friend’s house.

The friend was reportedly Thomas’ former roommate and it may have been a surprise visit to the home,

Officers responded to a Prescott Valley residence about 12:30 p.m. for a shots fired call. According to PVPD,

There was another adult male in the home at the time, but he was not involved in the shooting and has been cleared from suspicion. We’ve learned that man lived at the home and was a former roommate of Thomas. Thomas and his son were visiting after driving up from Phoenix.

We were told it was an unexpected visit, so that may be why a gun had been left out.

The child was taken to the police substation to undergo interviews. It didn’t appear that he realized what he did.

“At this point there is no indication of any foul play,” said Prescott Valley Police spokesperson Brandon Bonney. “But again once investigators go through the residence… and fully process it they’ll look and see if there’s any negligence involved… but it’s something we won’t know for some time now.”

Bonney added that there has not been any police calls to this home recently.

Investigators served the search warrant Friday night. More information will be released once all the evidence is collected from the scene and an autopsy can be performed. At this point, it all just seems like a terrible accident.

Listen to the female reporter, Jessica Flores, sure sounds like, but he did tell his room mate he was coming.

Also says boy found gun and was playing with it before he shot his father.  No mention of ‘What’s this?

Authorities say a man has died after he was shot by his 4-year-old son Friday in an accident at a Prescott Valley home.

A 35-year-old Army veteran died after being accidentally shot by his 4-year-old son while visiting a friend,

Bonney said Thomas and the boy had gone up from the Valley (Phoenix) to visit Thomas’ old roommate when the boy found the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

“Within minutes the little boy found the gun, said ‘Daddy, what’s this?’ Then, it went off,” said neighbor Jeremy Hartt, who was also friends with Thomas.

It apparently was an unexpected visit and the former roommate had not had a chance to put the weapon away.

Thomas used to live in the Prescott Valley home but moved to the Valley (Phoenix) last fall when he learned his girlfriend was pregnant, Hartt said.

According to Google Phoenix to Prescott Valley is at least a 90 minute drive one way.

The child is a little young to know about death, but not injury or ‘boo-boos’.

So let’s go over some very conflicting ‘facts’.

1. Thomas is going to have to drive a minimum of 3 hours, but doesn’t even call his friend to tell him he is coming? Although it definitely seems like Flores says ‘did call’, she pronounces ‘didn’t’ very distinctly prior to ‘did’. Who is going to take a 3 hour drive to see a friend and not even check to see if they are home and will be home?

2. So somehow his friend is there, and he arrives. Some articles say visiting friend, some say 2 friends. Based on the interview with the neighbor, he was there also.  As he quotes what the child supposedly said.

3. So we have 3 adults present and 1 four year old, and we know at least 2 are present, most likely all three, but we don’t know about the friend the ex-cop, since he is not identified or interviewed.

4. While 3 adults, at least 2 for sure, via interview, a 4 year old finds a gun within minutes (only known as a handgun, no description of make or caliber), places the safety on fire  and either plays with it or asks dad what it is. Then finds the trigger and shoots his dad.

5. The bullet explodes out of the gun – ever fire a weapon in a non-soundproofed enclosed space – the explosion is MUCH louder than an outside firing. His dad falls to the floor with blood pouring out of him and more than likely extreme pain and the typical reaction to pain ensues.

6. None of the above is a problem for the 4 year old.  Also no problem, where the hell is my daddy that brought me here away from home at any time.

7. A 4 year olds tiny hands and fingers, at least one of which had to be inside the trigger guard magically escape being broken or sprained by the recoil. Remember, this child has no idea what a gun is let alone ‘recoil’ that is going to rip the gun from his hands.

8. The recoiling weapon, doesn’t, break, bruise or sprain anything, doesn’t come up and hit the child in the face or anywhere.

9. After all this, the child is completely unhurt and a happy child.

10. The unidentified, un-interviewed ex-cop isn’t even charged with allowing access to a firearm.

11. In less than 24 hours, cops have already stated ‘accidental’. Although, they haven’t even done a single bit of forensic evidence.


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Ed Ward, MD - Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of this government for over a decade. AS, BS in Medical Technology - Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years active duty 'Air Farce' - a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans - 2 decades in the field of General Practice.. Articles also referenced by experts in their field. Friend me at #DanceMonkeysDance

8 thoughts on “Iraq Green Beret, Justin Stanfield Thomas, Another Special Forces Bizarre Killing.”

    1. Thank you Judy. It’s not really that hard. It can and needs to be done by all reading the propaganda garbage being spread by all the ‘accessory’ media. Simply note ‘coincidences’ or ‘contradictions’ and check them out. Best, Dr Ed

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  2. Hello Dr Ed: I’ve been a conspiracy buff for years, ever since the whitewashed report on JFK’s assassination (yeah, I’ve been around awhile). I’m amazed how nearly everything nowadays is a false flag or a hoax or a lie or a diversion from the real issues or hyped beyond belief. Most people don’t give a second thought to what they hear on the MSM news; so thank God for the Internet for those of us who don’t fall for all that nonsense. I appreciate people like you who look beyond the obvious and do the digging. Thanks again.

  3. sounds like someones cleaning out the closet

    4 year old kid would have broken arm or a messed up face

    i dont get these people who fall for this #$^7 if someone calls you out of the blue to something like this , just freakin say no, at least make them hunt you down and work for it

    1. The history of this little group, makes other scenarios possible. Although, a government op is at the top of the list, there are other possibilities. ‘Relationship’ or finances are two other possibilities. I doubt a 4 year olds hands are strong/big enough to hold through the recoil, so a broken arm is unlikely. Broken fingers, spained fingers, hand are much more likely. A nice contusion, face, arm, body is very likely as you state. But, a completely unphased 4 year old (object permanence is established at around age 2) after all that happened is extremely unlikely. Thanks for the comment. This killing needs a complete investigation, not a cover up ‘accidental’. Dr Ed

  4. Even if it’s true: what is the probability that a child firing at random would score a lethal hit? Not very likely!

    1. Especially true when the 4 year old doesn’t even know what he is holding. Now, if he was playing ‘toy gun’, which is completely denied by the person ‘not involved’ but present, the odds go up. But, again per testimony that is not what happened. The 4 year old didn’t even know what he had, yet somehow got the safety clicked to ‘fire’, pulled the trigger, shot his ‘Dad’ in a lethal area, and was completely unphased by the BANG, his ‘Dad’ falling to the floor bleeding, and his ‘Dad’ no longer around in a strange house with strangers. From start to finish, the ‘story’ stinks like BS. Oops, not unphased, but ‘HAPPY’. Thanks for the comment. Dr Ed

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